Date: 15th April 2015 at 6:55pm
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Hibs have tonight reacted in fury to today’s incomprenehsible decision by the SPFL to change the date of the final Sevco fixture to the Sunday following of other side’s league campaign.

Leanne Dempster has released a statement on the Hibs website, and she is touring the TV and radio stations expressing her ’s disgust.

She has already suggested that all the fixtures be moved to the same day, to protect the integrity of the sport.

I’m not going to go off on a big rant about the decision giving Sevco an advantage.

I’ve written a long blog on this for On Fields of Green where I’ve covered that side of it.

This is another of just how ludicrous and disjointed the decision making process is.

Hibs are furious, and Queen of the South will be too.

On Clyde, the panel speculated that perhaps the SPFL leadership simply didn’t think it would cause problems.

Media apologia or not, if this is the best defence they’ve got they have no defence at all.

These people are either at it or they are institutionally stupid.

Either way, they are not people I want running our national sport.

Once again, it begs the all- question; how the Hell does stay in his job?

This is a guy with no discernible skills whatsoever.

He is widely derided, with fans of almost every club in the land in total agreement that he is little better than useless … yet he remains, despite an avalanche of which the game will be living with for years.

I agree with Leanne Dempster 100% tonight, and she’s right to be angry as anyone who watches is right to be angry.

But Leanne Dempster is in a position you and I are not in, one that gives her more influence over this than we will ever possess.

I would hope that she would want to go much further than just make statements and commit her club to action, and removing the people who consistently fail us all.

She would have the support of every in Scotland who cares about the game.

Today might prove to be a watershed moment.

I have rarely heard a senior official at a club as angry as she was on the radio tonight, and as exasperated with the attitudes of those involved in organising the national sport.

Perhaps this, finally, will move things forward.

In the meantime, all the games in that Championship will have to be moved to the Sunday to ensure that is put front and centre where it belongs.

If only the governing bodies were the ones who cared enough to put it there.

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