Could Sutton grace the backroom?


Chris SuttonLincoln City are a down, I repeat manager down.  those of you who don’t know who he is, he is one of the best ‘foils’ that we ever had to pair with Henrik. I am talking about Chris Sutton.

I was a major admirer of Chris Sutton in my teen years. I loved his style of play and his exquisite in box finishing in all the years 2000 to 2006. I must say he came a close second to Henrik on my favourite player list (Petta, Agathe, Big Johan all in there but what about Raphael Schidt I hear a few un-educated ones murmur? Oh no, no, no he is on a list of his own with a word similar to his surname.).

His bhoys speaks itself 130 matches and 63 goals. His time at Celtic was his most prolific period of his footballing career with only his spell at Blackburn shaving close to his record at paradise.

He scored some of the most memorable goals I have ever seen from a man in a celtic shirt (see below this whole post a selection of his goals).

Big Johan, in an interview on, nailed it on the head when he commented about Sutty;

“We had a great couple of years together with a very good team and won a lot of titles together, and he was a massive player us in the way he could play more or less every position. He was probably one of the best players I have ever played alongside.”

Sutty was a player I believe we all loved in a way and this love is presidented by the fact there is a night in honour of him coming up soon at Celtic Park. I would have loved to have been there but cash flow is a no-no.

With his recent management position behind him, via a resignation, he is now on the free agent list. Sutton could be a great asset any team and where he lacks in management he certainly makes up for it in experience and knowledge of the game from a high playing level.

I believe the next few weeks could become crucial Suttys off the pitch career in football. Could Suttys next trip to Celtic Park be more than just a night to remember him by.

All it could take is a word from Lenny in his ear. I think Sutty would be great in the Celtic backroom. He could offer bags of advice to the youngsters and current crop of Celts. He could offer a vast knowledge of the game from all levels and I personally think he could get Sammy scoring more prolifically. There ya go I have said it but I think Sutty could give Sammy a hell of a lot of knowledge the forward positions he takes up.

A fairytale or not but Sutton is a free agent and he would be ideal our club.

So as always I now throw it to you the vast celtic family.

What would you feel if Sutton came back to the club?

Would it be a step forwards?

Do you think we already have the vital backroom staff that we need?

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  • Joe McHugh says:

    There’s only so much backroom staff a club can manage.

    We’re well staffed with four folk looking after first team matters plus a goalkeeping coach, maybe at some point in the future but Sutton doesn’t need an old pals act

  • sixtaeseven says:

    Bring Sutty back and play him in central defense.
    Problem solved

  • lordofthewing says:

    Sutton wouldn’t do a ‘charity’ appointment and that would be all it is. The backroom staff is already at full compliment.

    Lenny is not Justin Lee Collins trying to bringing back the a team.

  • Sean says:

    Fair enough but would he be a decent addition if we got him?

    Could he offer much needed wisdom to our strikers?

    • lordofthewing says:

      @ Sean,

      I would hope someone with his experience, nonce, nasty and cunning could offer something to our strikers. I would hope all our backroom staff offer something to the team. That’s why they are there.

      Has anyone got a clue what Garry Parker does?

  • Frank McGaaaaarvey! says:

    His presence would be immense in the background, however, he is certainly not the type who would accept being in the background without having the final say. He’s far too outspoken. Dunfermline and the two Jimmy’s know all about it!

    A total Celtic legend. It’s just a pity we are only now getting the chance to say a proper farewell to him after his damp squib departure.

    • lordofthewing says:

      @ Frank McGaaaaarvey

      Great moniker, get yerself onto gravatar to get a profile picture when you post. 1985 Cup final celebration would be great.

      Your right about Sutty being outspoken. And you wonder why he departed Lincoln so quickly when, despite results, his job wasn’t in danger.

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