Old Firm Game Will Make Or Break New Regime

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By Kieran Muir


Celtic staffSo we finally got it. An old firm game. It’s not just any old firm game though, it’s one that has been anticipated since Sunday 29th April 2012 when the hoops dominated a team that were on the way down to the root of Scottish football. But it’s not just the time gap that makes this game probably the most important ever, it is also a semi-final which could lead to Ronny Deila and his side wining at least one domestic cup this season.

When the news came through that Celtic would be meeting Rangers at the end of January or the start of February in the League Cup semi-final at Hampden, every hoops fan would have been jumping with joy and quite rightly so, the players were jumping for joy in the dressing room after the win over Inverness at Paradise. It has now become the game of the season and the very prospect of having it just on the horizon makes you realise just how much you have missed it.

Both sides will go into the game with little old firm experience, although six of the players who featured that day in April 2012 are still in the Celtic squad. The January transfer window will be important in order for Ronny to strengthen the squad with the derby game in mind, it does have that much importance on the season and for the fans.

The fact that we will most likely have European football after Christmas also adds a different dimension to this season, which almost no one would have seen coming a few months ago. When Celtic were knocked out the Champions League and had a poor run of form at the start of the season it felt like this season would drag in and be very frustrating, but if the team can make us proud by getting out of the Europa League group stage and getting a victory at the national stadium against our rivals then this season will be a very successful one for a manger still adapting to Celtic Life.

The build-up and hype to this game will be intense and that’s what we love about the old firm derby. We already have a war or words on our hands with the Championship club not believing that the one and only John Guidetti will sink the boot into them (which we all know is a certainty).

It is only just beginning of a story that will dominate the season form here on in, the fans live and breathe these games, the depravation over the last two and a half years is exactly the flammable material that will ignite the world’s biggest and most fearsome rivalry back into life.


Do think a win in the Old Firm game and Europa League football after Christmas  will make this season a success?

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  • portbhoy says:

    There is no old firm, …

    • siteeditor says:

      Well what should we refer to this game in the semi-finals as then?

    • Vinnie says:

      Hear, Hear, Portbhoy, and another HH too.
      1st OF game we won by 3 clear goals. Ditto the LAST one. (5-2 and 3-0).
      The chapter is closed.
      I’ve got to add, even ‘though it’s my first comment on this site, the article was awful. Written with help from Peter Lawwell and the Daily Rancid ?

      • siteeditor says:

        Shame you didn’t like this article how about you check out other stuff on the site like my feature on Tommy Burns. There shouldn’t be anything to up set you in that lol


        • Vinnie says:

          Hello Dean,
          Thanks for your response.
          Any criticism I have regarding Celtic Football Club (now PLC) is targetted at and, I firmly believe consistent with, most fans’ views.
          The CEO is hopeless, overpaid, and should be ‘over there’. Aye, anywhere, except Paradise. When Finnbogasson was available for around £5 mill., PL went to Poundstretcher. Balde, Pukki, etc. and now Skepovic (Yeah, we all paid for the (lack of) results.) Cost us CL progression at his upside-down philosophy of “if you do this, I’ll give you that” Try Vice-Versa Mr. L.
          Accountants are supposed to understand finance. WTF does he do, except count his beans and salary (not necessarily in that order) and come up with “OH, I can get real quality at Poundshop.”
          Do you shop there personally Peter ? “Er, NO.”
          IMO, Game (Career) over.
          Dean, I hope , having read the posts you will see Celtic reality. Best Wishes anyway, Vinnie.
          PS Regarding Tommy Burns, I need no education. I watched Tommy play, and then try to manage a financial shipwreck. We are talking Legends here, and you choose to use the inane “lol”. Why would one do that ?
          I’ve also read Paul Cuddihy’s biography on TB and thought it was exceptional reading for content, humanism, family, faith and passion. “A Fan who got lucky” (or similar)
          I’ve also read Jinky’s and others including the hugely talented George Connelly’s.

          I loved Jinky’s. (Archie McPherson’s)

          I understand it cannot be easy to ‘publish’ and ‘edit’ any blog, and controversy will raise its head.
          My advice then, is don’t print PLC shite, but just tell the truth, in all its forms, assuming that you may come across truth from time to time.
          HH, COYBIG.
          PPS PortBhoy, I’m new to all this but think we may see things in a similar way. Hope to stay in touch.

          • Fraser Iain Munro says:

            Finborgeson didnt want to come !! Your worse than them going on about jardel , whomthey never signed.
            Missing goal scoring opportunities cost us CL , not our ceo.
            He just happens tombe ceo at the most successful period in our history.

            *The word ‘them’ has been put into replace a unaccepted word*

          • Henkes Dreadlocks says:

            FIM. This is not the most successful period in our history.
            Alf Finnbogason did want to come, but not for a bag of joob joobs and a blow on a rag man’s trumpet.
            If you seriously believe, that the CEO, who earns his bonuses on the back of player transfers, is a good strategy for the football side of the business, then you really are clueless.
            This is what is happening at my club and it is not only morally wrong, but tantamount to bear faced corruptness.

