Date: 4th September 2012 at 10:14pm
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Imagine, for one awful minute, that Rangers were still in the SPL.  And were sitting with 12 points at the top of the league.  Then imagine that Celtic were 4 points behind them after Saturday’s draw against Hibs.  Would what be the reaction?  It would be frustration, anger and probably the manager’s future being questioned.  But in this‘brave new world’ of Scottish fitba’, things seem different.

There seems to be an acceptance of bad results.

And I’m not sure if this is a good thing.

After flushing two points down the toilet on Saturday, I went to gauge reactions to the performance and almost everyone was of the same mind – it was unfortunate but it didn’t really matter as we had numerous injuries – which can’t be denied – but I’d have expected more frustration that a seemingly easy win was thrown away.  But then it came to me – if we were in a title race with Rangers every game would be scrutinised – even this early in the season.

For example, it was around this time last year that we lost at home to St. Johnstone which sent us into a poor run of form which last up until November.  People were in a panic then, but now there seems to be an acceptance that it doesn’t matter if we draw or even lose now and then – because we will probably still win the league by a large margin.  I fear that won’t be a good thing, as more results like Saturday will become acceptable and as a result ‘fair-weather’ fans will probably stay away.

If we move onto the ‘booing’ at the end of the game, the esteemed man in charge of this site wrote an article critical of those who were booing.  I’m here to defend those who did the booing.

Sort of.

We are forever being told that those who attend Celtic games are the lifeblood of the club – that’s probably why Big Cup 3 game packages are around £20 pound cheaper for those who have season tickets.  In fact, such is Celtic’s need for season-ticket holders that last week a letter was sent out ‘from’ Neil Lennon asking fans to get their friends/family to take up some of the empty seats.

As we fans are asked to do so much for Celtic, we are allowed to give our opinions, even if it verges into frustration like it did at full-time of Saturday.  As for the comments that booing could effect a young player’s confidence, I don’t really believe that, for as long as Neil Lennon is confident in them what a section of the crowd say shouldn’t bother them

In closing, I feel that fans should be frustrated and annoyed when sloppiness denies Celtic what would be a well-earned victory.  I would understand the acceptance of poor results if we had been thoroughly outclassed, but this was not the case on Saturday.  Hopefully after the international break everyone will be on the same page again and this outbreak of acceptance of average results will be forgotten about.

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