Has The BBC Taken Over Celtic Transfer Negotiations?

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In a move that was un-announced by either party, the BBC appears to have taken over transfer negotiations on behalf of Celtic and Southampton.

This shock move comes in a week when the hacks have been wetting their pants over a momentary lapse in concentration from John Collins, when he spoke to one of them in the mistaken belief that his comments would be taken at face value and not spun in the worst possible light.

Today it appears that some employees of the national broadcaster have taken to working on behalf of various football agents and perhaps even some PR firms (naming no names of course, but if I say many of them will find their Level you’ll get the drift) in a bid to sell Virgil Van Dijk.

It appears too that they’re happy to start talks even if the clubs themselves aren’t aware of it.

I understand that working in the media these days isn’t like it used to be. That the job of the hacks has become easy to the point where some of them are just heart lazy … but one “reporter” regurgitating made up crap from another is tiresome and devalues the profession.

This afternoon it’s the turn of Kenny Macintyre of the BBC Scotland newsroom, to tell the world that Southampton are “in discussions” about a transfer for Virgil Van Dijk.

But you don’t have to dig deep into the piece to find the caveat.

They’re not talking a fee yet.

No offer has been made.

So these discussions … what do they involve?

Are they talking to Celtic?

Of course not.

Then, to who?

Does this amount to any more than an exploratory phone call to someone (perhaps in a newsroom, since those places appear to be where most of these negotiations are taking place) asking if he might be available at some yet to be discerned point in the future?

The article contains not one “on the record” quote.

Not one actual expression of interest.

Not one insider from either club.

Nothing from the player.

Nothing from his agent.

In fact, it seems to have no basis in fact at all, and to be a nearly perfect re-tread of a piece that appeared earlier on the website at Talksport.

And where did the Talksport story come from?

It came from the Dutch media, who themselves had no quotes, no confirmed on the record source, and aren’t even alleging that a bid has been made, simply that Southampton are “preparing one.”

What exactly does “preparing a bid” involve these days?

Making sure there’s paper in the fax machine?

How long from “preparing a bid” to actually “making a bid” does it take?

McIntyre’s article, containing no one iota of actual substance, then goes on to offer a potted history of our transfer dealings with Southampton.

He seems to be boiling the matter down to little more than that they’ve bought players from us before.

Perhaps the half dozen ex-Celtic players at Ross County means big Virgil is on the way there?

As I said above, neither McIntyre, the Talksport piece or the Dutch article on which it based has anything in it which would confirm this as anything other than a rumour – last week it was Everton who were “preparing a bid” – but all three have actually quoted Ronny Deila.

And what was his take on it?

Celtic does not want to sell Virgil Van Dijk and have received no offers in any case.

No offers.

Perhaps all the fax machines are broke.

Perhaps it was just a slow news day in the BBC Sport offices.

Because otherwise this looks awfully like the national broadcaster either attempting to take over these negotiations themselves, or amplifying a rumour in order to unsettle both team and player in the run up to vitally important Champions League qualifiers.

And, of course, they wouldn’t do that … would they?

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  • Confuser says:

    Nah mate, you’re just paranoid!

    • Scotty MacD says:

      £10M+ in the bank is a good investment eh?

      • scott says:

        But the ten million will not be reinvested! No where near it! If lucky the manager will get two million of it to buy the rest of Dundee United!

  • cliftbhoy says:

    Yes you’re right but when it finally happens, and it may well happen, in due course all they’ll be interested in telling us is that “we heard it here first.” Who’ll be right then, the shower!!!!

  • Jimbo says:

    I’m always glad when the transfer window closes. All these rumours do my head in.

  • celt4life says:

    I’ll Be preparing to enter discussions with my wife about a BJ tonight but, like most of our negotiations, I’m preparing for a kick in the baws!

  • Monti says:

    If Van Dijk goes for £10m we should go to Man City and offer £5m for Denayer, use the remainder to bring in a left back and a striker!

  • schoosh71 says:

    You would think the fans of sevco would be asking themselves why their club has to pay thousands of pounds to a PR agency. Surely the club couldn’t have something it wants to hide from them. HH

  • David Potter says:

    Please don’t sell him, Celtic. You don’t need to, and I hate the idea of the media giving orders.

  • owen dolan says:

    James,I’ve said it before mate,this is a protestant country,run by protestants,for protestants.
    Can’t see it changing any time soon,when you see what bodies like the SFA/SPFL,the media,and the judicial system get away with in this country.Ffs there has been an aray of fraudsters,crooks and spivs,been given the reins at Ibrokes,and no one wants to do anything about it including our lot at parkhead.HH

    • Harry Hoodie says:

      What about the Protestants who play for, and may manage, Celtic? Are they part of this conspiracy too? How about the Tims who played for Rangers or now play for Sevco? Give yourself peace ya bunnet.

  • Tommybhoy1888 says:

    You can smell the desperation from the SMSM with every negative Celtic story they write,


  • Jimbo6770 says:

    So right James but do us a favour and check grammar before printing: eg unannounced! Lol

  • jimbo6770 says:

    Delia and Collins will not be bullied by rag media into selling VVD, relax, he will go when it suits Celtic.

  • Andy says:

    Celtic players staff etc should be well aware that anything they say or do will be taken out of context by the SMSM. Celtic employees have to be clever in everything they say or do if that means saying feck all then so be it

  • scott says:

    Celtic drawing with Kilmarnock! Fuck malmo must be bricking it!

    • James Forrest says:


      I sense you’re a Sevconian. So let me clue you in on something.

      When guys like you come on here to slag bad performances I get a real kick out of it.

      Because you may perhaps have missed the difference between those times when we slag your lot and nights like this.

      For the record, this is the difference.

      We are the SPL champions, the biggest club in the country, playing in the top flight.

      We have millions in the bank. We have a quality management team.

      We have a squad of internationals and multi-million pound players.

      Your side finished third in the second tier last year.

      You still play in the second tier.

      You have a squad of free transfers and journeymen and your manager has 18 months experience as a coach. And he’s past 50.

      Your club is skint and run by a tax cheat.

      Believe me when I say this … your comments embarrass you more than they do me.

      • ger says:

        You talk one load a shit for a wee team fae the east end

        • Pontious Mortimer says:

          “You talk one load a shit for a wee team fae the east end”

          I think that means ” I cannot attempt to deride your factual comments. Instead I will employ colloquial language to infer I am a man of ‘re peepil’, and I shall simply contend, in the strongest terms, that you are incorrect.”

          Nah… the originator (James Forrest) makes various assertions which are fact/ true.

          You are a tool.

        • henkesdreadlocks says:

          You are so witty deadco fan(ny), did you think that up all by yourself?

        • edward says:

          Thanks ger I can tell that you are one of the bright ones

  • Glenboig bhoy says:

    Yes VVD will probably go if the right offer is made.

    However, money apart, VVD should be looking for an EPL team that will give him the stage of Champions League football.

    Southampton, Everton, Newcastle will be nowhere near that, Europa Cup will be the best they can achieve.

    If Stones is going for £30m then VVD is worth a he’ll of a lot more than the £7/8m attributed to Everton and Southampton.

    The fee for VVD should raise the bar for the transfer of a player from Scotland to the EPL. If players are moving from the Dutch league, Depay, to the EPL for astronomic amounts then Celtic should be kicking off negotiations at £15m. The EPL is awash with money, no one blinks at a £10m fee anymore.
    So when VVD goes make sure it’s for top dollar then we go and find a replacement who in turn will be improved by Ronnie then sold on at a huge profit as we have done over the last few years in particular.

  • billybhoy says:

    baaaa humbug ………

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