Date: 26th August 2011 at 1:21pm
Written by:

Come gather round people wherever you roamĀ and

admit that expectations around you have grown

and accept it that soon you’ll be bare to the bone

if you cared you’d stay and support us

and if we don’t start spending we’ll sink like a stone

for the tims they are a-changing

Now Keevins and Jackson who criticise with their pen

open your eyes wide the wont come again

and don’t speak to soon to slag wee neil’s men

and theres no telling who’s next for a slagging

for they might be losers now but they’ll be later to win

for the tims they are a-changing

Come chief exec and boardmen please hear the call

dont stand in the boardoom dont block out the hall

for those who are hurt are those who have stalled

theres a battle outside raging

now they’re shaking your windows and rattling your walls

for the tims they are a-changing

Come fans and thoughout the land

and dont criticise everyone man by man

your sons and your daughters are beyond your command

your old boos are rapidly fading

please get behind the boys lead your kids by the hand

for the tims they are a-changing

Come Lenny and Thommo Mjallby and all

Forget about big Dan and those sion goals

For its only a loss and it wont be our last

its time you stood up and made changes

for we need a defender and a big target man

for the tims they are a-changing

Come and Hooper and the rest of the lads

forget about sion its now in the past

for whats done is done and what’s lost is gone

and theres no way that you could’ve it

go pick yourselves up and win us the crown

for the tims they are a-changing

The line it is drawn the curse it cast

we cant win away but that wont last

the present now will later be past

the order is rapidly fading

and the gers are champs now but they’ll later be last

for the tims they are a-changing

Beware Of The Risen People