          • siteeditor says:

            I agree with everything you said about PL but I don’t feel I need to face ‘Celtic reality’ as I live and breath Celtic ever day like you and ever other Celtic fan. If you judging my grasp on reality by the post then that’s wrong as I did not write.

            The piece was not PLC piece it was a article about an opinion held by Celtic fans but not all.

            Regarding the use of ‘lol’ to make light of the fact you were disappointed with Kieran’s piece and to underline the fact that you may enjoy reading the piece on Tommy Burns. I didn’t use it to disrespect TB as he is a man I respect. I wouldn’t have written the piece if didn’t love the man, I also wouldn’t have went out my way to thank TB daughter for finding it and reading it as to know his daughter like my writing about him is my happiest and biggest personal honour I have got since I started writing.

            I’m glad you liked the stuff by the previous writers on the site. sadly they left the site before I recently took it over. I would love to have them back as they are extremely talented writers. If you enjoy reading features on ex Celts and legends then I have a feature in this mouth Alternative View that you may enjoy (Shameless plug).

            One last thing, I just want to say your comments are always welcome and I hope you will return to he site in the future,

            P.S You have very clear opinions that if you are interested, I would love to feature them in our ‘Opinions and Rants’ section. I don’t know if you write but thought I would say.


      • portbhoy says:


        posted a photo of the 5 2 an the 3 0 a few mins ago,

        • Vinnie says:

          Thanks, PortBhoy.
          I’ve managed to copy and paste your link for the pics, but, sorry, I’m really ‘cream-crackered’ and so can’t tell you if it works. I visit all kinds of CELTIC sites and not sure when I’ll re-visit here. If you like, e.g., PMGB’s site then we may interact there.
          (There’s the beginning of a strong view-point below, but, knowing it’s my style, I’ll take full resposibility for a ‘half-shift’, i.e. not finishing the piece or for PC fucks-up.)

          “I’m fairly adept at finding results and I am not swayed by Lawwell, Bankier……….”

          PS I believe the “Port” may be Port G., by Greenock. I’ve many a tale to tell from my times working in Greenock many years ago. HH, COYBIG.

          • portbhoy says:

            Hi Vinnie,
            Like yirself this was my first post on here, and was very much surprised by the view taken by the writer re. the EX old firm!. I think writing such baloney (esp. a Celtic forum) only helps to legitimise the nonsense of the sevco, trifc claim to be the same club.
            Same club?….Pay yir debts!!

            I read PMGB’s blog aw the time, but a’ve only posted a couple o’ times, ah sometimes hiv the craic wi’ the bhoys on the hoots (scotsman)….some good patter there!

            And yip..your right Vinnie, I come from sunny P.G. 🙂
            I’ll watch for your posts on PMG page an mibby hiv a wee bit a craic. H.H.

            ……………………..THEY’RE NOT RANGERS ANYMORE…………………………

  • portbhoy says:

    Celtic v newco rangers

  • portbhoy says:

    Thanks, ..

  • portbhoy says:

    Until they pay their debts to creditors etc., they will always be regarded as a new club. (imo)

    • siteeditor says:

      I agree they are a new club as they were liquidated and so they are defo not the same club but If I talk about them or our games against them I still refer to them as rangers and the old firm game so in my writing I will still refer to them as that (and so must the writer of this piece) but I know other have different views and that’s what I love about our club as we at Celtic can have different views and express them. Here at thecelticblog we want people to share there views no matter if they are the same as ours just as long as they are not offensive and your comments are in no way offensive.


    • p.j. farrell says:

      regardless of paying ‘Debt’s or not this outfit is still a New Club and can never lay claim to being anything else.

  • JVR says:

    By using that phrase O** F***, it helps legitimise them in their and in the media’s minds.

    The above phrase could be usedfor previous derbies against the now defunct Ibrox club but this will be the first time we have played the new club playing out of Ibrox.

    On the scoreboard at Ibrox, the crest of the defunct club is not displayed. RFC with five stars above it is shown. Why, because the team playing at Ibrox are part of a new club. No publicity was given about the new club crest on the scoreboard and I wonder why.

