The Hypocrisy Of The SNP & Say No To Newco.

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I’m glad we have some Celtic to think about. Some Fitba’. That’s why we are all here, right?

I was beginning to think that all we had to be bothered about was spleen bursting laughter, death and taxes.  Tomorrow on the slope of Easter Road we will have THE CHANCE to go to our 15th league win in a row. How could that be devalued?

That’s for tomorrow.

We have seen some sinister actions from those involved in the demise of R*ngers in this and those who are now claiming a vested interest in a lean but not so mean punishment for the club. Up first were publicity seekers and narcissistic politicians.

Shona Robinson – The Minister For Sport And Commonwealth Games – and the self styled President Of The Greatest Wee Country He Has Lived in Alec  Salmond BOTH ADMITTED discussing the R*ngers situation with Duff and Phelps and the HMRC. Both stated they have put pressure on HMRC to come to a soft agreement (HMRC have been known to reach Sweetheart agreements in the past BUT…..late last year this caused a ruckus in the Right Big Hoose).

This was just another case – I thought – off politicians waffling on about things that they canny influence. Everyone does this. I have been talking for weeks about helping Kate Perry get over her split from Russell Brand (A chicken tikka fae The Spice Of Life, two litre bottle of Irn Bru – diet of course – a DVD of Top Gun and the music of The Wonder Stuff…it’s a sure fire winner!) but I know that for all ma bravado it’s basically a waste of hot air.

David Cameroon also commented. Aye, he would eat a $hit sandwich and blow a giant panda for votes up here.

As we learn more aboot Whyte and the way he seems to have structured the club any hope that some humility would come over them was lost when we find out that they ATTEMPT to still sign Fat Boy Coosan ALL with the administrators blessing. Jesus H Corbett.

As dinner ladies, jannies, admin staff and toilet ducks are preparing to sign oan they want to gie a washed up mercenary a bumper contract (in real terms when looking at their predicament). DON’T THEY LEARN?

The administrators seem to have been seduced by the superiority complex that exists around this institution. A word that has been devalued and over used this week.  Airdrie were called an institution when David Murray attempted to put them out the gemme in 2000 for an unpaid £30,000 (see @_thecelticblog for details) and we have heard ‘talk’ of a ‘worldwide institution’ despite the clubs own findings showing differently (think Newcastle with a few supporters clubs in Northern Ireland and North America).

If anything this week has further strengthened R*ngers image as the establishment club, which is ironic considering that HMRC are firing the bullets into the wounded corpse.

Now, FIFA don’t take kindly to interference in the game they govern.  No Sir, there has been precedent set.  Do you think we need to let the SNP know this? This letter from – SHOCK! HORROR GULP! – seems to make it clear that Shona Robison’s office and presumably HER know! (thanks to @beebhoy7 for the tip).

We really need to let Stewart Regan, Shona Robison, Alec Salmond, UEFA & FIFA know what these charlatans are doing will damage the whole Scottish Gemme. Get e-mailing. It’s free unlike posting a letter first class, which is Craig Whyte robbery.

My friends at the Celtic Network ask me place the Say No To Newco logo on the site. I like helping out friends though my stance over the punishment if – REMEMBER they haven’t yet – they are found guilty of financial doping has changed.

I was adamant that they shouldnae be allowed back in the SPL. My ‘take’ that administration seems cheap and easy has slightly been tempered if – as Fat Eck says – they have pay the taxman back in full over a period of time. This would financially cripple them for years, which would be fun to watch and the Bankrupt Bounce they are experiencing just now would soon disappear as they struggled to feed the greed of the xxxxxlers.

Liquidation would see a Newco.  They would need to apply for a license either in the SPL or the SFL.  I was all for them going to Annan and East Stirling and that was all I was willing to accept.


Well, they cling on to their honours like a baby and a comforter. It’s became fairly obvious that short sightedness  has seen any sense or feeling of guilt not be felt. They are quite happy to be seen as cheats, get favours and forgive the licentiousness of one chairman and the criminality (supposed) of another as long as the five stars remain.

Losing that could be the ultimate punishment and kill the Newco before it gets off the ground.  What they want is full quarter pounder meaty, grease dripping, cheese & bacon topped, double decker R*ngers and instead what they are getting is a burger on a pan loaf.

When your stomach is used to gluttony an empty plate will see you attempt to find something more filling.

That still sounds like Utopia to me.

I’m off to find out what price the first goal at Ibroke today being a penalty.

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  • bhoylondon67 says:

    I can not believe the reaction from politicians and the media. We are all supposed to forgive and forget, accept a 10 point deduction as sufficient punishment, it is ridiculous.
    Nobody is willing to discuss the impact this cheating has had on my club and the rest of scottish football. My club has been cheated out of Titles, Cups, European games and MILLIONS of lost revenue.
    We are told Rangers are more than a club. That the Old Firm is more than just football. Well why is Rangers and its support more important than my Old Firm club Celtic?
    We were told last season the Old Firm were an embarrassment to Scotland, a stain on scottish society. We were told our hospitals and Police force were overwhelmed (we were not told the most telling stats which would be when these resources were most stretched, which is when RANGERS LOSE)
    Nothing but all EBT trophies redistributed to their true owners,a public apology and a start at the lowest league will be enough. Obviously any New Co will be a new entity with no history unless there is an intention to pay back all debts, and compensation for ALL clubs affected.

