Football Manager Fever Hits Celtic


Christian Benitez, Benitez….Benitez…hmm, Christian Beni….GOT IT! He’s that Ecuadorian guy who scores for fun on football isn’t he?

So its silly season once again and with the Norwegian strike deal looking as dead as Rangers’ chances of signing a player from the Republic Of Ireland, attention has turned to Santos Laguna’s ex Birmingham loanee Christian Benitez, a player who has almost certainly lived off his football reputation when it comes to the reactions of the Celtic fans to the news of the ‘speculation’

“He’s a great player, he’d score plenty up here!” (He scored 3 in 30 for Birmingham)

“I him scoring for me in the champions league final when I was Celtic, scored 70 in 2 seasons easy for me…in football obviously”

“I once bought him for 500K and sold him for 10 Million in 6 months on fitba manager”

“Lenny he’s in ma fitba team the noo….SIGN HIM UP!

“The board should be hung if they don’t fork the money oot this time, this guy is wicked on fitba manager” (my personal favourite)

So it appears its a glourious thumbs up for our little friend from Ecuador! But the more realistic of us will realize, the game isn’t played on a computer, so I’ll now go through some other Football Manager wonderkids and we’ll see how they’ve got on in their careers!

Kerlon – Cruzerio, been in the game since he was 14, Hes now around 22, used to be able to pick him up for 500K and he’d score about 45 goals a season and create 100 every year! His wee dot moved around the screen giving off the ‘I wonder when someone big will sign him’ impression – He’s still in Brazil. His seal dribble hasn’t impressed anyone, least of all ex-Celtic target Cohelo ( him?!)

Nathan Porritt – Middlesbrough, Young 15 year old in FM2006, used to tear it up down the left wing with some leathal crosses into the box, his FM exploits led to his named being mentioned on that BBC Panaroma documentary about dodgy agents when his own agent tried to flog him to Harry Redknapp. Don’t even know whats happened to this boy, he’s certainly not doing well anyway.

Ryan Conroy – Celtic. Fellow Dumbarton bhoy Ryan used to fill my computer screen with joy with his mazy runs and 10 out of 10 ratings every week, playing in his preferred left wing role, he’d embark on run after run, mostly resulting in a Celtic goal. If anyone had ever gave him a chance they’d realise this! Reality struck though, and Ryan returned from a loan at Queen of the South last week. Waste of a bhoy who has so much natural ability, not just on football manager.

Tagini Babangida – Free Agent – Oh My God, If anyone has Championship Manager 4 lying about, search for Babangida, He’ll sign for almost anyone (had him at Dumbarton) he was a good age but this lad could run past just about anyone and win games single handedly, it actually looked like the guy was playing a different game from everyone else! Surely with and pace like that he’d be worth a shout for someone? No, in reality I’ve never seen his name pop up, anywhere.

So Christian Benitez flopped at Birmingham, Sure he worked hard and created lots of chances but he missed chances, and Celtic fans don’t exactly like hardworkers for the team do they? I mean, Fortune springs to mind. But that aside, has Neil Lennon, John Park or Tom O’Neill being playing football manager? If indeed we do sign this bhoy, in time he might just be perfect. Part of me thinks he’d pish it up here, He did make an awful lot of defences look very silly last year, maybe Birmingham needed a better partner? Surely with a natural goalscorer up there, i.e Hooper, Benitez might do well? Only time can tell on this one, but maybe taking a chance of an Football Manager wonderkid will work, or maybe it’ll go like the other ones above and the players will flutter away into the wilderness.

So to away on Saturday? I see nothing but a for Celtic, Hibs didn’t turn up against their rivals, and Celtic will be right up for this one. Yes, I’m going to do it again and back for the first goal (It’ll happen one day – you watch!)

So with all that said, enjoy your weekend people! And if you’re spending it by playin the new football manager, drop me a message, I’ve got a cracking 18 year old Peruvian to tell you about…

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  • Kraljski says:

    Kerlon is back in Brazil but from what i gather on loan from Inter Milan.

    Re. Benitez, although he hasn’t scored many down in the EPL thats not to say he’d run Scottish defences ragged.

    Whats the bhoy from Peru called by ‘ra way?

  • TJ Hooper says:

    Tijani Babangida is his proper name. I saw him play regularly in the Ajax team of the late 90’s and I’m relatively sure he scored in the 98 world cup for Nigeria. In reality he was an absolute flying machine, but a bit unorthodox and inconsistent. I seen him play some storming games and some indifferent ones.

  • At times I feel like Lenny manages like I do in Football Manager. Only I invest in far too many forwards while he loads the midfield and we both neglect the defence.

    • Sean says:

      Mads Jorgenson, Sharbel Touma, Kennedy Bakircioglu, Cherno Samba etc etc all awesome on CM and FM but games do not predict real life.

      They dont take into consideration social encounters divorce, break ups, stresses of child births, relatives dying etc. Look at FM ‘wonderkid’ Freddy Adu in the real world and you’ll see my point exactly. Some young talent dont live upto the hype.

      • lordofthewing says:

        All Scottish wonderkids should lose ability when they get to skank and buckfast age.

      • Brucehillbhoy says:

        I intentionally left out Freddy Adu to see if anyone was as Sad as me to remember that wee fecker on FM!

  • lordofthewing says:

    Tom O’Neill now works for the Huns. Those who play championship manager should type ‘porn’ into google. Better way to spend their time.

  • lordofthewing says:

    Oh I’m taking the Ledley bet, though easy victory? You smoking crack?

  • ianin440 says:

    Good to see another away win! 🙂 On to the next match.

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