Date: 10th December 2010 at 8:42pm
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The Green Brigade have been one of the highlights of the past few seasons at the library that Celtic Park is. The introduction of their own section, sanctioned by the PLC, the introduction of a drum and the acceptance of Depeche Mode as anthem has made this season interesting off the park.

Against Information Computer Technology their silent 20 minute protest then subsequent burst into life – that saw the stadium give them a standing ovation – has been the highlight of recent home games.

This type of protest is unseen on these shores. The authorities seen unable to deal with this European styled group. They are trailblazing a path that others are struggling to comprehend nevermind follow.

The fall out from Poppy Gate ( views on the protest are here and the aftermath here) has seen a change in tact from a board. It seems that instead of banning the GB from Celtic Park, as they threatened they will just ban them from Ibrox by stopping them or anyone else in section 111 getting offered tickets for this game no matter if they haven’t missed an away game this season.

The season book holders in that section are getting the message that : THIS TIME YOU DON’T HAVE THE CORRECT PRIVILEGES ON YOUR ACCOUNT. Any queries are getting meet with the line: it’s a computer ballot.

If you believe that then if you look out your window you will see a flying pig.

It’s not the first time that the PLC have used underhand tactics against the GB. The banner below saw a bluemail campaign from those who claim we are the offended ones and the PLC helped Strathclyde Polis (them again) identify those who held the banner and sectarian breach of the peace charges were brought against those fingered.

The Procurator Fiscal has said the accused had no case to answer.  A blow to those who wish to be offended.

The PLC knew what they were getting with the Green Brigade, I don’t think they know what they will get if they continue to take their money and persecute them.

They seemed to be liked, or dare I say LOVED, by the majority of the rank and file season book holders I come into contact with. They pay their money as well.


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