Shay Given signs?


Shay SignsEvery now and then, could be every few weeks depending on the team or even few months or more, a humdinger of a loan transfer target becomes available and everybody gets giddy about it.

Football fans, managers, officials, full coach loads of families, lead singers of bands and also, if he was still around now, Ghandi would have got giddy and all hyper in transfer season, I believe he would have found great enlightenment in the news that Celtic had signed from under the noses of english premiership teams.

Loans, loans, loans, we have had a fair few. Welsh, pocket sized plutonium, Craig Bellamy was one of our loan ‘humdingers’ in recent years and more recently so was Robbie “I like the bench at Spurs, when compared to people in dropping before me in deep puddles so I can walk over them without a splash” Keane, (Yes Robbie some of would have done that for you probably not or Charlie Nicholas but all the same ‘yer shoes wouldnae go wet’ you could have been a greater Ghod if you stayed).

Well It is these types of players that make go crazy. Big names on loan, it sounds like a provident mans blackbook for celebs on the rocks who owe him money.

In these times were a majority of our whole first team is breathing new life I have come to the conclusion that ‘Big’ name will be mentioned in essence with our team name but the further question is when was the last time a major signing came to over any other team? (Can Ledley be counted? He was certainly the best midfield player in the English Championship)

We have had lots of links in the past. An ancient Rivaldo, Van Der Vaart whilst playing in Germany, once Brazilian wonder striker Amoroso, the man who probably invented stamina Cafu, Paulo “I will still be playing with a catheter on ” Maldini, Bellamy again and Damien Duff to name a few. The thing is all of these linked names just makes the potential of signing Bigfoot, The Loch Ness Monster, Moby Dick and Freddy Krueger  all the more likely.

I think we have been lucky with some transfers but we will not get Shay Given or other. The only way we will get a signing off him is if I turn upto the release of a new book of his and by chance he is doing an autograph session that day in waterstones.

I have slowly come to face the facts that “To Sean All The Best  From Shay” sadly does not articulate towards the fact that any contract has been signed for Celtic Football Club.

I doubt we would get him anyways as we have a decent keeper (for now) with Forster. I believe if we did get Given it would just cause a stir that we would not need right now especially when the team is still in its ‘settling’ period.

We don’t need Shay anyways? Do we? Hes not going to be in the nets against ICT nor will he be in the pegs against Hibs.

‘Given’ time I think Forster (If he stays maybe), Zaluska or Cervi all have the minerals to be decent Celtic goalkeepers. I’m not saying they will be another super Artur Boruc or even a Magnus Hedman or Jonathan Gould. I am saying that some Celtic players grow into the ‘Jersey’ and they make it ‘fit’. Who knows what we have already sitting in our squad.

Focus forward to the cup match against ICT and lets hope Lenny fields a half decent squad or even a little mixture of youth and experience to rattle a few in against them. No predictions from me but a win is a must and a good cup run could give a few of our players more match experience which for a squad that is growing by the game could be vital in building a great team spirit and cohesion for the season ahead.

I now throw it to you, the congregation.

What are your views on the goalkeeping predicament as it is?

Do we need another keeper? Is it too early to tell if we need one yet?

Will Cervi or even Zaluska get a chance to shine?

Any views on the next match against ICT?

Will we get another ‘super caley go ballistic celtic are atrocious?’ in the red top papers or will we get a good win? (That they will probably label ‘Celtic scrape through’)

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  • liam says:

    not interested, over rated, over the hill sub on huge money

    can we not just stop dreaming of and sometimes signings these big names, in the SPL we dont need them, we dont need them to beat Rankgers or Inverness!

    give it a rest and learn to live within our means, hes over priced and not needed at Celtic.

  • john from west belfast says:

    bit of a rant but here goes ..The state of most of the playing surfaces in the SPL are atrocious this IMO would stop most top players coming to the SPL ,Robbie pointed this out last season, so any player who would love to play for and wear the hoops would be to afraid of injury ,,Ireland are trying to qualify for the Euro Finals IMO I don,t think they would take the risk ,unlike the English players, the Irish play for their country and are proud to wear their shirt Robbie ,Shay , Duff if they wanted to be here they would ..unfortunately they are not ,,so lets get behind all the players who are here . we are Celtic supporters FAITHFUL through and through.

  • lordofthewing says:

    “Big Name Loans” sounds like a daytime tv advert that hasn’t been made yet. It should be made with the bass player from the Bay City Rollers.

    Anyway, Lenny sprung back like a cat hissing at next doors dog when he was asked about Given. Like him I think it’s such a stupid question at this time of year.

    Big Fraz looks a decent keeper. Problem is he is not ours and will go back to Newcastle.

    Prediction? Await the clamour for the return of the Holy Goalie in January. He will be getting spotted in Rutherglens William Hills from 3rd January.

    Zaluska has blown it and in the interview yesterday Lenny forgot Cervi was here. If you have time check out the BBC site and have a watch of the Lenny and Cha Du Ri interview.

    Cha Du Ri attempting not to say Scottish Football is rubbish is quite hoot.

    Looking forward to tonights game. In the bottom tier so a different perspective. Glad to hear that their won’t be to many changes. We need to gel.

    Sammy for Murphy would be the only change I would make from the team that finished against The Marnocks…

    3-0 Hoops, Sammy double.

  • Jay says:

    Got to say, that JS thing about Celtic jerseys not shrinking to fit inferior players, I never once thought about it the other way round – that players could grow to fill the shirt. Thank you for that.

    That is all.

    • lordofthewing says:


      Celtic make heroes, that’s something some have lost sight off. The instant hero is a new fad along with names on back of kits. It a measure of a man if he grows into a Celtic shirt.

      We made Larsson. He admits that.

      We take the modest and make it great.

      Yes, I’m still drunk from last night and wallowing in the romanticism of all things Celtic.

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