  • portbhoy says:

    cheers mate, …..just wanted to get ma wee bit in. 🙂

  • Jim says:

    Multiple points of contention with this piece. Non-factual, revisionist and worthy of the MSM in its propaganda style. ‘Old Firm’, you reiterate the term several times Kieran. There is no ‘Old Firm’, one half of it was liquidated in 2012, our own PLC has stated that the term will not be used publicly or privately. ‘a team that were on the way down to the root of Scottish football’, revisionist tripe. LIQUIDATED NOT RELEGATED Kieran. Sevco started in the roots of Scottish football as a new club after being denied immediate entry to the upper tiers (and rightfully so) Please stop assuming to speak on behalf of all Tim’s, as you are well wide of the mark with comments like ‘every hoops fan would have been jumping with joy’. Simply looking at our blogs and speaking to supporters highlights this isn’t the case by a long way. The old rangers were sectarian bigots, tax cheats, sporting cheats with entitled and violent mind-sets. The new entity has proven to be just as corrupt and is a bigger basket case than the old. A high degree of us Tims want nothing to do with the new entity, we do not want to legitimise them or have them tied to our coat tails in any fashion, they are just another team to beat, not half of a partnership. This sentiment was unanimously emphasised to Peter Lawwell in a meeting between the club and various representatives of supporters groups at the start of the week. I believe you to be intentionally disingenuous with this piece Kieran, but if this is a genuine representation of your thoughts/ emotions, understand that you incorrect in your misgivings and very much in the minority of Celtic Supporters. Hail Hail

    • siteeditor says:

      Hi Jim,

      I will allow Kieran to responded to your comment himself but I would recommend to check back tomorrow if you are interested in his reply as he is at work tonight.

      As stated your view is welcome and we here at thecelticblog thank you for your comment.


    • Chris says:

      Well said Jim. Agree with all you write. I for one wasn’t jumping with joy. I have no desire to play the tribute club and am glad we no longer have to play the original club ever again.
      As for O** F***, I hated that tag being applied to our club when the liquidated club were still cheating their way to trophies. I definitely don’t recognise it as having anything to do with Celtic FC.
      Hail Hail.

  • Althetim says:

    Apologies for not reading the full article.

    I gave up after the O** F*** reference.

    Disappointed that a Celtic blog would seek to legitimise Sevco in this way.

  • siteeditor says:

    We here at have noted the strong reaction to the use of the term ‘Old Firm’. So we want to put it too you our readers what would you want our writers to write when referring to the ‘Old Firm’?

    • Jim says:

      Hi siteeditor

      Refer to them in the same manner as would be applied to any other team. As two completely separate entities, such as Celtic and Dundee, Celtic and Aberdeen Celtic…….. but NOT as part of the same package. I personally believe the fact that they are new entity should be highlighted at all times. Newco, Rangers 2012, Rangers International…… it is very important that Celtic Supporters do not let revisionism become actuality. The old entity screwed Scottish football with its corruption and bile, it is not business as usual, they are yesterdays men, lets move on and up.

      • siteeditor says:

        Any future reference to the game will now be ‘Celtic Vs Rangers’ as that is the short form for both teams official names. We respect the points made regarding the use of ‘Old Firm’ and don’t wish to turn people of from the blog due to the use of two words, However the term ‘Old Firm’ will still be used in pieces that reference past games or event that took place before the liquidation of the old Rangers in 2012.

        Many Thanks,
        Dean Robertson (Siteeditor)

  • portbhoy says:

    Trifc, newco, the rangers 2012, or even sevco.

  • Greenock Bhoy says:

    I agree with portbhoy. There is NO “Old Firm”….they are not the people either. There is only 1 show in town and that is Glasgow Celtic FC……

    The question was posed “Well what should we refer to this game in the semi-finals as then?”

    US V THEM……..


    • siteeditor says:

      The game will be referred to as Celtic (US) Vs Rangers* (Them)

      *The official short form name for ‘Them’ pre and post 2012


  • portbhoy says:

    Dean, ..Is there any particular reason why you can’t refer to ‘them’ as trifc, and keep us all happy?? ..A mean,..Celtic v trifc isn’t too difficult eh..

    • siteeditor says:

      Personally I think it looks a bit unprofessional but if it keep the readers happy then it will be considered.


  • buzz says:

    Jumping for joy for playing a diddy team in the diddy cup. Ffs what age are you 12? Missed what? Early doors Sundays , pubs no open, police treating you like p.o.w. good chance getting attacked if your alone and their mob handed the way they like it. Them singing the same old shite fkn yawwnnnnnn. Away and read your daily records while I be sick.

  • Old Teacher says:

    “Jim” has got it right, Kieran has got most of it wrong.
    There is no “Old Firm” and there’s no way that all Celtic supporters are thrilled about the game coming next year. I know MANY – I repeat MANY – who hate the idea, and for good reasons.

  • Tyneside No1 says:

    Hi Kieran, I agree that supporters of both clubs will be looking forward to this game and that the intensity of the fixture will reach fever pitch come the end of January but please stop referring to it as the Old Firm, what you are doing is agreeing with media propaganda that Rangers IL retain their history. This is untrue as they were liquidated . They cannot retain history if they have to seek a special licence to allow them special dispensation to start in the lower leagues of Scottish football. They will only get the message if the whole of Scotland gives a solid refusal to use the term . I believe that one or two lower league teams have stood up to them and have told them the stark truth in their programmes. With solidarity and our refusal to accept “Old Firm” ,, only then will they get the message .

  • portbhoy says:

    sevco rangers, …founded by charles green 2012

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