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The Diary fails on a regular basis and doesn’t get paid

We all know that our Chief Executive, Peter Lawwell is not the type of man to have a mobile phone holder hanging from the pocket of his jeans. Though, recently he has been showing signs that we should be getting worried about him.

At a recent roadshow, I really thought he was morphing into Jabba The Hut before my eyes. He seemed to be getting more and talking in an alien tongue as the night worn on. Unsure what happened but I was found behind a bush, naked, the following day with no recollection of what was said.

Now, news (sic) that he has gave up his right to £38,071 of a £0,359 bonus payment confirms our fears. We also, learn (sic) that he is deferring payment of the remaining bonus due, £152,288 for those who are without calculator, for a future date probably when he needs a new pool, new car or a fleet of Romanian vice girls as he is getting Marcus Hedman round for a party.

A source has let slip that: “he didn’t feel it was right to take a bonus this year” and that “He has a real sensitivity to the fans’ views, opinions and feelings. He just wanted to make sure he was doing the right thing. He has shown a degree of leadership there.

I don’t know any fans who earn £500,000 per year (if there is any out there you will find me in the Bowlers Rest before home games trying my best not to buy a round). Most fans will see these figures and think, Lottery Wins.

So not banking £152,288 when you had already been paid £507,625, benefits in kind of £17,136 and a pension top up of £76,144 while presiding over an unmitigated disaster doesn’t feel like the right thing.

The urge to vomit at this spin shows I also have a real sensitivity over this issue.

Better news is that Peter is due to get a ,000 (or more) loyalty payment this financial year.

Nice work if you can get it.

Some where in the Caribbean, Dermot, dressed in a mankini, is singing: “Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was hot like Pete.

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  • Jbhoy says:

    how did he actually get the job? he couldnt market his arse on a warm night in Brighton. Celtic do so many things wrong as a club in reaching its audience and making the most of the huge fanbase.

  • Simon says:

    Honest to god, it’s actually insulting that this guy thinks we would b taking in by this. He’s be better getting a job as a circus clown. Wonder if he’ll feel it’s “right” to take his £300,000 later this year

  • Jay says:

    Jbhoy, agree. His idea of marketing seems to be “Buy an Asian…and another one!” and “Let’s get dicked on in the US fucking A!” You would think we could try something a little cuter than that seeing as 99.6% of the world’s population claim to be Celtic fans. Not impressed.

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