Whistling paxo conspiracy


paxo to get stuffed a kick off I watched a free day of sports channels last Sunday, sports 1 to 4, courtesy of the tight fisted southern-hemispheric, anti-christ who owns every bloody televised sports known to mankind (as you can tell even though I got a day of free sports TV my perception or view of him has not changed).

I bet if we raved about tiddlywinks enough him and his satellite HD, 3D, set top box, enter your card here brigade would pump 20 million quid into it and put a super-nob line up of Andy Gray and David Pleat on the commentary.

I have just noticed that’s some hatred coming out of myself I don’t want to explore in any detail at this point, but my psychiatrist says to bite down on my gumshield and punch a pillow with a picture of a kitten on it when any of the above mentioned commentators insults my ears, but anyways moving swiftly onwards we go.

I witnessed Aberdeen cave in against the reputable blue half after leading 2 nil? Now is it me being paranoid or do teams seem to be laying down to the gers? The dons went 2 nil up, fair enough, but they seemed a total different team after half time.

I’m not one conspiracies, (Who killed JFK? My answer I think it was the mutant Loch Ness Lizard in league with the troll fairies of Atlantis.) but so far this season the gers seem to be getting the run of the green. Their fans can wail “It’s da sign of champeoonees wee man, di yee not get it yet ya ned” but I think strange things are afoot at the shipwreck ibrox. Have the gers lot made more signings than we think and when I say more signings I mean the whistled variety (and with whistles I don’t mean tin whistles, look I’m not even mentioning  marches  here or even sashes though my father did wear one….. his 50th….happy birthday it said.).

The ref plus the dons unwillingness to play any football in the 2nd half lead to their downfall, Mr McGhee oh why couldn’t you have set out your stall in the second half correctly to defend and keep the ball out like the at fort knox.

Hopefully their run of the green will not go on any longer. Speaking of runs of the green (Nope I didn’t eat a bad curry)   I heard Aiden Mac had a corker tonight and I have even found some highlights. Aiden does feature a wee bit but it is worth a wee look.

Right click and open in a new window ( ignore the embedded video link and click on download) embedded by Embedded Video
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I look forward now to Hamilton where hopefully we will stuff them so badly that they will fold as a club and forever care not to exist.

No dis-respect to Hamilton, but in the press Jimmy Floyds nephew, Nigel Hasselbaink has been hoping a starting spot against us so he can continue his ever boxful goalscoring form, so far he is on a great run of 1 goal and he wants to prove himself against Celtic, what a more fitting tribute to our club that players always want to prove themselves against us.

My advice Nigel when Big Glen or Massive Monumental Majstorovic are man marking you like gary glitter slap bang in the middle of the youthful queue the new toy story movie don’t complain when you don’t get a touch of the ball.

Obviously we will have to watch out the poulty fisters, the ‘Paxo’ brothers. They are always a threat especially when they make a saging, sorry surging run goal.

All in all I hopefully Cerny will be kept busy picking the ball out of his net.

I now throw it out to you guys, the fellowship of the hoop.

Do you expect a solid performance against Hamilton?

Will the wee ones get their 5ers worth this weekend?

Will Sammy, Hooper, Stokes etc start up front?

Are changes to the line-up not so inevitable at this point?

Will a packed Celtic Park spur us on again?

Wildcard question:  Do you think gers european campaign will make them tired and it will benefit us?

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  • john from west belfast says:

    this is far as I read “I witnessed Aberdeen cave in against the reputable blue half after leading 2 nil? Now is it me being paranoid or do teams seem to be laying down to the gers? The dons went 2 nil up, fair enough, but they seemed a total different team after half time.” Celtic went 2 nil up in Europe and still let in 4 goals in the 2nd half of the 2 legged tie…. If we are going to complain at least lets be honest Aberdeen did,nt lie down ..A team playing for their shirt won the game … WE would love Celtic to have this fight , we have had a hell of a lot of “honest mistakes ” against us .. but please let us be honest rankers won now lets go and win back the league ..end of

    • lordofthewing says:

      Will digest the blog fuller when I can watch the visual aids but in to have a wee rant about the TOP story today that the Turks will not wear green and White hoops because it could antagonise The Huns.

      Only in Scotland. The Shame strike again. Cunthoundbollocktastics.

    • lordofthewing says:

      @ John from West Belfast

      Of course we want Celtic to ‘have their fight‘ but I wouldn’t want to look like them. There is a reason why mirrors are banned at Ipox.

  • Wildrover says:

    Another conspiracy theory Sean ? 😉 Nah, Aberdeen (or at least their fans) hate them as much as we do. I don’t think McGhee would lie down to them.

    I expect the alternating “total stuffing, scraped win” formula to continue, so I predict a heav(ier) loss for Hamilton Accies. No idea what they’ll do in Europe. They’ve unfortunately proved a rather sturdy team, although our profligacy is also to blame; there are signs that will change when Lennon gets his team more settled. I also think that, while you can get away with the 10-0-0 in the Eur-efa-cup winners league, it will ultimately fail in the Champions League. From what I hear, the support is getting behind the team more this season. That always helps.

    • lordofthewing says:


      I have punted the Turks to win by 1 goal. It was an easy bet. The Huns won’t score too many while the Turks will look to pick them off. Trouble sleeping? Switch yer TV on at 7:45pm.

