Daily Record Trawls The Gutter Again

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Daily Record is combing through weekend hangover sick again today with a shameful headline over a complete non-story about Celtic defender Dedryck Boyata.

This ludicrous piece, entitled “Celtic star Dedryck snapped out in Glasgow’s west end clutching a shisha pipe” would be called gutter journalism if second of those words even remotely applied to it, but it doesn’t.

This isn’t journalism of any standard whatsoever, fitting no definition of that word at all.

This is sheer bin raking, kind of thing that gives the a bad name.

It’s celebrity click bait, sheer soup stirring, written for no other reason than to generate hits for a website and have a wee dig at a Celtic player as a tossed in benefit.

meat of the story – not that there’s much of it – is this; