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Long time no speak my faithful followers, Its been a 3 weeks and a snowy night in Hamilton since we last had the pleasure of focusing all our Friday thoughts into one big Blog for the weekend! Well due to lack of Celtic news as with call offs etc, this week I had the pleasure of conducting an interview with Housey from Over and Over Celtic News, you’ll probably know Housey as, like myself (who laughed? – Ed) he’s now Celtic Fan Royalty on the internet (well if he isn’t after today he will be now!) If you have Twitter and you aren’t following Housey you can find him at @oaocelticnews which brings you a live show on a Friday, transfer rumours, Celtic news and general good banter from a very down to earth guy who just loves Celtic, and his only wish in the world is that every Celtic supporter shares his own experience of being a Celtic fan

“Its good, its bad, but its one big sing song!”

So first of, I started asking Housey a little bit more about Over and Over Celtic News….

(Q) First of all, cheers Housey for agreeing to take part in this weeks ‘the big Brucehill interview’ you must be as chuffed as me that you’re my first guest?

(A) Always, anything that helps the show is excellent but that aside i enjoy interviews and interacting with fellow Celts.

(Q) Could you give us a wee bit more about what you do on twitter and your live shows on a friday night? I believe theres an extended Christmas schedule you’ve released?

(A) First off thanks for inviting onto to your blog for your first interview, very chuffed! The whole thing with twitter and facebook is really just an added extra to the Friday night show. It allows me to update the masses on when the shows are on and all the latest Celtic chat and news. I dont claim to be the first for news but with the contacts i have hoping that the little nuggets we do provide are a good read for the Celtic Faithful. The Live show itself has abit of everything really and we are still a work in progress. From live music to the phone in its all about Celtic fans and the show is for them.

Regards Xmas yes we have loads going on and a few extra shows with the big build up

to our Jan 1st Show which should be explosive!

(Q) What made you start the twitter account and live shows?

(A) Really just to get in touch with Celtic fans all over the world and to let them feel involved and not too distant from everything Celtic. Very much in line with what the Lostbhoys do but with a different angle in the Live Show and interaction.

(Q) You must be thrilled that every week it seems you gain more and more listeners on the show every week?

(A) Yeah its goes up and down week to week depending if Celtic are playing or not but in the main the numbers are rising and for the Scotland Shame show in October we were just short of the 200 listeners for the Live Show which was fantastic. Probably the best show we have done so far.

(Q) Do you believe the show gets the right exposure to the public? what efforts do you take to ensure that the good Celtic fans who aren’t on twitter/facebook etc are made aware of the show?

(A) Yeah i think again its a work in progress and every week im thinking of ways to reach as many fans as we can. Recently at the Kilmarnock away game we did a leaflet drop for fans coming through the turnstiles and it was a great success, even if you can gain 4 or 5 new listeners its worth the effort. Word of mouth has been great also, we have now have listeners all over the world from New Zealand to Canada to the UK. Its a great feeling to know we are getting listened to all over the world.

(Q) Do you believe the show gets the right recognition in the public? Was the recent BrucehillTwitterCSC award testiment to the work you’ve put in over the past few months?

(A) Yeah i think so with the amount of emails and messages im getting im definately feeling positive about the Show growing even more in the coming months. Im very proud of it so far. Its always great to be recognised for anything you do and life and really is a reason to keep going. The award from yourself was great and actually means alot, from a guy that is a huge regular on twitter and networking with the fans you certainly know your stuff around who is doing what online and the guys making a difference in the Celtic community.

The interview then became more about Housey’s feeligns about Celtic and his own experiences as a Celtic Man…

(Q) Did you have ambitions of playing for the bhoys in your younger days?

(A) Yeah always, i think thats the first thing you think of when you start supporting Celtic. I remember out on the football fields wanting to be John Collins or Paul Mcstay when i was young. Unfortunately i just wasn’t good enough to make it but supporting was always the next big thing for me.

(Q) What was your first Celtic game?

(A) So hard to remember much about it! It was Dundee Utd v Celtic at Tannadice and my dad took me into the family area which was mostly Celtic fans. I really dont remember the result to be honest but i remember being excited by the atmosphere and the match. It was really my Uncle that got me into Celtic as he used to go week in week out.

