Lawwell Gets Roasted On A Sunday


The Diary is cursing Denmark. Only good for Bacon.

I don’t think Peter Lawwell bothers what is said about him. He will find solace in a healthy bonus and that he has the hind of an elephant. This morning, as he shakes of the effects of last nights Scotland’s National One Day Of Summer BBQ, he may feel a slight prick on his tough hind when his monkey butler brings him the morning papers.

“Peter, have you been sitting in the sun too long?” is the question that proceeds a truthful article full of heart felt poisoned penned venom and the feeling that this has been a long time coming. “Where in God’s name has Lawwell got the notion that a bloke living in Helsinki can offer relevant words of wisdom to Lennon in Glasgow?” it asks and rightly so also concludes that “Firstly, what’s this part-time thing about? Either the position is important or it isn’t, it’s either full-time or it’s not.”

The problem with these truthful poisoned penned articles that the author lets his guard down and not likeable traits and prejudices can come to the fore. This time it’s narrow-mindness and small island syndrome that makes this attack null and void. “If you were to think of the very epitome of a journeyman manager then Baxter is it.” writes off the man as a Jimmy Calderwood not a Roy Hodgeson.

While most are still hoping and praying to their gods that this is all a red herring and a beautiful new dawn will wash over us with no fanciful misconstrued notions in sight it’s looking more an likely the bad dream and the tears before bedtime scenario is REAL.

We are told that “Baxter last night held talks with the Finnish FA in a bid to help him join Celtic.” and learn that even the Goatee Guru “wasn’t keen to accept the role initially as he thought it didn’t carry enough responsibility.” as the role becomes more and more of a clowns foot. I really didn’t think that was possible.

“why do you need a mentor when you can pick up the phone to Martin? ” asks Paul Lambert. Yes, Paul what is the point of this whole episode?

Still, Jimmy Bullard “will travel to Celtic this week to secure a 12-month loan deal” and we can console ourselves with that “there are serious doubts over Bullard’s long-term fitness” and the increased medical costs that go with things like that.

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