People in Welsh glasshouses shouldn’t throw stones…


Well here we are day 2 and to say I’m disappointed in y’all is an understatement. Two hours I sat waiting you this morning, two hours of nudge, point, nudge, whisper, stare. Have you any idea how bad it looks for someone my to be sitting at a table alone with 8 Happy Meals? I even got 6 meals without pickles such is the kindness of my soul, but no, you throw it back in my face and I trudge off to wash my own car looking like Gazza after a failed black-ops mission. Its my own fault really, I have too big a heart but like I said we’ll get there by tomorrow.

So whats occurring Dai I hear you bleat? Well as I exclusively revealed yesterday at least an hour after most others did but mibbe 10mins before some – Joe Ledley will be a Celtic by close of business on Monday. It seems the current hold up is down to Cardiff insisting they are due just because they’re and they say so. Not sure what chapter covers that article in FIFA’s big book of transfer rules but Cardiff are insisting it’s in there. Now this is where it gets interesting. I have no doubt at all that Peter Lawwell will have checked this ruling inside out like Fergus McCann checking his in Tim Hortons, so I would be confident this transfer will go through without a hitch. You would think these rules would be simple, black & white and its not as if Cardiff themselves have previous…do they?

Sports Presenter – “So you think Celtic are due you £3million compensation even although the rules state that this is an international transfer between different league associations?”

Cardiff – “Yes that is correct”

Sports Presenter – “But in the exact same situation did you yourselves not sign Kevin McNaughton from while flicking them the viccys at their demands for compensation. In fact did this not go to a tribunal that ruled in your favour?”

Cardiff Chairman – “That was entirely different”

Sports Presenter – “Why”

Cardiff Chairman – “Go away please…..”

So there we have it the rule is good enough for the Bluebirds when its ruling in their favour but not the other way round. It all smacks of sour grapes and desperation if you ask me. Sure I can understand the Welsh clubs frustration being that he was on their books since 9 years old. That’s the way it goes though Cardiff, some YOU win and some you lose. Also reading between the lines Peter Lawwell told the Grangemouth Q&A audience last night (Friday) to be very positive about the Ledley outcome. Thats as good as an admission in my book.

Going back for a minute let’s discuss the gentleman formerly known as the ‘sharp suited man’ who could do no wrong. Without trying to sound like somebody that’s after an invite to one of his infamous tea-parties I think PL has shown here again what a shrewd business man he is. Have transfer targets been lost in the past? yes, have we failed to buy when needed like the last January transfer window under WGS? yes, is PL’s reputation flailing in the eyes of the support? yes, well it is for some anyway. I can’t see why though. PL was paid a handsome bonus, obviously for a job well done and at the end of the day he can only follow his own bosses orders and guidelines. I think sometimes as a support we’re too quick to blame him for everything as he is the public face of the PLC but if we’re honest there is only one man pulling the strings at Celtic Park and he would swap a Ryder Cup win over the SPL every day of the week. I think Peter Lawwell is a genuine Celtic fan who does his very best for the club while working under financial constraints that none of us are likely to understand. Do I believe every word that comes out his mouth? no of course I don’t but I do think he has the clubs very best interests at heart at all times and for that reason I trust him.

In other news its being reported that Fiorentina want to sign the Holy Goalie. Where the story has come from I’m not sure but if he were to move on I don’t think any of us will be too surprised. If he does go I’ll be sad to see the only real ‘hero’ we have left head for pastures new and the £3million fee that is being quoted isn’t a lot of money really…unless your Cardiff City. In Zaluska we have the replacement and in Cervi we have a good prospect who could be an able deputy. If he stays all well and good and if he goes he does so with our blessing.

That’s me then, still struggling to type left handed and as I said yesterday, its my 2nd year wedding anniversary today so I better go tidy myself up a bit before Aunty Buck arrives home shortly. I’ll see you tomorrow kids and don’t forget to bring your fishing rods, they could just save a life…


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