Target? Naw Ronny That’s A Must!

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By Dean Robertson


Celtic staffRonny Deila has come in for a lot of criticism in his time as of Celtic, some of it has been justified, but some of it has been overly harsh in my opinion.

I consider myself one of a minority of Celtic fans that still believe Ronny Deila is the man to take the club forward. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe everything he has done is right but I do believe that he deserve time and that he will be a successful Celtic boss.

However, one thing he said this week has bugged me and that was when he reviled his target for Christmas. He announced this week that his target for Christmas is to top the SPFL Premiership table.

A target which I think goes without saying. I wouldn’t consider it a target myself, I would consider it a must. We have no real for top spot in the SPFL Premiership so we should be top of the league and should have no problem top, no matter what team plays or if we have played more than one game a week.

A target is something you aim for but don’t always complete and that doesn’t describe his ‘target’. We must be sitting top by Christmas, there’s no ifs or buts about it, it simply must happen. If not, then I’m afraid that the only Christmas present Deila will be getting from Celtic will be a notice of dismissal.

I’m sure Deila will achieve his Christmas target as we have started to pick up our form with a recent run of victories, but I do hope he has other targets like winning a double or treble because he still has a lot to prove and if he only manages to the league then the people on his back won’t be getting off any time soon.

What do you think of Ronny Deila and his target?

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  • Connor G says:

    I’m also in the back ronny camp- I don’t think it’s a minority yet.

    Although fans say the result is what matters- there seems to be a growing trend that the performance matters too. This seems to be a new fad since ronny has arrived as, for the most part, the performances haven’t been good- but they’ve been getting better.

    Deila has a good EL record, and I’m undoubtedly sure we’ll go through and then go onto being top of the prem soon after. This should win the doubters over but it depends if people are looking at performances or results.

    • siteeditor says:

      You may be right, it may not be a minority as of yet but before last weeks 5-0 win there was defo a more people in the sack Ronny camp than there is now.

      The main annoyance was that the performance was poor and so was the result but that looks to be changing and I see us going top soon as well as making it into the next round of the EL as long as we don’t bottle it.


  • paul mcCann says:

    i wonder if it is coincedence that lustig and matthews are fit again that we have 2 clean sheets in the league and that ronny has twigged that guidetti and scepovic can play together and wakaso is left winger and he s getting played in his best position

    • siteeditor says:

      It goes without saying that we have hugely missed Lustig and Matthews. I think Ronny’s has has the time now to look at what he’s got, test a few things out and I think he may finally have started to get us back on track. Lets just hope he can keep us on track coz I don’t know who would replace him.


    • F. Logan says:

      So Ronny has just twigged you say, why did you twig it before him.

  • ewanbhoy says:

    I totally back Ronny, give him time and he will come good.
    Most people I know do back him but what you get is the very vocal boo boys who love to talk on the radio phone ins and shout their mouths off which sadly gives the whole club a negative vibe.
    Personally I feel embarrassed and ashamed at the fans who have attacked Ronny, calling him allsorts.
    This is a guy who has moved to a foreign country and has put his heart and soul into our club and is trying to transform the entire playing system which does take time but we are starting to get there.
    I’m hoping by the end of this season Ronny will be due alot of apologies.

    • siteeditor says:

      I think your right, there is defo a vocal negativity that I have seen weaken since the 5-0 win – which is good.

      I don’t know if he will get an apology if he comes good as football fans are fickle and if he dose come good by the end of the season it may be hard to find many people who will tell you they were a ‘boo boy’ as you call them. You just need to look at the whole Fergus McCann saga for that type of thing, many people boo’d him when he left but its almost impossible to find they people.


    • Tamila56 says:

      I think you are correct in what you say , but I’d also add that people are more inclined to critsize rather than praise. Everywhere we go there are ads. Asking us to complain about bad driving or falling at work or having an accident that wasn’t your fault it’s the norm to be part of the moan culture. Maybe we should try and buck the trend and all start writing , picking up the phone and phoning radio shows and praising the good things , just a thought getting there Ronnie hh

  • Shugg67 says:

    I think Ronny will be good for celtic in the long term. Lustig, Brown and Matthews being back can be the catalyst that takes us forward. Whilst Commons is our most creative player he needs to up his fitness levels so that he can last 90 mins. In my opinion he seems to tire in the last 15 mins of games. Despite a poor start to the season I feel this could end up being our most productive domestically since the Martin O’Neill era.

