McGeady could go….just like Italy.


The Diary is laughing at England’s Scottish type luck that saw them go from the heights of joy, to low of despair and then swim in the waters of wishful thinking.


It’s a tennis game that is being played out in public and will be the longest game of tennis seen this summer, this year or EVER. No, not the one between two munters in South London – John Isner and Nicolas Mahut will be the answer in numerous pub quizzes for years to come – but between Celtic and Birmingham over Aiden McGeady.

Aiden or Celtic have made it clear that he is available for transfer, Celtic were quick to let the world know that some Russians had offered mega Oil stained for him and Birmingham have made it known that they are interested in signing him but not at the price quoted.

So when John Hartson say’s “they may cash in” on it’s not exactly ground-breaking news that we are to be shocked by not like that time I found out that Baynes sausage rolls are actually just pastry with no meat.

For it to be today’s main story in the Celtic World proves that there is nothing going on and it’s not worth the thousands, whose productivity has dipped well below average this World Cup, dipping any further in wasting work time reading it.

In fact headlines like “John Hartson it’s time for Celtic to cash in on Aiden McGeady”Hartson feels Celtic might sell ” and “ could leave Celtic – Hartson” are just bastards.

His take that he thinks Aiden is “a great player” but “he hasn’t moved on” is not one that will be argued with by many. “He is a wonderful talent he hasn’t quite gone yet from being a boy to a man” concluded Hartson, which conjures up the question will he ever have the to do so?

It’s the sign of the times when Hartson opening what is sure to be the busiest Cheque Centre in Scotland (Coatbridge) is big news. Loads of Cheque Centres are springing up. Does anyone else not see the evil in using popular figures to publicise these dens of Satan?  

The Shields Gazette stops fretting about the work on the Tyne Tunnel – “light at the end of it” seemingly – to report Chris Hughton shouting “We just won’t sell him” regarding the Toons long time reserve goalie Steve Harper much to the joy of barechested Geordies,  Bacardi Breezer Birds on the Quayside and much so whatness to those not hanging out in the Metro Centre.

As the wiff of a passing Vespa mourns Italy’s World Cup passing we’ll call it a day.  

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