Coffee & Tv: Not Academical Highlights


Last week I turned up to the game after a night at – what is known in the trade, or by those of a certain vintage – ‘The Dancing”. I suffered. This week, I decided to with a clear head to see if it improved my enjoyment, any.

I’ve been called a ‘miserable sod’ on these very pages. Yes, it’s true. Steven Patrick Morrissey phones me up to make himself feel better at times. But…I’m not a moaning feck face like the guy behind me yesterday. 30 seconds it took him to call Ki a “useless c*nt” after he tried to win a header that he was never going to win.

He was that bad that during the second half I vocally gave my to Sammy just to annoy him. That made me feel quite ill.

Sure, we should have been 4 down in 20 mins. We never played well, again. The difference between last season and this was that I for one never was in any doubt we would get back into it. Maybe some folk haven’t been paying attention.

This week saw a more controlled performance. The ball was on the deck more and worked. The of last week was replaced with studied concentration and a knowing that our would bring our rewards.

The problem is…it wasn’t impressive enough. The feeling I get is that we are an ASDA suit and we may struggle to survive another few washes. Injuries, constant changing team line ups and a team that haven’t yet meet the idiosyncrasy that Scottish will bring – a moment that will see the United Colours Of Lennytown mouth “WTF” at each other as ‘Honest Mistakes’ are dealt out – mean that our form disappearing down a storm drain just before we face two massive games is worrying.

Cross your fingers, toes and internal organs that we have a full deck after the internationals.

7 mins of highlights.

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  • Sean says:

    The goalkeeping efforts by Fraser where at times world class yesterday but they shouldn’t have been, he shouldnt have had to be called into action like that due to bad defending.

    Some of the defending looked lost at times but im glad Forster was on his game to stop the accies goin 2 nil up. Im glad glenda and maj looked better in the 2nd half, with the latter looking even closer to scoring his 1st for the celts.

    Maloneys free kick was world class, he gives an end product that wee Aidan use to manage on the occasion when on his game was firing on all cylinders. Maloneys consistency seems to be coming to the forefront and I think he still has room for improvement and to play even better.

    God knows what this lad could do if he hits an even higher echelon of form than he is at now. (That goal against Klos into the top corner comes to mind or the great jumping side volley against dundee). Ive always admired Maloney and his never give up style when he goes out wide on the outside, always looking for a nook or cranny to squeeze the ball through to offer an end product for himself or whoever is in the box.

    Hoopers goal was well taken as well and a finish like that will fill him full of confidence.

    I’m content with the result against the accies and, as I said previously, I would have took 2-1 or 2-0 so 3-1 is a bonus.

    Heres to the hoops getting even better.

    P.S. I think Ki is one of the most naturally technically gifted players we have. So the moany c_nt who sat behind you needs a footballing education indeed. If you see him again throw him the link to the blog, I would love to see his ramblings on management styles of the well constructed european game compared to the south american attacking fluency management styles. My guess is he would say something like…

    “European fitba is f@@king great tae watch and sooth american fitba well….what canna say but buck teeth and perms….yeeeehaaaa….”

  • lordofthewing says:

    ‘Arry Redschnapps said at the weekend of Van Der Vart: “I don’t know where to play him”

    We have the same problem with Shaun.

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