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I watched the film ‘Django Unchained’ by Tarantino the other night. It’s good, although it’s not his best. It’s about a raw gem of a slave who is, literally unchained and set free by a German bounty hunter, who goes onto better himself away from his life of oppression. In many ways, Django reminded me a lot of Andy Little, of Rangers FC/Sevco/Zombies/Whatever they’re meant to be called. A talented individual unjustly suffering a life of hardship in Scotland’s third division – will Neil Lennon be the ‘Christoph Waltz’ and break him free for a life of luxury at ? With Gary Hooper seemingly on the way out of Parkhead, it seems the right thing to do is offer our former rivals a couple of million pounds for a striker who will only get better and better.

As I type this up, I’m currently listening to ‘Another Day In Paradise’ by Phil Collins. It is a quaint little number that I imagine Little himself listening to in his car, as he pulls up alongside the statue of Jock Stein at Celtic Park and ponders ‘I’ll be alongside him in 30 years’.

Gary Hooper has been a fantastic striker for us. He’s scored in just about every competition, including four in the Champions League. Since 2010, he’s been our number one marksman and he deserves attention from top clubs in the UK. However, when one door closes, other one opens and stepping through it should be the Enniskillen hitman currently putting teams to the sword in the bottom tier in Scotland.

Let’s talk stats for a minute. This season, Hooper has played 30 games and scored 20 goals, which is a fairly respectable offering. Compare that to Andy Little, who hit the ground running after only a couple of weeks of pre season football, notching up a fantastic 16 goals in 24 appearances, including two hat-tricks at Ibrox. His Irn Bru Phenomenal Ginger Boot award in August set the tone for the Northern Irishman, who really hasn’t looked back since.

“They aren’t exactly big games!” I hear you wail. Well, he’s done it at what many fans of the club feel is the top level – the Glasgow Derby – bagging a goal in March with his first touch to seal three points for Rangers in a match which I am still reeling from to this day. He also is a proven internationalist, with nine caps for his country while sadly, Gary has none yet for England.

Top international defenders that Little has played against have even commented on his talent below :

“Andy played against me for about a minute of our friendly but it was the toughest minute of my life. I thank God every day it wasn’t longer.” – Giorgio Chiellini, Italy.

“I had no idea who Andy Little was before our 5-3 win in July but the scars and cuts on my right ankle mean I will never forget him again. He’s left a mark on me – literally.” – Pablo Contreras , Chile.

“The biggest injustice in my life right now is that I am not playing club football with Andy Little” – Hakan Balta, Turkey.

Now that you’ve heard pro’s say this – why should we be doubting his ability ?

There may be throwbacks to the controversial signings of the past like Mo Johnston and Kenny Miller, but this is 2013, there’s pillow biters in the special forces and some gay men are heavyweight boxers so we need to adopt the ‘move on’ mentality and embrace Andy Little in the hoops.

In the transfer window of 2005, we brought in Bellamy. In 2010, we brought in Robbie Keane. If we bring in Little this year, there’s every chance it will eclipse the excitement that festered around the supporters that the two aforementioned strikers created.

There’s no reason we should not we making a move for him. He’s faster than Hooper, he’s fitter than Hooper and that is because he looks after himself and doesn’t eat curries and peri peri chicken every week. Andy Little wears green and white for his country, he should do the same at club level and if there’s any justice, he will be in February this year. He will not peak at 30 while sadly I feel Gary Hooper will be done by then and fighting extreme weight problems.

Think of stunning European nights at Celtic Park. The floodlights glowing on the walk up to the stadium in the moonlight, getting there 40 minutes early to soak in the atmosphere, the Champions League anthem playing and the crowd roaring and as the camera pans to each player lined up before the game individually, there’s Andy Little, winking to the camera appreciatively, knowing how lucky he is to be representing us in the big boys playground.

There’s every chance he could notch up more than Henrik did if he stayed with us for the same time as the Swede. He would thrive off service from a more composed James Forrest and perhaps David Templeton, who he links up with brilliantly at his current club and would surely jump at the chance to play alongside Little again.