  • mcnal says:

    I think lustig has made a huge difference, our attacks are more fluent as he can deliver final balls into the box which efe obviously cant do, we’re not giving opposition defenders time to organise themselves so we’re getting more chances also mikel can defend better to so its win win, more solid at the back and faster attacking play, plus hate to say it but I think johansen is better suited to the playmaker role than commons HAIL HAIL

    • siteeditor says:

      Lustig being back is great and as for Efe I think we need to look at moving him on, I’m not a fan of him at all, he’s a bomb scare when he’s on the ball!

      I’m not sure about that with Johansen, he’s defo got something about him I like but I don’t think he’s ready to take Commons place just yet.


      • mcnal says:

        “Bomb scare” if you knew how many times i’ve used those exact words to describe efe, I agree its time for him to move on, I think stefan has more about him defensively as well as going forward, more often than not Kris shoots when there’s a killer pass on, ok he gets goals but his goals to shots ratio can’t be that good, I still think he has a lot to offer would be great if we could get both in starting 11 maybe with mulgrew dropping out?

        • siteeditor says:

          I agree Kris has a few negatives in his play but the goals speak for themselves but with the forward starting to find the net more often we don’t need to rely on his goals as much but its always good to have a player that can score like Commons on the field.

          With both them on I would be worried that we may not get the best out of them as they seem to be at there best playing similar roles.


          • mcnal says:

            True I think ronny has the same problem lenny had with ledly, victor, brown and ki, albeit to a slightly lesser extent, ps i’m firmly in the back ronny camp HAIL HAIL

  • siteeditor says:

    As more of your comments come in I rethink the term minority more and more. I defo think there been a increase in the back Ronny camp and I think I may need to write something about it. So look out for something positive on out gaffer this week.

    P.S. Thanks for your reply’s and feedback its what we live on here at thecelticblog.


  • Dan says:

    We ll I’m not in the Delia camp never will be still not a settled side if Guidetti takes a knock so will we he’s the only one keeping the passion alive we actually played a 4 4 2 at PARKHEAD he’s not confident in the job he bows to Dan pressure and as I’ve said before it’s time for him to go if it wasn’t for the other teams playing in differently against one another like Hamilton against Dunddee after the game against us we would be in trouble we need to win this league easily on our own merit.The turning point will be if we get the GERS in the cup because being honest a think they ll beat us simply because of the passion but let’s wait and see who changes camps but Ronnies not and never will be for me look at the crowds …..we need someone to draw the support back trust has gone …..rant over

    • siteeditor says:

      Well I’m glad your shared your rant, we want every Celtic fan to have a voice on this site, even if they don’t agree with us. The writers on the blog don’t always agree so its only natural that the people reading may not.

  • Kieransmith says:

    Still in two minds about ronny . I feel he tried to change too much too soon . Really hope it does work out for him here ,

    Another point to make on this is that although we signed a few players on loan , do you really think that was his first choices ? The man needs money to get his own type of players in who actually suit his system

    • siteeditor says:

      I don’t believe many of the sighing that came in were his choice, I believe most were players already on the boards shortlist and he just got handed them with little or no say. I do hope he gets money to spend and is able to bring in his own team much like Lennon did when he first got the job.


  • Fraser Iain Munro says:

    I want RD to succeed, but at times I cant see it. Brown Johanson run around like maniacs trying to play against 3/ 4 midfielders. Defence dosnt look solid even when they play well. Gudetti scoring Sepovic needs time , but its just not right ?I thought gie him time till broony comes back , we were awful today. Awful mid week and we didnt concede. Luckynwe dont play any decent teams , we’d get humped . Keep it simple !!!

    • siteeditor says:

      I think Ronny is trying to change the way we play all be it maybe a too fast. We are now starting to get results but we are still waiting on the solid performances coming and I think they will come sooner rather than later but just as long as we are getting the points that’s all that matters at the moment.


  • Jack Mc Donough says:

    I live in Lancashire in England, I am 73 I have been here for 50 years. I have been A Celtic fan since I was a boy in the Gorbals. I watch Celtic every game on my computer, I also read a lot of the comments from fans. What I don’t get is how fans can critisize the manager or the team, when I watch the game a lot of the fans have their backs turned jumping up and down or are on mobile phones. The team has quite a few new players and they will take time to adjust to settling in, I hope they will give the new manager time to settle in, he may well win everything this season.
    ( Jack )

    • siteeditor says:

      I get the criticism as the results and performance at the start of the season have been poor but I agree that the manager deserves time to make his change and settle before calls for him to be sacked can be properly justified.


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