Daily Record Pushing Sevco-Style Fantasies Again

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Scotland’s leading producer of decorative bog roll is at it again …

In a bizarre effort to keep alive the discussion over the league reconstruction story they invented last week, the Daily Record gave over their weekend phone in show to fans who wanted to discuss it.

As we demonstrated in a recent piece, this is a story with no legs whatsoever, a story that was actually invented on the spot by twisting the words of the league CEO, Neil Doncaster, who foolishly sat down with The Record thinking he would be accurately quoted.

He should have known better.

In the end, his every comment was turned on its head, turning denials into confirmations, making it sound as if he said the complete opposite of what he had.

This is not the first time The Record has done this, but reading their work during the week I got the distinct impression that the reporter, Keith Jackson, was pushing an agenda, trying to get the concept of league reconstruction on the table.

The paper’s phone in slot is almost universally discredited and ridiculous, carrying as it does today yet another call from a “Celtic fan” who claims to want to see Sevco in the SPL.

It has long been viewed with deep scepticism by those of us who know the paper’s reputation and would not put it past them to manipulate (or try to manipulate) “public opinion” by having their journalists invent calls and callers, putting their own opinions in a good light.

For the Record;

League reconstruction is off the table for at least another 12 months.

The moratorium on it is the consequence of the current league setup being in place until next summer.

No amount of journalistic bending of facts, or invention, can alter that simple fact.

As to the alleged “Celtic fan” who called in, he was thanking Alan Shearer for talking up Sevco and their attempts to clamber out of lower league football and into the big time.

Shearer, who last week said he turned down two chances to sign for our club, and with his history of kicking Neil Lennon in the head, is a guy I would think very few of our fans have much time for anyway, but to be praising him for bigging up the shambolic Ibrox club – who struggled to qualify for the playoff semi finals with a fraught 1-1 draw with Queen of the South at the weekend – seems more than just unusual, and seems more suspect to me.

On top of all this, the paper was carrying a bizarre story about Dick Advocaat, who is leaving Sunderland at the end of the season, saying he was at Ibrox earlier in the month.

The paper appears to be suggesting he’s considering taking up a role at the ailing club, which is ludicrous when one considers the enormous salary demands he would make on them.

This, of course, is just what Stuart McCall needs as he prepares for the two crunch matches that are coming against Hibs.

The Daily Record is a strange newspaper.

Long the tabloid of choice for the Sevco fantasist who wants to believe that “every little thing is gonna be alright”, their fawning, crawling, over-hyping attempts to get the fans excited about something have been the source of much amusement on the other side of the city for a while.

They’ve also done the Sevco fans more harm than good, letting them believe that real change is just around the corner, that their saviours are on the way and that transfer war chests and all round good times are but an SFA board decision away.

Neither the paper, nor its readers, ever seems to learn.

In the meantime, Ashley looms large; thirteen player contracts are about to expire; the cash reserves are dwindling and they have the Hibs double header on the horizon.

They also have the King verdict coming up, something they’ve been predicting will be decided “this week” for the last month. I suspect that this time they’re right.

Hunker down folks.

The next seven days are gonna be busy!

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  • Larsson7 says:

    Brother in law,follower of thems mentioned that league reconstruction was on the cards in family tea last night,I nearly choked on my tea I was drinking,gullible ain’t the word,maybe the night of the long knifes is approaching…………..

  • KennyBhoy says:

    Did you not listen to Radio Clyde tonight?
    Caller Maxi was at Ibroke buying tickets for Wednesday’s game, and he can exclusively reveal that they are gonna spend £8-10million on players for next season
    I really fear for their sanity!!

  • eebee says:

    @Larsson7 not enough influence on that relative of yours, more persuasion required in future. There is no chance of league reconstruction till 2017 at least, personally I much preferred when we only had 2 leagues but, that’s only my view. Still I hope Sevco get horsed and we don’t see them for years.

  • Althetim says:

    I was told by a hun business associate before the season started that if Sevco failed to make it to the top division on merit, plans were already in place to reconstruct the league. Deride this if you must, but the same guy told me old Rangers had “won” the FTTT MONTHS before the decision was made public. Of course, they didn’t actually win it, but in the eyes of the media they did. My informant is successful, intelligent and well connected. I believe him. Their friends will help them if required.

  • Chrissy Bhoy says:

    Record stance doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. Its anti Celtic, anti Independence and very much now a “quintessentially British” Establishment rag, in my opinion. To be fair, the reconstruction issue IS off the table just now. But it wont stop this toilet paper substitute pushing for it. It’s been doing it with the “same club” shit for ages and conveniently forgetting its own front page (we dont!).
    Having said that even wee “Ill give you 100% if you make me the manager ” McLeod was on Shortbread tonight saying the Zombs are a “great football team” and advocating a bigger league.
    And that, my friends, is worse. These people actually got a wage off us and now they’re in the media seem to forget they wore OUR shirt.

  • Larsson7 says:

    eebee,first you can’t pick your “outlaws”and,half the time I think his lights are on but nobody’s in,thank god his sisters a lot wiser,she just shakes her head……………

  • boywonder says:

    Two words HA HA

  • tommybhoy says:

    I am peeing myself with anticipation of the day the tribute act go under. They are no longer the sons of Struth, more like 2nd cousins twice removed.

  • Pasty says:

    I heard from a good source that the Rangers will be spending £7-8million next season if they remain in the Championship in order to make sure there is no more slip ups in their quest for promotion to the league they said they would never again play in, in order to teach the rest of Scottish Football a lesson. And should they make it to the SPFL this season then the talk is that they will be spending £10-12million to “ensure” they get second or at least a European spot. In addition they are hoping to have additional millions from other investors which will bring forward their assault on the SPFL Title. Apparently they are hoping the good news will sell lots of trinkets and shirts which they have a 25% stake in.

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