Date: 24th October 2011 at 9:01pm
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Evening All,

The Blog has been a bit quiet lately.

Family holiday then a trip to Rennes, which saw me get introduced to the pleasure that is crepe BBQ sausage and chewin’ the fat about the superpower that PSG are about to become after an injection of Qatar readies with a blog stalwart who is based just outside Paris.

He’s a sound lad. He even bought me a few beers.

So, how were three points won after looking the part against a half decent outfit on Thursday night?

Tony Stokes (his dad seemingly doesn’t like ‘bluebloods’) got us started with a wander across the edge of reason. A swift gear change saw him reverse the play to Brendan Kayal, who stopped counting his new improved wage packet to find Hooper, who found an on rushing Korean who found enough power to get it past the coke-dealing-ponytailed-porno-star South American that doubles as The Sheepies keeper.

has us staring at the mirror with a razor blade though. It happens if you keep on bearing gifts.

Someone thought he was The Mutton Messi as he jinked past Twitter Joe, bamboozled Wanyama and had three despairing defenders diving to stop his shot curling into the bottom corner. His celebration, rightly, saw the MIB say: “Book him Dano!”

Just when we thought the Diddy Cup was becoming important the Captain that leads by example decided to sort us out. Dan won a header and it skewed across the face of goal favorably for once. A deflection took it to Chico who slammed it into the roof of the net. I was pondering that we have now scored from set plays in three games in a row. Record.

The Mutton Messi booking proved costly. He was soon off for a straight red card challenge on The Hoopster. The MIB decided it was just worthy of a second yellow though.

Our bar is so low that squeezing past average opposition should be deemed a successful afternoon now. That’s how I’m looking at it.

Here’s the telefilm.