  • mick f says:

    If ‘they’ got any type of help from the state then every buisness & every football club will be asking why not them too. If any of the money is written off then we should have a summer spending spree maybe £100m then a year or 2 down the line let the tax payer bail us out. You’d think we where living in East Germany & Rankers where Dinamo Berlin.
    It surely wont happen, where was all this aid when we where struggling? I think i will raise a glass to old Fergus who did an amazing job in our hour of need. Ok we where on our knees while they have already lost their head at the guillotine & are trying to cellotape it back on.

  • John says:

    Salmond jumped all over the ‘Old Firm’ after the shame game even though the shame was all Rangers. Then it was how much the tax-payer has to pay for the police and hospitals to cope with the trouble. One leading copper said the game should be banned because of the cost to the tax-payer.

    Now we know they have cost the tax-payer about 170 million over the past 14 years with the debt taken over by MIH when Murray was still in charge. The ex-Chairman Johnstone said that the plan for the 49 million was just to have it lumped in with the other debt taken by Lloyds but Lloyds is owned by the tax-payer i.e. you and me!

    The breath-taking arrogance of the thieving rats is almost as sickening as the misinformed drivel being spouted by some of the very dubious media outlets in the country. Sky News was an utter disgrace this morning, claiming all of Scotland realised Rangers were necessary for Scottish football to exist. Ray Wilkins and Trevor Francis talked of the iconic status of the club and how it must survive but nothing of the theft and cheating of the previous decade. Do these idiots ever think before they speak. Or are they really so arrogant that they believe Rangers have a different set of rules to everyone else. They certainly live by a different moral code.

  • MR Salmond, if Scotland were to become independent and self governing, with your own tax laws, would you still be benevolent to Rankers if they had withheld £49 million from your exchequer? I don’t think so.

    Also, I think that David Murray and Craig Whyte should both be charged with defrauding the country of millions. Harry Redknapp and Milan Mandaric were charged for much less.

    On a final note, David Murray should lose his knighthood. Lester Piggott lost his for less. David Murray and Fred Goodwin are in the same league, methinks.

  • Happydude says:

    They don’t have the option to apply, when they are liquidated, relegation is cancelled, and the winners of the first division take their place.

    Rule H5 of the SPL rulebook.

  • Tim Brown says:

    Maybe we could give the dark side a taste of their own cheatin’ medicine, as Murderwell are only 6 points behind them (with a game in hand).

    We could now do what Dundee Utd did a few years ago…..Remember when they lay down to the huns to help them prevent us from winning the league title?

    As Murderwell are only 6 points behind the dark side (with a game in hand) and we still have to play them, wouldn’t it be helpful to their European ambitions (and drive the final nail into the huns coffin) if we lost just one game — to Murderwell? Ha! Ha! Ha!…..

  • Jbhoy says:

    Personally I’d like some good for Celtic to come of this, if rangers take over a conference team in the English leagues and start again from there. Would be a perfect way of seeing if it’s an avenue into the epl. Seems as well that out with the non payment of bills there are some real financial misgivings at r”ngers and the missing tickitus money is only the start.

  • paddyras says:

    No need to lie down against murderwell, best keeping our integrity, that we have always maintained, they will pip rangers to second spot anyway without our help!!

    Maybe now is a good time for our tradition of attacking entertaining football and to give Paddy McCourt a place back in the team. Honestly, he does more for me in 3 minutes than most of the journeymen do in the whole 90. He is one of the most undervalued footballers of today!!

    Tim Brown Says:
    February 18th, 2012 at 11:50 pm
    Maybe we could give the dark side a taste of their own cheatin’ medicine, as Murderwell are only 6 points behind them (with a game in hand).
    We could now do what Dundee Utd did a few years ago…..Remember when they lay down to the huns to help them prevent us from winning the league title?
    As Murderwell are only 6 points behind the dark side (with a game in hand) and we still have to play them, wouldn’t it be helpful to their European ambitions (and drive the final nail into the huns coffin) if we lost just one game — to Murderwell? Ha! Ha! Ha!…..

  • ianin440 says:

    Even with a 14 point league and 20 points away from winning it I still feel the nerves. I don`t think that there will be many changes today but I`m hoping for the Tynecastle form rather than a repeat of last Saturday. Come on the Celts!

  • ianin440 says:

    I must say that I`m becoming disconcerted with the preoccupation with Rangers. Some of the callers to Radio Clyde last night were starting to sound unhinged in my opinion.
    If Celtic people cannot feel joy about the league position because they are consumed with the Rangers situation I feel for them.
    Come on the Celts!

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