Stop The Clocks. When 5 Is Not Enough.


The Diary is looking at it’s Mickey Mouse Watch

After R*ngers win, ok, impressive win, at Swinecastle on Saturday there was much moaning about the amount of added time afforded to the game by the Maroon half of Edinburgh.

Well, Greyfriars Jambo Jim is doing the moaning, which, in retrospect is no big deal. He moans about everything. His FBI profile is marked ‘Potential Serial Killer‘.

His moans seemed to rankle some. One R*ngers website appeared like a Gorilla in the mist to breakdown the second half stoppages.

They state injuries to Johnsson, Black and Jelavic saw the game stopped for 4 minutes and 10 seconds. If you add the 4 substitutions, taking 30 seconds per sub, then that is a further 2 minutes.

Having checked the maths with an independent adjudicator that comes to 6 minutes 10 seconds. The Diary think some too much. Tommy Sheridan can only hope for such a decent, well thought defence.

The calculations only work in the perfect world where ‘constancy’ comes into play and not just something that is spoke about in hushed tones at M.I.B’s meetings.

With only 5 being played it can be argued that Hearts were done out of 1 minute 10 seconds to try and get an equaliser or for Kevin Kyle to further prove he is a c@ck

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  • Max says:

    The rules state that it’s down to the referees discretion.
    If the ref stopped the clock everytime a player hit the deck or for the time between when a player is fouled and when the foul is taken, which the huns imply, we would have 10-15 minutes added to games on a regular basis!
    And the 30 per sub BS is a total fallacy.

  • Max says:

    In the FIFA rules lardofthewings, rule number 7 does stae time CAN be added on for substitutions, it also states that it’s at the referees discretion and absolutely no reference is made to any time, not 10, 20, 30 or even 40seconds.
    As I said, a fallacy.

  • lordofthewing says:

    Thanks for clearing that up. So th MIB was just a cheating cunt then.

  • max says:

    Not really, just people that are gullible enough to believe any old tosh the laptop loyalists feed them!

    • lordofthewing says:

      The meeja and the loyalists have really tried TOO hard this time to justify the time. Problem is, those who watched the game and of a Celtic nature – that I have spoke to – have said they had no problem with the time added on…..

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