That’s me and Larsson finished, player ratings and vote for MOTM.


As the walked up the tunnel at half time I was thinking that a 7 or 8 nil was on the cards. were a rudderless ship, they had thrown in the towel. Surely the players noticed this as well? With this knowledge I pictured that Hooper and Stokes were having a wager in the changing room about who was going to get their hat-trick first, Paddy had has hand up asking to play sweeper and Sammy was bounding about trying to get Lenny to notice him.

He had some goals to miss.

Let’s get to the ratings then some blog, reader interaction.

Double F, can this be a time to say he is dodgy at cross balls, 5. Cha Du Ri, the rash and noticeable has been replaced with steady. For the better, 5. Rogne, bright young thing, jesus jones, 4. Hoovield, clean sheet…new hope?, 4. Danny, where is this goal scoring defender?, 5. Lizzy McGuire, best performances will come away from home, 5.

McGinn, was quiet, 4. Ledley, your a cog that keeps on turning, 8. Ki, Scotland in January is better than some jolly, 8. Maloney, quiet return, 5. McCourt, expectation was a burden, 4. Juarez, unoticeable, 4.

Stokes, is quickly becoming talismanic, 9. Hooper, see that Swedish fellow? Aye, well he scored a lot of goals..forget about Kenny he’s your target. Plus he never picked my windfall ticket…, 8.

thecelticblog MOTM: Stokes.

Vote for yours….

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