Date: 16th April 2011 at 9:59am
Written by:

It seems that Stuart Regan has slipped into the well worn slippers of previous incumbents of his role. His statement regarding Paul McBride’s ‘astonishing’ attack on the SFA had the ‘Hand Of Peat‘ shoved up it’s crevice.

His six point attack used language like unjustified, inflammatory, self-publicist, inaccurate, defamatory and malicious.  That brings back memories of Peat’s ‘tiresome innuendo‘.  It also seems a unusually strong defence of an organisation that they admit themselves has ‘ The burden of history influences what we do and there has been, for far too long, a reluctance to embrace modernisation and make the game fit for purpose in the 21st Century.’

McBride seems to be on a win, win here. His quip that it was like a missing page of a Monty Python sketch sums up the whole of the SFA’s season. Enjoy.

Paul McBride on the BBC.

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