Graham Resigns But Other Heads Should Roll

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After less than a week in the job, Chris Graham has resigned from the Ibrox board.

We predicted this, of course, because this appointment was ludicrous in every conceivable way.

He was, and is, the walking epitome of a guy who’s intellect is outstripped, time and again, by a mind-bending lack of common sense, or any semblance of self-control.

He was never a fit and proper person to serve on the board of any football club, anywhere, far less one with a history of discriminatory practices and for him to have stayed beyond the public disclosure of his anti-Islamic tweet would have been impossible.

This a PR calamity for Sevco Rangers, but one of their own making and there is not a single person in Scotland who should have the slightest sympathy for them, or for Graham himself.

This is a guy who campaigned for people to lose their jobs. Who led a boycott which drove his own club into the arms of a predatory businessman who is still sucking them dry. This is a guy who created an “enemies list” including journalists, bloggers and directors and officials of other clubs, almost as if he was daring the lunatic fringe to do their worst.

He has slandered the former Celtic manager Neil Lennon online and has made potentially defamatory comments against numerous others including Peter Lawwell.

His cartoon tweet reveals him as a halfwit at best, and at worst a racist bigot and homophobe.

There is simply no place in Scottish football governance – at any level – for someone who holds these sort of views.

This has been proved time and again, with the sacking of Hugh Dallas for his own sectarian views a case in point.

The thing is; none of this is, or was, a secret.

It’s not for nothing that Celtic cyberspace was highlighting this guy’s behaviour from almost the moment he was appointed.

Chris Graham might have made his online activity private now, but he’s never been shy about expressing his views, however reactionary and ridiculous they are, to a wide audience.

Despite this, he remained a media darling; the go-to guy for everything Sevco related.

The broadcasters and newspapers have their own questions to answer about why they continually put someone with these views on the air.

I don’t expect to hear them provide any.

The press in Scotland has a “deaf dumb and blind” attitude to this stuff that is every bit as repellent as some of Graham’s views.

They are hypocrites and frauds too scared to do their jobs.

The real questions have to be answered at Ibrox though, because whoever thought that someone like this was a “fit and proper person” to be on the board of directors there needs to be identified, and their own resignation should follow post haste.

Either no-one on their board did even the remotest due diligence on Graham – which is ridiculous; his views were out there for all to see – or they simply did not care.

You have to wonder, when you see the makeup of the guest list for the directors box the other night, as well as considering the appointment itself, just how deeply reflected Graham’s paranoid, gutter rantings are within the club itself, under its new patrons.

The more one examines the “new regime” at Ibrox the more tempted one is to suggest that when these people use the term “real Rangers men” to describe themselves, they are actually talking about a sub-sect of the support, and of our species, which has no place in a modern society.

When thy talk about their “traditions” it’s hard not to conclude that they are harking back to orange jerseys, the pitch cut in the shape of a Sash and when the green straw remover still had a job inside the catering department.

Backward, bitter and bigoted. Is that where they’re headed again?

It’s quite clear from this appointment – and its all too predictable ending – that something is rotten inside Ibrox, and needs to be cleared out and fast.

Graham’s head has already rolled down the Asbestos Staircase.

It ought not to be the last one which does.

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  • Matt says:

    Totally agree with your comments and as you quite rightly say whoever was responsible for this persons appointment should also consider their position at Rangers international football club.Mr King also has a lot of questions to answer as he is definitely not a fit and proper person due to his convictions in South Africa.Why this once great football club is always in the news is because the people that want to run the club are either crooks or gangsters.

  • TonyB says:

    Careful there James or you’ll be considered a ” hater “, as opposed to a hatter. ( of the tinfoil kind) ; )

  • Catherine C. says:

    You should look in the mirror and see a bigot. Supposed to be an adult point of
    view? You show your bitterness with the “Asbestos Staircase” remark. You are supposed to
    be making comment about Chris Graham why bring Ibrox into it.

