Date: 2nd August 2011 at 10:00pm
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After our defeat to Inter Milan, I commented that they were a bonafide Big Cup team. A team with the credentials that put’s them in the top 8 in the world. If they are a bonafide Big Cup team what in the name of the wee man are Man City then?

A big sweaty bollock at the moment who haven’t reached that bonafide status. Their novelty factor is wearing thin as their brand of fantasy football manager funded by black gold begins to show signs of success.

Still, we wont be troubling the Inter’s and City’s off this world anytime soon.

I’ve said on numerous occasions that friendlies are not about the results. I look for individuals who look the part in these games. Against Inter some bemoaned the Sammy and Shaun partnership with Hooper and Stokes only coming on with 20 to go. Lennon’s thinking was justified with both players scoring 2 a piece against an Irish League Select.

Hooper needed it. His goal was greeted by an expletive from him. Stokes turned in an enjoyable performance while Daryl Murphy looked the part – and if you allow me to be condescending and cliche – against a plucky and brave side. They were no worse than we will face against bottom 6 SPLers. We should remember that when considering the worth of the Murph.

Some of the others never grasped the chance. I think we got enough out of it.

Tomorrow see’s us in Swansea. Lennon says it will be a strongish side. I’ll suggest that Sammy and Shaun will see further game time. That should make the Live Blog (advertised below) interesting fair.

Here’s the goals from Sunday.

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