Celtic Must Be Ready For King Camp Media Onslaught

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Last night, I published a piece for On Fields of Green where I predicted that Dave King and the new Sevco board would unleash a media onslaught against their purported “enemies”.

This would have two objectives;

First it would be an effort to get the fans onside.

Second, it would give the hacks enough to write about that they wouldn’t have time to focus on what’s really going on inside Ibrox.

Today, as the newspapers drip with drool over King’s press conference yesterday, the need for Celtic, in particular, to be careful, and to be prepared, is clear.

That onslaught is coming.

It’s going to be targeted at us.

It doesn’t matter whether these people spend tens of millions, as they are claiming, or simply blow smoke.

We know that taking us down is their ultimate goal, and they will do anything to achieve it.

Our directors will be criticised. Our fans will be smeared.

God forbid one of our players steps out of line.

Referees will be put under pressure.

There will be proposals to change the league setup, the makeup of the governing bodies … in their quest to climb to the top they will try to turn the whole of the game upside down.

These people will be ruthless, and we’ll have to be too.

Tonight is the Annual Celtic Supporters Association Rally, held in the Kerrydale Suite.

I remember being at the first of the Rally’s held there, the one where Izzy was the Guest of Honour.

It is notable for being the night John Reid made his famous speech about Celtic no longer sitting at the back of the bus.

That attitude is what we need to take forward against King.

Some will say that we oppose this guy because he might make Sevco stronger.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

I suspect, and a good many of the bloggers feel the same, that King will lead them deeper into trouble and debt.

What concerns us are the consequences for the game itself when can be flouted, openly, and broken with impunity.

The media onslaught has already started.

Anthony Stokes was dragged onto the front pages yesterday, in a bizarre effort to link him to the plot to murder Johnny Adair.

There was nothing to the story, no substance in it whatsoever, but it’s like those the Republican Party used to send out to likely voters in tough races, the ones that go “would you support a candidate who had been accused of women?”

Note that it doesn’t mention a candidates name.

Note that it doesn’t say “found guilty of”.

This is all smoke and mirrors, ephemera, but that plants seeds and lets the ignorant draw their own conclusions.

A Celtic player. Linked to a murder plot. To kill a Loyalist.

This is how these people are going to play the game from now on. In the gutter.

Am I advocating our club gets down there with them?

Of course not.

But I am advocating that we get tough, that we fight back, that we don’t take any of this nonsense lying down.

We have to be on the offensive all the time, to kick them hard when they take a shot at us.

The fans can only do so much. The club must be proactive.

These are perilous times for Scottish football.

Thanks to the SFA, the lunatics are now in charge over at the Ibrox asylum.

We’re going to see the Survival Myth enshrined in stone.

We’re going to hear the Victim Myth up to full volume.

Every perceived grievance is going to be aired, and if you have any doubt about that look at the way the media is already being used to Ally McCoist into walking away without a payoff.

This is how they treat their own people.

How do you think they view us?

Mark my words, if we’re not vigilant, if we’re not ready, they could do us real damage.

Not on the pitch, but the reputational sort.

They could start to eat away at our power in little bites, one at a time.

If they can chip away, how long before it starts affecting what happens on the park?

You think it can’t happen? It does happen.

We better get ready for a dirty battle. It’s coming.

And because they’re still staring down the barrel of the gun, this one is a fight to the finish.

You can read the On Fields of Green article by clicking on the link below.

Dying In The Ditch.

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  • tamtim says:

    Another powerful piece James! well said,well done.keep at them.hail hail.

  • mike says:

    The stokes story is terrible and a scum based, sectarian attempt to gee up the smaller minded radicals at £1brokes. you only had to watch their dispicable actions , words and antics during he Hibs game to see what sh*t is coming back.

    I am all for competition but not at this cost – retrun of bogtry, sectarian violence and as they will get pumped for a few seasons – the eventual beating up of their wives and kids.

    we need a brave Hibs on sunday to keep our city away from this hate filled legion of animals … are you allowed to say current buns ?

