Scottish Media Prepares Sevco Fans To Fail

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JS27882794 On Saturday, Sevco beat Queen of the South away from home. This result sends them into the second leg as overwhelming favourites to qualify for the next round, where they will meet Hibs, who defeated them three times during the season. On paper, their club should be favourites to go through but after the calamitous season they have just finished – finishing third in the second tier – expectations are not high at Ibrox or amongst the fans. Many of them believe failure is inevitable, that their side is doomed to another year in the Scottish Championship. Today much of the media seems to agree. What makes it laughable is that they are not only preparing the Sevco fans for this failure but are actually engaging in one of the most preposterous distortions of reality in the history of our game by trying to offer them the solace that, actually, it would be the best thing that could happen to them. As per usual, The Daily Record has been the lead-off hitter for this nonsense. Craig Swan and Keith Jackson have, on subsequent days, already written editorials which say the club would benefit from another year in the second tier. The rationale for this is that the team is not ready for top flight football – something that’s been self evident to many of us and was actually apparent to many before a ball was even kicked, as McCoist pursued players who’s best days were ten years ago and allowed cracking talents like Scott Allan to slip away. They hacks involved in writing this know this is a madness, of course, but the purpose here is to give the supporters something to cling to in case the roof falls in either in the second leg of this tie or in one of the four games they will have to navigate after it. The editorials don’t really attempt to examine the failings at Ibrox. They aren’t there to discuss how they might best be put right. No-one really wants to admit that the club’s playing side has been managed as badly as it has in the boardroom. No, the purpose is to make excuses for Stuart McCall and his players, and more importantly to drive the sale of season tickets at the club. Once again, the Scottish media is assuming its default position; working as the public relations arm of whoever works out of the Blue Room and helping Sevco’s commercial department in whatever way it can. The great Dave King revolution has gotten off to a bumpy start, after all. The money Sevco fans assumed would be pouring through the doors already is nowhere to be found. The Daily Record refuses to blame the newly minted directors for that; instead they’ve laid the blame at previous regimes and, bizarrely, the SFA for not already having made a decision on Dave King. There is no impediment to King putting money in right now, but we’re being told he has to be on the board first. Baffling and totally lacking in logic. The Ibrox club remains in a state of flux, but I cannot think of anything that would be more damaging to them than to end up stuck in the second tier for another season. If they are to find any kind of funds from outside the club they are going to be able to promise top flight football and The Record knows this as well as the Sevco board does. This is nothing more than a putting up a flag for the serious gullible. This is an appeal for fans to pony up for the next phase of The Great Rebuilding. They better have deep pockets. Their milking has only just started with the sending out of the season ticket forms. They’re going to have to dig in again before too long. You have to hand it to our media; they are unrivalled when it comes to this stuff. They wanted King and they were determined to get him. They want him on the Sevco board and they are the leading cheerleaders for the SFA to completely disavow its own regulations and let him on. They will not offer a word of criticism of his leadership. So today, they are preparing the club’s fans for failure. And as per usual, they are getting ready to blame someone else for it if it comes.

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  • Stephen Aire says:

    Good read and very true they are just not good enough !!!!

  • Hugh Burns says:

    No monies will be forthcoming as the king man can not take money out of South Africa. Once again the clowns who have blindly put money into “servco” will be “done” again from the gangsters that run it . Good enough for them. Keep them where they are as we can do without their vile club and support. H.H.

  • ronnie mccool says:

    i concur with all of the above.

  • owenroe says:

    Why don’t we have test for the hacks, to see if they are Fit and Proper haha…get the P45’s ready. HH

  • owen dolan says:

    James they just don’t get it,and they never will.Didn’t see any mention of the boss Mike Ashley.

  • Ian Baillie says:

    Yep cognitive dissonance covers both the SMSM and the followers. I’m with Hugh on this one, never want to see them in our league again, hopefully they actually get relegated next season.HH

  • Stephen says:

    Why people so negative… Rangers die celtic die 2! My granny cud have won the premiership and she’s dead…

  • Banjostring says:

    Have we not been led to believe that the temporary loans and funding required this season we’re only required as they would have top flight football and full stadium next year? By the looks of it the current board and king will not be funding the losses of neatly 1M a month which means cuts in the squad or administration. Either way there’s a good chance they won’t be back.

  • Steve says:

    Thanks for keeping up to date on Rangers. It’s heartwarming to know you care so much.

  • ANDYBHOY67 says:

    somebody has to keep you up to date with sevco steve , because all the scottish press and sevco will do is feed yous a crock of old shite like charles greens fondly remembered statement that he bought the history of oldco (comedy gold!!!) , and the worse thing is some zombies actually believed him when everyone knows a company in liquidation cannot buy or sell any assets , you have a wee think steve and decide where you would like sevco playing next season , option 1 is in the premiership getting embarrassed week in week out or option 2 is in the 1st division getting embarrassed just once a fortnight , think about it steve while the play offs unfold and just hope that your shitty wee team dont go up , that way your shitty wee team would avoid getting humped by the hoops every time we feel like it , here we go to 10 in a row glasgow`s green and white

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