  • Sean says:

    @John in belfast

    Did you watch the full dons gers match?

    Some decisions by the ref were very poor. Borderline shocking but on a plus note at least it wasn’t as bad as the decisions that took place in the liverpool sunderland match at the weekend just gone. It’s always good for the SPL to get one over on the EPL especially when the men in ‘black’ with the whistles are concerned. I seem to be angered more by the feeling that the lower average sides of the SPL seem to play better against us than the gers, ah well I dunno maybe its just me bein paranoid as stated, wheres my psychiatrist gone? 😀

    @wild rover. I hope we stuff hamilton myself but I do hope Lenny warns our lot of in-consistancy and over confidence. I would take 2-0 or even 2-1 right now, I don’t mind it being close as long as we dominate the passing side of the match and pick up the points.

  • Sean says:

    @ LOTW

    Yeh very silly that. I heard bursaspor were advised by the blue waste not to sport their hoops in case of secretarian unlawful acts are brought to the forefront! WTF I didn’t know the presence of the hoops insulted them that much that they can only now stand our green and white hoops going to the i-sore-govan-pish-box. Why dont they just ban people who look ‘celtic’ pale and ginger to go with it, thats just as bad. What next “We advise you not to come in ibrox wearing brown loafers as they do not, I repeat do not match the blue palette of the decor in the ground”. For fecks sake them lot are a joke.

    • lordofthewing says:

      From a club that banned Pepporami and Eggs Benidict.

      Looks like Mr Barry Glendenning has caused a stooshy by calling the Huns, Huns. Here’s the link

      So just to annoy……I’m a proud feinan, taig member of Paddy McCourt’s Army who will call the huns, huns.

  • lordofthewing says:

    to the blog……

    ok, my take on Sunday’s mingefest was this. The Sheep were shit and looked like losing even when they were 2-0 up.

    No conspiracy, just a poor side and a poor ref.

    There was no mutant Lizard Nessies in sight Mulder.

  • Honest Truth says:

    Note to self: never read this blog again.

    It is shameful, utter nonsense and more of a hinderance to the real issues highlighted by those of us who love Celtic rather than love to mock the paranoia claims allegded against us or love to hate the Rangers.

    Queue the, “he must be a hun claims….”

    • lordofthewing says:

      Honest Truth, if the door hasn’t hit you on the way out then please tell us about these real issues. Don’t just drop a grenade and run off minding not to trip over your petted lip. Oh, wait it wasn’t a grenade it was a rattle you dropped.

  • jerzeebhoy says:

    If anyone can hate Gers more than Celtic its Aberdeen. I cannot fathom the Dons quiting against them, especially in their own backyard. Most likely cause is Aberdeen just not that good. Expecting (OK, hoping) a goalapalooza against Hamilton…we need to beef up the GD as our friends across the city aren’t going away anytime soon despite financial woes.

    • lordofthewing says:


      I think Sean is clutching at his x-files with this one. You are correct Aberdeen were shit.

      Seems to be few thinking that Hammy Accies will just roll over. Dangerous.

  • lordofthewing says:

    Oh, poultry fisters. Perverts that work for Bernard Matthews.

  • Sean says:

    @ LOTW. The xfiles haha wait until you see my views on walter smith and his cryptozoological family breeding.

    @Honest truth, maybe you can give me some truth as to why this is shamful? Am I thinking the uttered word PAXO insulted you that badly? Well It does sent a shiver down the backs of those retreating to a coop as you may be?

    Let me remind you that some sections of this ‘blog’ may contain a luke warm radical viewpoint and peanuts. I think the world needs an independant celtic view, I love Celtic but in the real world that is “honest truth” gangsters, money and betting syndicates are rife and these things I state do happen so forgive me for my point of view but hey this is a blog afterall.

    Make sure you close the gate on yer way out I dont want my alsatian like viewpoint escaping and humping your limp leg again.

    Woof woof said the celt with the opinion, deary me.

  • Bhoy oh Bhoy says:

    Haha, what a hoot. My opinion on the Abdn-Germs game? Well i think Abdn were just really poor 2nd half. They weren’t great 1st half either, but the Germs got better after the break. Hamilton SHOULD be an easy game but for now at least Celtic will have no easy games. Still a young/new squad and still to find best 11 so any game could catch us off-guard. But if i was a betting man i’d put my (local councils rented) house on Celtic to win comfortably. Also, lets hope Kenny Miller gets injured- likely by Kirk Fatfeet or Kyle Laugherty in traing… clowns.

    • lordofthewing says:

      Open top bus parade today in Govan and Walter is to get the freedom of the shipyards for a great European triumph.

      @bhoy o bhoy

      Have you copyrighted those descriptions of Huns? I think you should! Flatfoot!

  • Sean says:


    LOL@the gers descriptions. Have you got one for mccoist?

  • Wildrover says:

    Always liked Super Swally for McCoist myself, but that’s pretty ancient.

  • Bhoy oh Bhoy says:

    Haha, nah i can’t think of one for McCoist. But how about Kyle Lavatory? Oooh so immature and not very good… but he really is a guy id love to take a dump on (not in a Sasa Papac way).

  • lordofthewing says:

    you should have quit while you were ahead.

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