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By Dean Robertson


Aleksandar Tonev

It was announced yesterday that Celtic winger Aleksandar Tonev had been giving a seven match ban after it was decided that he had breached the SFA’s disciplinary rule 202 after being found guilty of racially abusing Aberdeen’s Shay Logan during the hoops over the Dons on the 13th of September at Celtic Park.

The 24-year-old Bulgaria international – from Aston Villa – is set to go into immediate effect.

However, Celtic have realised a backing Tonev and announcing that would be appealing the suspension.

A Celtic spokesman said: “This was a very unfortunate case, but the Club has accepted Aleksandar’s explanation that he did not say the words that were alleged to have been said and that he is not a racist.

“We are, therefore, very disappointed by the outcome today and can confirm that Aleksandar will be appealing this decision.”

So it still remains to be seen what will happen to Tonev but at this moment in it doesn’t look good the Bulgaria but with Tonev’s recent form it may not be such a huge loss to the hoops.

These recent events are set to add extra spice to Celtic’s trip to Pittodrie Stadium to face Aberdeen on the 9th of November.

What do you think about Aleksandar Tonev?

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  • john says:

    His form in the hoops is irrelevant. If there is no proof that he said this, he must be supported at all costs. If there is proof that he said it then send him packing. You cannot be found guilty when its ones word against the other. If the club believe he is innocent then he must play in the upcoming match against Aberdeen. If there is no proof then Celtic must expose the SFA for what they are.

    • siteeditor says:

      I personally haven’t seen any proof of this and I hope there isn’t any as there is no place for a racist at Celtic but if the SFA have found him guilty you would think they would have some sort of proof. If they have proof they show release it and we should get rid of Tonev but till then I’m glad Celtic are sticking by there man.


  • edward says:

    I agree 100% with John.Your comment that with his recent form he may not be a such a huge loss is a real cop out.This is one person ‘s word against the other.If there is no additional evidence then Celtic are right to appeal his case .You presumably would hope your employer would do the same thing.He should also play against Aberdeen.This is the usual lack of foresight by the SFA and was the fact that Tonev is from a country in Eastern Europe a consideration or if it had been a Scottish player who Logan misunderstood would the same decision have been given.I would also imagine English is not Tonev’s first language .Racism is a two way street.

    • siteeditor says:

      I’m not saying he’s guilty or that he shouldn’t fight this as I agree with you guys about the lack off proof, I simply made the point that if we were to loss him for seven games we may not miss him as much as others, it’s a fact that his form hasn’t been great and that if it was Guidetti we were losing for seven game it would have a bigger impact on the team. It was simply a observation about his form not a guilty sentence on behalf of Tonev.


  • paul mcCann says:

    if the appeal fails then he should be sacked on the spot on the other hand and the appeal is upheld then he will know doubt get pelters from fans of all other clubs so either way tonev cannot win

    • siteeditor says:

      If he is guilty and there is proof then yea I would hope he would be on his way out the door asap.


  • eebee says:

    As a fluent multi linguist (Bulgarian French Spanish German and English) I’d find it difficult if not impossible to know for certain if someone verbally racially abused me.Without knowing what common language was used and the people’s linguistic skills and having not actually heard the alleged comments how can the SFA pass any judgment?

    • siteeditor says:

      Wow mate I struggle to speak English never mind four other languages haha, with the lack off know proofs it looks like Tonev will have a strong case against this judgment, it could possible be a case of SFA jumping the gun as the topic of racism is a hot one and I think they thought if they slap him with a hard ban then it would make them look good but it could come back and bit them.


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