Guiding Guidetti’s Gob

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John Guidetti … why don’t you do your talking on the park, instead of mouthing off in the media?

See, you read comments like that on social media and you’d almost swear he had been mouthing off. Except he hadn’t.

Yet again, our media is playing games. Naughty games. Cheeky games. Spinning comments to generate the headlines that they want.

It’s pretty poor, but it’s what we’ve come to expect and the reason so many of us treat them with total disregard. Only on certain occasions do I even bother to comment … this is one of them.

Big Bad John hasn’t been scoring recently. We all know that. That’s why it was such a surprise to read big banner headlines telling us that he was threatening to score a hat trick against Sevco. How silly can someone be?

Me, not Big Bad John. For thinking he actually had said such a thing.

I’ll admit it; when I heard it I thought; “Can he really have been so stupid?”

Answer: Of course not, except in that he trusted the press to give an honest account of what he said.

Big Bad John has since clarified things on Twitter, letting us all know that it was a statement of intent, a comment on his hopes for the game.

It was not, as some in the press wanted us to think, prideful boasting about what he is going to do on the pitch.

John, that’s a laudable target. I don’t think I’m alone in hoping you do the job … and then some. Apologies for thinking you’d be so daft.

The gutter hacks got their moment though. They got Celtic fans critcising. They secured their hits. They wound up the Sevco fans, who, and let’s face it, don’t need winding up when you consider that the match referee is on record as saying they were treating appallingly by the Scottish game, and Neil Doncaster is telling us they didn’t actually die.

Oh to be a Sevconian, surrounded by such sycophancy. You’d think they’d have learned by now that it only leads to chaos, and crisis.

Some of their fans are demanding the club stick Guidetti’s “words” up on the dressing room wall.

I say go for it. Why not?

If your whole club is built on a lie, you might as well paper the inside of the stadium with them.

As for the media … they really have no shame … and they cannot be trusted at all.

I trust the big chap will bear that in mind.

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  • Doug says:

    Exactly the same type of bullshit that wee water rat keevins got banned from Celtic park for ( which he never moaned about at all!!!!!!)
    Also the reason why Kenny Dalglish took his press conference to bairds bar so as the papers couldny make up the pre match story to sell the lies!!!

  • Colin says:

    Nice to see you defending John, but I don’t know why your bothering he is going to walk away from Celtic so leave the media make stuff up about him he is a cocky idiot who will never fulfil his potential because of his ego, when the reality is that he can’t even keep a level of consistency up in Scottish football (no offence).

    City don’t want him he could of signed for you January 1st if he wanted but he doesnt he thinks he is above spl trust me don’t put your trust in him.

  • vino says:

    HAIL HAIL the CELTS are’s a grand old team to play for.

  • Bill Hancock says:

    Colin, you have obviously fallen for the media stories going by your remarks. He has to do whatever’s best for his career. It’s still January or haven’t you noticed, plenty of time to make his decision. Lots of goal scorers have barren periods.

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