Date: 27th August 2011 at 9:18am
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It has been admitted that we have passed letters on to UEFA before Sion’s hearing on Tuesday. Since it’s a Bank Holiday on Monday I hope they used 1st Class stamps as 2nd class will struggle to get there on time.

The paper trial and evidence suggest FC Sion are guilty of wrong doing. Guilty of trying to improve their team.

Mr Platini mused:

What is happening there is the rules have not been respected. FC Sion has not respected the rules of the transfer ban – they signed and then played those players.

I think we should just withdraw our letter before this gets anymore f*cking embarrassing and childlike. Getting in via the gardeners entrance is just shameful and offensive.

Remember Rapid and the hatred we have for them?

Instead of writing nice letters to UEFA maybe our CEO should spend his time trying to do his job correctly and balance putting a successful team on the park while showing great asset management off it.

In fact, the next letter he should be writing is his resignation letter. While I fully agree with the business model – not the fascination with zero debt – our CEO has failed in getting that business model to work in the place success is needed most.

Time for a fresh pair of eyes.

Plus do we want to get back into Europe. Have you seen THAT group?