For all Little may deny the prospect of moving to the big team in Glasgow doesn’t appeal to him, thirty minutes with Peter Lawwell will change his mind. He’ll be joining the Commonwealth. The A-League. The cream of the crop. No more mundane trips to backwater bottom tier stadiums like Galabank, Links Park and Ibrox, he’ll be dining with the people that matter if he signs.

I, for one, would like to think Mr Lawwell will deliver the man from Country Fermanagh before the deadline.

Andy – Nothing Compares 2 U  :  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iUiTQvT0W_0

Do the right thing. Become part of the Celtic Family.

DISCLAIMER : Only kidding. I don’t want us to sign him.

9 thoughts on “EVERY LITTLE HELPS

  • Nickybhoy
    3 years ago

    LOL please tell me you are joking right? The bhoy Watt looks like he will become a much better striker given a run of games in the first team compared with Andy. Andy Little is a decent player who will get better but to buy him as a replacement to Hooper is an absolute No No for me.

  • Marty
    3 years ago

    Waaaaait a minute.. Methinks you might be taking the piss 😉

    Can’t understand why, mind you. Clearly one of the best strikers of his generation. Yon wee Argentinian boy at Barca watches videos of Andy Little to learn from the master and improve his game, i hear.

  • Craig
    3 years ago

    For me Charlie Ausin of Burnley is the man to replace hooper his strike rate is second to none and I have been saying this even before celtic were linked with the guy. Every time Burnley score you know exactly who it will be, get this guy signed up NOW before its too late!! Even if Hooper leaves he will step up to the mantle and if Hooper stays link the 2 of them up front and the goals will be going in from every angle!!

  • Althetim
    3 years ago

    Andy Little for Celtic? Are you having a laugh?
    Why would we need to sign anyone if Hooper leaves?
    We have Tony Watt, Stokes and a couple of guys in the under 20’s ready to step in who I’m sure would be every bit as good as Little or the Burnley guy.
    Hooper couldnae trap the proverbial bag of cement anyway.

    • Marty
      3 years ago

      He sure is mate.. That’s why it says “DISCLAIMER: Only kidding. I don’t want us to sign him.” at the bottom 😉

      Agree with you though, no need to make big money signings when we’ve got Stokes coming back alongside Watt and Atajic (hopefully) beginning to force their way through into the first team on a regular basis. No idea how good this Austin is at Burnley, but i’d rather take a punt on our own youth.

  • Gav
    3 years ago

    Sad days on here

    used to be a site to laugh at the sevco fuckers

    now we talk about signing them ? call yourself a Celtic fan ? you should never write another article for this once great website

    andy little fuck off better off signing andy thom again than that bastard

    30 years as a season ticket holder and never thought someone who i thought was a good Tim who writes good stuff would be a hunlover

    sort yourself out pal

    fucking joke of an article

  • block_102
    3 years ago

    Hi Gav!

    Sorry you feel that way but if you happen to watch Andy Little on a weekly basis, you would probably see that he’s a superior player to Hooper and is exactly what Celtic need.

    Have you followed him on Twitter ? Have you seen his fridge ? He buys a lot of veg and stuff and you can tell he looks after himself. He is very pacy and would be a major asset for the hoops.

    I suggest you watch more of him before commenting and showing yourself up as a boorish knuckledragger, mate.

    One Andy Little.

  • Gav
    3 years ago

    nice of you to get back to me sevco not playing tonight no ?

    dont call me a knuckledragger again pal or you’ll regret it too old to be taking crap from you i bet you are 18 years old it would be too easy

    Gary Hooper is a far superior player to your idol Andy ‘DR DO’ Little

    what has Little won ? An irn bru award ? yeah great player there you idiot

    what will he win next the beano award ?????

    you dont deserve to call yourself a fan

    you embarrass the good people on here who care about celtic not sevco

    enjoy elgin or whoever you play next week you hurting sevco bastard

    140 years of fuck all

    you WERE the people


    fuck off block 102 ya wee prick

    • Brucehillbhoy
      3 years ago

      wind yer neck in pal and enjoy yourself


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