Great Result For The Co-Efficient?


First off, let me point out by saying I’d very much rather be in the Champions’ League than not in at all. So yes, if you pushed me, I’d probably admit I envy Rangers’ position. 4 points after 2 games is pretty good for a side who hadn’t won in Europe for 2 and a half years before Wednesday night.

However, that’s where the ‘praise’ for Rangers ends. I am not one of those people who buy into the Co-Efficient theory that we must support Rangers in because if they win it’ll be easier for Celtic in the future. What a load of old tosh. Let me tell you, I take nothing but great amounts of pleasure and laughter watching Rangers get horsed in Europe. I that they lose every game they play, be it in the league, cups, and especially Europe. Some of the funniest nights of my life have been spent sit infront of the TV watching Rangers play in Europe, especially last years competition.

However, I’ve been caught up in a few arguments here and there about the state of the Scottish game. Apparently we should all support Rangers and be happy that they do well, so the Co-Efficient goes up and in the next few years Celtic will start getting draws in Europe…Easy Draws? I think Braga and Utrecht especially prove there is no such thing, for Celtic anyway. Rangers victory on Wednesday night didn’t help Celtic, Rangers aren’t in the Champions League to help Celtic in later years, they’re there for the money and each to their own and all that. So who will supporting Rangers to improve the Co-Efficient actually help the most? Rangers obviously, and I am not one for helping Rangers, nor indeed supporting in Europe.

And I’ll tell you for why.

I hate Rangers, I hate everything they stand for and everything they believe in. There is not one single thing in life I hate more than Rangers Football Club. If they went to the wall tomorrow then good riddance to them, I could just start hating Hearts just that wee bit more…

But its not just my hatred of that Rangers that creates my ‘stuff the Co-Efficient’ attitude, its all my love for Celtic, and my belief that as a Celtic fan, we can beat anyone in a one off fixture, Ok recent history hasn’t been to good for us, but as far as Celtic in is concerned, bring whoever on whenever and wherever they may be.

Scotland’s Co-Efficient was struggling before remember and Celtic went on to beat Juventus, Porto, Liverpool, Blackburn, Barcelona, Celta Vigo, Stuttgart, Boavista, Anderlecht, Lyon and that improved Scotland’s Co-Efficient as a whole despite Rangers losing to teams like Viktoria Zizkov.

And what proceeded to happen after Celtic improved their own and Scotland’s Co-Efficient?

Champions League 2004/2005

Ac Milan




So the Co-Efficient helps you get a good draw? Ok then, so what happened as the Co-Efficient continued to improve?


Manchester United




Celtic this time qualify, further improving the Co-Efficient, and Scotland’s national team is doing extremely well as well, So what happens? Ok you guessed it.


Ac Milan




Celtic again qualify, and Rangers also get a tough draw with Lyon, Stuttgart and Barcelona, however they fail to qualify, and also Scotland fail to qualify for Euro 2008 so Celtic still continue to fly the flag for Scotland in Europe.

Rangers then go on to lose to Kaunas in the 2nd Qualifying stage of the Champions League, and Celtic also fail at the group stages. Scotland fail to qualify for the World Cup, Rangers don’t even win a corner in the 2009/2010 Champions League and Celtic crash out of the second string tournament, the Europa League at the group stage and also teams such as United, Hearts, Hibs, Motherwell and Queen of the South have failed in the early rounds of and Celtic then go on to go out of both the Champions League and Europa League qualifying rounds at the first stage.

So what difference would Rangers winning one game in the Champions League make?

At the current moment, whether we like to admit it or not, Celtic cannot compete with the ‘big boys’ of European football anymore on a consistent basis, not like 5-10 years ago anyway. Celtic can hardly compete with the so called ‘diddy pub teams’ now. That has nothing to do with the Co-Efficient being low and Celtic being handed a hard draw as a result. European Football is simply the luck of the draw and whether or not Celtic can overcome their opponents.

Also the argument that Scotland will now only have 1 place in the CL qualifying stage is a bad thing. Why exactly? Why is that bad from a Celtic point of view? Shouldn’t we be winning the league anyway? Why should we be concerned that theres only 1 place available? It is ours and it should be ours anyway!

So to round off?

You Can Stick Yer Co-Efficient Up Yer Letterbox

So to Saturday, and my adopted homeland Hamilton come to Celtic Park, well when I say adopted homeland, I spend two days a week there at Uni….So as you can see the emotional bond is strong. Obviously. Will Celtic have to worry much? Probably early doors as Hamilton, like Celtic, tend to start games very well. Last week’s first half for example, Hamilton 2-0 up over Kilmarnock who then went on to secure a late late 2-2 draw and hit the post with the last header of the game. Expect a 3-6-1/5-4-1 formation from Billy Reid’s side as they will try and play football as well as contain Celtic. They’re quite a handy wee side Hamilton when you think about it, they more than matched Rangers a few weeks ago, then stupidly giving away the game late on. That’s Hamilton’s problem, stupidity. Celtic are a team on fire and should have no problems seeing off the accies. A routine early goal, again from Scott Brown(?) should see Celtic cruise it… Didn’t I write last week an early goal would result in a resounding victory? Take absolutely no notice of my predictions but I’ll go for 6-0 Celtic with a hat-trick from any of our strikers and Big Dan Majstorovic to break his duck.

Hamilton will be a happy place come Monday…Well I’ll be there it has no option!

All that remains to be said is enjoy your weekend as much as I’ve enjoyed writing this blog for your enjoyment and entertainment.

Hail Hail


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  • Sean says:

    When Zenit Saint Petersburg tonked the ‘gers in the uefa cup final it was one of the best nights of my life…..

    I won at the local gala bingo….YIPEE…i said..

    Then I decided to pick a random place for a celebration tipple with a “good atmosphere” nearby….

    So to manchester i went for a night on the tiles…..

    No wait I didnt because the tiles got broke….and thrown at the police by some raving lunatics with facial tatoos and very hairy knuckles who were dressed in blue…

    I never did find out who they were…
    😀 I was under the impression that it was the local asylums night out….still its all a great mystery to me.

  • lordofthewing says:

    This co-efficient thingy. It’s been concocted by a the bastard sister of Carol Vordenman. You will never get the answer in 30 seconds. The outcome is though, Eurefa get there way.

    Wee countries get shafted and the big countries get as many teams as they want at the top table.

    Mr Eurefa is corrupt. A polly bag wearing, fruit sucking gimp for the big boys to play with. That cheese eating surrender monkey with his Scottish troll are pawns in an evil empire built on greed, sex, sausage rolls, bribes, votes, Swedish porn and tv money.

    With that off my chest, Scotland are shit in Europe. A few blips of success in a mire of shitness.

    We deserve to be looking at playing games in early July. Our results have been shocking. Our inability means that Eurefa will get there wish and we won’t be anywhere near The Slightly Fecked Big Cup for the foreseeable.

    Braga? Zooropa League team getting pumped in the big boys playground. A decent team would have took them. They had a Brazilian called Alan FFS. Not a Dinho, but Alan.

    The results of the huns doesn’t matter. Mr Eurefa will change the rules the next time we get a whiff on competing in the Big Cup.

    They will say we need to play a team of monkey’s, riding bikes, throwing poisoned tipped penguins at your best players on an iceberg in Antarctica.

    The cunts.

    4-0 Hoops, with Hoops 88 bagging at least one.

  • Yorgo says:

    People like you shouldn’t watch football, you’re too bigoted and embroiled in hatred.

    Stop being so bitter and go and get laid and chill out.

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