Date: 21st March 2013 at 2:07pm
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Well this same thing happens 4 or 5 times a season and no one ever likes it no matter how bad/well/amazingly/dreadfully Celtic are playing. International Week. Two words that strike absolute boredom into the hearts of every Celtic fan. Not because we don’t like international football, or we don’t support Scotland or Ireland whatever your fancy, its because we know that theres no Celtic for at least 2 weeks.  But what if I was to say this International week is a blessing in disguise for our champions elect?

You could say, oh no, all the momentum gained with the great comeback win v Aberdeen could be lost by having a break. You might even say that the international break means another week we must wait until the league is finally wrapped up. You could just say you hate international football so much for nearly 2 weeks between games you don’t know what to do with yourself. But I’m here to argue the case that it’s a perfect break for us.

Why? Simple. It’s not very pleasant watching our beloved Celtic at the moment. I know last week was a welcome change from what had previously been dished up in the SPL recently but Celtic need this international break. I don’t know why but for the first time ever probably I was happy to find out it was Scotland this week and not Celtic.

Its not been easy watching Celtic this season, Europe aside its been fairly up and down. If the only excitement we can conjure up is by being 3-1 down at home to Aberdeen then its not been the greatest of domestic seasons for Celtic. Since Christmas it seems its been a long struggle to get to May and the end of the season. I’d love to see Celtic charge on and win every game and yes thats what I expect of them but I’ve come to the conclusion that we’re going to have to just accept that from now until May we’re going to win 2 games then draw 1 then lose 1 before winning again.

So you could say I’m just happy I’m not having to read twitter on Saturday and be enraged. 2 weeks ago, Ross County beat us after we’re 2-0 up. People say to back Neil Lennon because its only one game. Its not just one game though, its been the pattern of our whole season. Our league form recently is just so annoying at times we know we’re better than that. Then on Saturday, everyone wants to praise Lennon for a comeback, but in truth, it’s the first time domestically this team has showed a bit of fight when being behind. So for one week without no twitter arguments? sounds pleasantly delightful to me. (Unless of course you want to cheer for Ireland and then claim you’re being racially abused because someones happy Ireland got beat, or the other way around with Scotland.)

So all it leaves this week is to do a wee quick Whats the Odds International Special! This weeks feature game will be Scotland v Wales tomorrow night! Ever the Patriots we feel Scotland can overcome the Gareth Bale + 10 pals brigade at Hampden Park. We go for…

  • Kris Commons to score first 15/2
  • Jordan Rhodes to score anytime in a Scotland win 9/4
  • Scotland -2 goals 6/1
  • Scotland to win 3-0 14/1
  • A penalty for either team to be awarded 10/3 (4/1 to be scored)
  • (plus for normal service we’ll have a stab at 5/1 Ledley goal anytime)

FIVE FOLD – 37/1

  • Slovenia v Iceland  – Slovenia
  • Hungary v Romania – Hungary
  • Poland v Ukraine – Poland
  • Croatia v Serbia – Croatia
  • Jamaica v Panama – Jamaica

6 AWAYS – 83/1

  • Portugal to beat Israel
  • Latvia to beat Lichtenstein
  • Azerbaijan to beat Luxembourg
  • Denmark to beat Czech Republic
  • Belgium to beat Macedonia
  • Chile to beat Peru

FOUR DRAWS – 132/1

  • Slovakia v Lithuania
  • Moldova v Montenegro
  • Bosnia v Greece
  • Northern Ireland v Russia

Seeing as with Internationals theres a lot of certs, we’ve went for a wee handicap coupon! it is a 50/1 fourfold and it goes

  • Bulgaria (-2) to beat Malta
  • Germany (-4) to beat Kazakhstan
  • Norway (-1) to beat Albania
  • France (-2) to beat Georgia

This weeks bonkers bet is brought to you by Gillette, the best a blog can get. We don’t feel England will beat San Marino by too many goals. We think it will be 2/3-0 at most. We think giving San Marino 3 goals of a head start at 11/2 is far too tempting not to pass up. I mean, when was the last time England were firing on all cylinders? Don’t let the Brazil result fool you folks. For an added bit of Insurance giving San Marino another goal of a start is 12/5 which we feel is the not-so-Bonkers Bonkers bet this week!

Have a blast folks and remember

Bet Responsibly and be nice to people on twitter!

P.S if you fancy a laugh, go see the First Goalscorer market for the San Marino team, 50/1 and counting, Surely worth a wee 50p each on their starting 11?