  • Harpo says:

    I hope Stokesy will either take legal action against the rags or get them to print an apology making it clear he had no association with that guy .
    Sue them at every turn. If they want to print lies about us, make them pay a heavy price.

  • John says:

    Well put , and well written..I completely agree with all that you say. The question is do we have any confidence that we will be up for this sort of battle. Mr Lawwell declared that it cost the club £10M a season for every season they were absent from our league , he did this at a time it was the last thing we wanted to here , and then compounded it , by reiterating it some weeks later. I don’t remember this sum being mentioned as income when they were in direct competition with us . Further I hear the figure has now been modified to £4M , no difference. I have no faith in the powers that be at Celtic Park to rightfully defend the club , this predicated on past history. At the last Youth match at Parkhead against them , they did untold damage , broken seats , graffiti etc , not an official mention , nor one in the press to any great degree , could you imagine if that had been us. The consequences of this was both our under 17,s and last night,s under 20,s Cup Finals were played effectively behind closed doors. I believe all that you predict will come to pass , but I think our backs are going to be up against the wall , because not only do I think they are not up for it , I also think they don’t want to , for commercial reasons . I hope im wrong . yours in Celtic.

  • michael says:

    Well said James HH

  • John Fallon says:

    Yes straight to the point, but only take you on 1 issue, by the way in my mind not yours, John Reid said we will not sit on the back of the bus ??? well sorry we are no better off we still sit there, we should have fought with other clubs to bury them, that mob along with SFA`s Regan and Ogilvie have rode roughshod over the rest, remember Regan warned of SOCIAL UNREST, if they are not promoted there will be eruptions from press and there mob not fans MOB,
    Hail Hail,

    • Chris McDiugall says:

      You hit the nail on the head there John. We COULD have buried them, we SHOULD have buried them. Why didn’t we?.It makes no sense at all. And now there’s a good chance were going to have to play the Tribute Act next season. Beating them every time wont make up for having to listen to their hate fest. Hail Hail.

  • Therese Marie Storrie says:

    well done James another excellent piece We do need to be ready because this Media will jump on anything to smear us

  • John cannon says:

    This is a brilliant piece of writing and I totally agree with everything that was said. The sfa are jumping through hoops for sevco it’s quite alarming to say the least. What’ll happen if or when sevco get stronger ????i shudder at the thought .

  • owen dolan says:

    James most of them can’t see them the way we do.
    As far as the fans doing their bit,I will not be back after 60 years of watching our club,until the weeds have been weeded.
    If the fans really want to sort it all out,all they have to do in the old but true idiom vote with there feet.
    UEFA and FIFA will not be long in taking notice at whats happening here,but I will not hold my breath.HAIL HAIL!

  • Morrissey the 23rd says:

    Reid’s word were just that.
    There can be no claim from the SFA that approving criminal, glib and shameless liar King as a fit and proper person was an honest mistake.
    I am guessing EBT Ogilivie gave the green light. In those circumstances why would PL abstain. Did he? We don’t know because our governing body is not transparent nor honest. What are Celtic doing about this? I guess what they normally do. What are Celtic saying about this. Is that the sound of the silence? Are you takig action against the corruption. If you don’t. Who will?
    Actions speak louder than words. Inaction speaks volumes.
    It is season ticket renewal time. Faithful through and through or yir a Hun.
    The OF fans will be rushing to buy. In their heads and as Ogilvie said without any challenge at all, they are the same club. It’s just like old firm friends in business together.
    I’ve no issue buying into a fair and equal sport however I’ve no interest in panto.

  • david says:

    More celtic paranoia lol

  • Portbhoy says:

    Without their hatred they have nothing

  • Henrik88 says:

    ???????????????????? Fukin paranoid beasty fuks

  • bhoywithseethrougheyes says:

    John Fallon,

    Agree with you re John Reid.

    Celtic have a habit of coming out with statements like this a couple of weeks before the AGM then all goes quiet again.

    Would like to see the club boot some balls when and where required and not sit in silence anymore.

  • wulz says:

    How true great post

  • wulz says:

    Great post! How true

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