Date: 11th February 2013 at 5:56pm
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Those are the kindest possible words I can suggest for the many screams that went around households and pubs the last time Celtic went to Turin. Celtic’s first ever group stage game in the Champions League was a tough away game to the group favourites Juventus. The Del Pieros the Nedveds, The Trezeguets and all.

Celtic, in what has become tradition of sorts, started slow early on but nearly held out until half time when Salas was released down the right and his cut back found Trezeguet who banged it home. Celtic then lost a silly goal early in the second half when the frenchman again was left wide open in the box and Del Piero’s cross was beautifully headed home.

Step forward Bobby Petta. He replaced Thompson and all of a sudden Celtic grew stronger, only 10 minutes later Petrov’s free kick flew past Buffon, Celtic had 25 minutes to rescue a point, but by this point Celtic were playing with a belief that us who watched Celtic in the 90s could not comprehend. It was ALL Celtic. Sutton goes down in the box, looked like a penalty to us, not given. Only moments later Davids is sent off finally for persistent fouling. He’d been at it all night.

As an 8 year old who’s midweeks previously in his life had consisted of watching Who wants to be a millionaire or watching Rangers getting horsed out of Europe was watching his team destroying the mighty Italian giants. But it was all going to be in vain, as Petrov’s shot deflected back out to Sutton ‘SHOOOOT!!!!’ was the call, Petrov then unfortunately blocked the shot for Juve. They’d escaped. But not for long as Thuram hadn’t learned to cope with Sutton and with the second time within 10 minutes inexplicably brought Sutton down in the box. ‘PENALTY!!!’ we cried. Penalty was given.

This is impossible to comprehend this was 12 years ago near enough. Although the wait between the pen being given and Larsson taking it seemed like 12 years! Best goalie in the world is Buffon. Aye but we’ve got Henrik. Ano but Buffon is magic. Aye but so is Henrik. Wrong way Gigi ta ta 2-2. 5 minutes left for JUVE to HOLD ON, to a point at home to Celtic. The Scottish champions wanted all three points.

We were happy to see Del Piero be replaced, Juve are settling for the draw. His replacement Amoruso was only known to the Celtic fans because he shared a name with the donkey playing at the back for Rangers. However within 30 seconds the wee d**k had robbed Celtic of a marvellous point, of a marvellous comeback. The free kick floated long and high, it was going out all the way, Douglas was waving it off. Goal Kick Celtic.

What? Why’s he lying on the ground? He’s given a penalty? Oh You’re joking. ****! ****! Ya ****ing wee ****! ye Amoruso just like yer ****! of a namesake.

Juve Got To Be Kidding Me.

As if it wasn’t bad enough, Amoruso, who had went down like the Brucehill bus had smashed into him on his way to the social, picked himself up and slotted the penalty home. The replays showed no contact, he went doon like a sack of spuds and the ref was a mile away. It was an evening up call, he’d bricked his pants. Martin O’Neill went berserk with rage and a fit of anger our current gaffer could only dream of mimicing.

I firmly believe Nicola Amoruso is the reason Martin O’Neill’s Celtic never won away from home in the Champions League nor qualified for the last 16. He’s probably at fault for Seville as well as in my opinion, the Celtic boys that night had played with a belief I don’t think was matched, even at Anfield in 03 or anywhere else on the road to Seville. He ruined that team. We might not have won the champions league that year, but we had a team that was capable of taking on anyone in Europe, home or away. All of our European collapses were down to what I call ‘aye well the refs gonnae gee a penalty in five minutes anyway’ syndrome all due to that wee bampot.

Who knows how good Celtic could have been, a point away to Juventus would have saw us progress in the last 16 or the second group phrase as it was then. All I know is, that was my first heartbreak in football. And I’ve never ever forgot it.



We’re going to be on the following tomorrow night folks, covering the market, If Celtic win we’re quids in!

  • Celtic to win 7/2
  • Draw ht Celtic ft 8/1
  • Charlie Mulgrew FGS 25/1
  • Victor Wanyama to score anytime 6/1
  • Celtic -1 11/1
  • Hooper To Score and Celtic To Win 10/1

BONKERS BET – Charlie Mulgrew to score first Celtic to win 2-0 – 400/1