(Q) Whats your pre-match boozer routine for the home games?

(A) I think its different every week haha, we just go with the flow and end up wherever. Usually consists of a sing song and a carry out pre-match then if at home its the Oak, Turnstiles or the Tavern and away from home just wherever. A favourite of mine is the Centenary in Dundee always jumping pre-match with a great sing song.

(Q) Do you prefer the away days to the home games?

(A) Yeah i have to say as most people these days it has to be the away matches, the whole buzz of and attitude of the crowd is different from home matches. I really despair at the home match situation at the moment, it can be like a library. I think the GB showed it perfectly the other week when they remained silent then burst into song. These guys add something special and are an inspiration at home and away for sure. You just can beat a sing song in away grounds, Aberdeen and Dundee Utd being my favourites in the league, although Morton away last season was superb.

(Q) What was your favourite Celtic game?

(A) Tough question……There is a few but the one that stands out is the Lubo day at Ibrox which was just one of the best days of my life. To be a part of that and celebrate with the fans was something else. On the day we just wiped the floor with them and i could watch it over and over again. There is so many that stand out over that but thats the one i love.

(Q) Who’s your all time favourite Celt from your lifetime?

(A) Another tough question, from my lifetime its a toss up between Paul Mcstay & Henrik Larsson. Both just total genius on the park and a credit off it. Paul is someone we are missing at the moment, a real leader on the park and someone who can run a match. Henrik needs no introduction and its pretty evident we are missing his goals and alround displays on the park. I dont think Scotlands Shame would have won the last two championships if we still had Henrik or Paul in our team.

(Q) Do you prefer big European nights to Old Firm games?

(A) Have to say its the big derby that stands out, so much adrenaline running through your body on that day can only be experienced by being at this match. I dont think there is anything like beating the huns at ibrox. Its the whole build up aswell so many memorable days out at these games that end up being a 3 day party and your in the doghouse with the missus. Its magic!

(Q) Have you followed the bhoys away in Europe?

(A) Yeah on numerous occasions now, last one i was at was Arsenal last season but hoping for next season to get to a few trips again. Favourite so far has been the Ac Milan ones, Celtic fans coming together in a sqare getting buckled and singing the day away. Just superb.

(Q) Is it as bad now as it was during Rangers’ 9 in a row/ overall 90s domination?

(A) Thats a really good question……i think team wise no i think we are still a decent team with better players than back then, clubwise im not so sure. Like i have mentioned on the Radio Show the last few weeks the PLC are so distant now from the fans its unreal. There is a lack of connection between the man in the stand and the guys behind the desks. Even the team at points you feel dont feel like we do supporting Celtic. We all need to stick together and keep the faith and stay strong to our beliefs to turn it all around. To me there is a change needed and it has to start at the top with Celtic, i know alot of the fans will not give up on there beliefs and a change must be forthcoming.

(Q) Last of all, is there one player you’d love to see back in the hoops?

(A) In the current team i think we are missing some leaders so would love to see someone like Johan Mjalby back in the team. I would love someone like Di Canio aswell i think to get the fans excited and if i could sneak maybe Cadete or Larsson in that would be great. So many great players from the past i could go on and on!

(Q) Any Christmas wishes?

(A) Just one simple wish and thats to beat the scum on Jan 2nd to kick the new year off with a bang and roll on to winning this title back(and maybe a couple of new signings for our defence!!!)

(Q) I’d like to thank you Housey for taking the time to conducting the interview with me, it was a pleasure mate, I hope Santa brings you all you and yours want this christmas, is there any last words for the Celtic Faithful out there?

(A) Always mate always! Would just say to everyone Tiocfaidh Ar La, Keep The Faith and keep supporting Celtic with all your heart and soul and OUR DAY IS COMING!!!

You can find the Friday live shows at

I hope you enjoyed this interview as much as I enjoyed talking to Housey this week, next week’s Christmas special is going to be huge! So don’t miss it! All that remains to be said is that hopefully a good 3 points on Saturday against my adopted home of education Hamilton, and by the way, if it snows in Hamilton, theres no way home! (speak for yourself Dan – Ed)


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