Date: 30th July 2011 at 8:51pm
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We have to ask ourselves and answer quite truthfully what did we want and what did we expect from that game?

Myself? Well, I thought we had a sneaky chance due to Serie A not starting to the end of August and Inter Milan being a few weeks behind us in preparation.

That was me forgetting that Inter Milan are a bonafide Big Cup team and we are at the most Zooropa League standard though we are unproven at that level. The difference in quality was there especially when it mattered. As we squandered chance after chance you couldn’t help know that the Italians wouldn’t. There keeper pulled off saves we knew ours wouldn’t.

The Live Blog threw up some interesting and annoying traits. The one that states the old chestnut that our players are not good enough for that level. Hit me with a dead fish and call me Doris as I didn’t realise that. I thought they were playing for us out of love not because that is their level.

David Proven was surprised that the Italians were good in the defensive dark arts. He’s as bad as those who give it the not good enough line.

It was a decent work out and we learned nothing we already didn’t know. The players will benefit for the step up. The ones given a chance to prove they could will be ruing the 90 minutes when they were either invisible, useless or mistake ridden.

I’m not going to single out the culprits. That would be unfair this Saturday night and I don’t want to sound like a Doris with a bad case of repetitive tourettes syndrome.

Here’s some highlights

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