Hooper Killed The Radio Star


The other night I found myself listening to the Real Radio football phone in with well known Celtic fanatic Ewen Cameron and his pedigree chum Alan Rough. Ofcourse I’m being sarcastic when I say Celtic fanatic just incase anyone started wondering there. The topic of conversation was the comments made by Celtic striker Gary at a press conference on Wednesday afternoon. Hooper made the comment that ‘Ref’s have it in for Celtic’ something which 9.9/10 Celtic fans agree with (except ofcourse those 0.1 who seem to always always have their comments printed in the daily record hotline and they always get on to Radio Clyde.)

However moving on, Ewen Cameron continued to go wild about calling him ’embarrassing’ and stating that Celtic indeed wanted to cover up Hooper’s comments. Well in actual fact, Celtic were wanting to hang fire before they release a statement at 5pm tonight. Anyways, the usual ‘Hearts and United’ supporters phoned in to criticise Celtic aswell as a few Motherwell and Hamilton fans who called in to also criticise Celtic for the pressure they’re placing on and that any more of it will lead to referee strike. Surpisingly when a Celtic fan called in to speak about Rangers’ european hammering the night before, Cameron would cut the caller and ask ‘what about Gary Hooper’s comments? However when the Rangers fans called in to moan at and call us ‘Paranoid’ Cameron not once asked the Rangers fan about his team’s european humping the night before. Then Cameron stated when a Celtic fan brought up that particular point ‘Its the callers who dictate the show’. Did he really mean ‘The callers I agree with dictate the show’?

It got to the stage that after one particular caller, a Rangers fan of course, that I simply had to turn the radio off before it either sent me wild or made me my iPod stereo. The nice little Rangers fan was very articulate and well spoken when he made the remark ‘there isny a conspiracy against that mob sellick or even us, the mighty gers, the champions’ then he went on to praise the and say they have a hard enough job as it is without Gary and Celtic making it worse. So after praising the referees, defending them and stating the scottish game was fair and legit, the Rangers fan (who was getting a ‘I total agree with you’ comment from Cameron after every point) stated that had himself conducted a video of ALL the dubious decisions against Rangers whilst they play against EVERYONE in Scotland. So I take myself to youtube and I search for said video and there it is, the conspiracy against Rangers. The Description of the video went along the lines of ‘the manky unwashed mob always claim they’re cheated against’ Was that the words of a man who was just given about 8 minutes of air time on national radio?

The Video, consisting of about 5 ‘oh maybe he has a point’ moments, countless ‘thats clearly offside’ moments and theres about 4 moments in the video that make you go ‘thats clearly a dive, this bear isn’t exactly educated is he?!’ And he said that it was clips against every team in Scotland, EVERYONE except one clip (against Kilmarnock, who’s striker heads the ball home then collides into the Rangers keeper) is against Celtic.

So after his failed video plug, he then goes on to say.

 ‘And as an added fact btw Ewen (who is now best pals with the caller) we’ve had 6 chopped off in Old Firm games in the past few years, Broadfoot, Lafferty, Millers had 3 and Boyd have aw scored legitimate goals against Celtic and they’ve been called aff so even I’d say theres more of a conspiracy against us than there is against that mob’

So after assaulting my ears for the best part of ten minutes, I turned the radio off and I spoke to myself (listening to Ewen Cameron will do that to you) and I had the following thoughts

“What if Gary thinks that? We all think that. He’s correct in everything he says, and why should he keep quiet? Are we just expected to stand back and get cheated? Thats why Cameron is going mad, because he can’t keep up his anti-Celtic ways any longer because we’re not gonnae stand for it much longer”

Did I mention Cameron allowed that furore to last 10 minutes then cut a Celtic fan off after 1 minutes 15 seconds because he didn’t agree with Cameron’s assessment of the situation? Did I also mention that it was only Cameron and the Rangers fans who mentioned the word ‘Conspiracy’ ?

Bhoycott Real Radio – They Wont Let Celtic Fans Argue Our Corner

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  • Me says:

    What I find odd is that they keep bringing out the point that Celtic is causing trouble because they only complain when something goes against them. Well, are we supposed to watch each match and complain on behalf of other clubs? Is it not Celtic’s place to complain ONLY about calls against Celtic? I don’t see how they expect us to voice complaints over calls outwith the club. Just another bit of noise they through in to try and block of the voice of truth.

  • Mike Bhoyle says:

    Why the hell you would want to listen to this cretin in the first place..?? does my head in…..
    You claim to be a Celtic man ??? Act like one…stop listening to people like him…or if you have to….accept what you’re going to hear and stop bleating about it.

    • lordofthewing says:

      See the number of Celtic fans that claim not too see or hear anything but get annoyed by them makes me feel that we live amongst superhumans who communicate telepathlicly.

    • Brucehillbhoy says:

      Jesus Christ, what is this?! if you listen to the radio you’re not a Celtic man? I had the radio on whilst on the train home and it was on, I’ll remember my Celtic Credentials next time and not listen

  • Mike Bhoyle says:

    If it’s me you’re getting at…..
    I took the time to listen to him when he started up…I deduced that he was anti-Celtic…..I made a decision not to listen to him again…
    what part of that confuses you??

  • lordofthewing says:

    I hate articulate R*ngers fans. They are just devious cunts. At least you know where you are with the dumbfucks.

    I agree with Mike. Don’t listen.

  • Mike Bhoyle says:

    LOTW: I maybe mis-read your post…I thought you were having a go at me…seems not….anyway….
    thanks for the back-up………
    people like Cameron and Johnston and anybody else who falls into their category…..only survive ‘ cos people ‘phone them up or listen in
    to their garbage…..
    I honestly couldn’t give a flyin’ feck what they say…they have an anti-Celtic Agenda….so why would any Celtic man give them house room?
    And..totally agree with your Hooper post….
    “These boots were made for Scoring” get on with it.

    • lordofthewing says:

      No need to say sorry, some used notes in an envelope will suffice. There is a lot of keyboard warriors make hay out of Johnstone and co while claiming not to listen or read them. Darren Brown is impressed by them I hear.

      I was pointed in Camerons direction this week for a blog I’m writing. Listened to around 45 mins. Aye, him and David Cameron are cunts.

  • Brucehillbhoy says:

    Listening To The Radio Is Not A Crime

  • Brucehillbhoy says:

    There are a lot of real Celtic fans (believe it or not!) who listen to the football phone ins and indeed phone in and make very valid points which are cast away in the wind, the moral of the blog is that Celtic fans voices are not being heard because of the anti-Celtic agenda. Im deeply sorry and I’ll run my blogs past you before posting them in future

    • lordofthewing says:

      The reason we don’t listen is because of the anti Celtic agenda and for all the points you have made. The fact of the matter is with call screening they will ensure that only the looney Celtic fans get on.

      Think the X-factor auditions.

  • Mike Bhoyle says:

    You can listen to who you like… as often as you like.. for as long as you like… problem.
    but if you know in advance that who you are listening to is anti – Celtic…..
    Seems reasonable to me…….

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