    Still the best stadium in Scotland in my opinion and I also think the Organisers of the
    Commonwealth Games had no problems with our Marble Staircase. Jealousy is an
    awful trait.

    • James Forrest says:

      Why not bring it into it? Yours is the club dragooning fans in to work for free repairing the joint.

      It was your “chairman” who said it was “dilapidated.”

    • charlie says:

      Funny how this woman os offended by a statement about a comment instead of wot mr graham is doing and saying staircase mentioned because mr graham went up and down in ibrox

    • Sean Brightly says:

      Catherine, you accuse others of straying off the topic line, yet you yourself fall foul of this “heinous crime”, you lost any credibility by your own posting. Your opening comment lacks objective and quantifiable proof and is over the top with regards to presumption. As Chris Graham is/was closely associated to the present club at Ibrox, it is indeed a short step to include Ibrox in an expanding discussion. Your loyalty to the present club is both undeniable and obvious, good for you, but to claim that it is the best in Scotland, not only belittles Scotland, but holds you open to ridicule and laughter. Many notables including Dave King and Mr. Lambias ( cue the booing & hissing ) have said on numerous occasions that Ibrox is indeed desperately needing up to 20 million pounds spent, just to bring it up to an acceptable standard for the Championship League ( not to be mistaken for the Champions League ).

    • edward says:

      Since you comment on Graham .King and Murray handpicked this man I guess because they agree that is represents Rangers fans.As a Rangers fan,do you think Graham is a typical Rangers fan and represents you and your views on racism and bigotry?

    • The kaiser says:

      Chill out hen ipox is a midden

    • Den says:

      What has the commonwealth games got to do with it. Jealous, nah, don’t think so. The question on everyone’s lips is why he was invited onto the board. Care to enlighten me.

  • Frankiebhoy says:

    As you rightly point out, the new regime want to get back to old traditions and what better way than to get someone with the mindset of Graham into the Blooroom. Some might say he was the ideal replacement for Donald Findlay to lead the directors sing songs.

    • youmakemelaugh says:

      shall i mention a certain celtic player singing rheble songs ohh wait your all nice people and dont do anything wrong i forgot ,makes me wonder why the Bar L is full of you thieves and tramps or shall i mention something that happened im kellys reign go away you low life disgust me

  • Andrew says:

    Sorry Catherine c,regarding your stadium and the CGS,at a family wedding in May,I was talking to my sons friend,who told me that his company were involved in inspecting Ibrox ,for the coming CGS.he said he could not believe,it had passed the safety inspection.
    He said it was in an 80s time warp,old phones,had not seen a lick of paint for years,the general condition was terrible,it would take a lot of money to bring it up to mint condition.the marble staircase,don’t make me laugh.
    So Catherine look out your overalls,heard their looking for painters,
    That’s the best stadium in Scotland,Ifeel your pain…………………. Not

  • owen dolan says:

    Maybe they should have got the SFA to approve him,as it would be right up their street.HAIL HAIL!

  • andrew watson says:

    I see that the newco rangers online bloggers are standing up for this racist and are blaming the bbc and everyone else for this coming out. The best for defence is to attack is their battle cry.

  • Allan h says:

    Does this appointment and the lack of comment at the stepping down of this guy from the men in charge surprise anybody. Charles green and latterly billionaire mike ashley did not have any chance to succeed with this new club because they didn’t hold the same values of the fans that supported the most bigoted and race hating club in world football and before any same value fans comment the old liquidated club in over the first 100 years of their history did have an unwritten policy of not signing persons of a particular religion who made up 20%of this country.
    (Oh and before I go I belong to the religion of the other 80% of this country)

  • harry says:

    Graham is nothing but a vile bigot but make no mistake he is they type that makes up a majority of the Sevco support. Twisted, right wing lunatics that think everybody is out to get them. The fact is its only sane, normal people that see the vermin for what they are. They have lapped up racism and bigotry for too long they are furious that its now no longer tolerated

  • Willie D. says:

    “Heads should roll” : a bit of an unfortunate turn of phrase there!

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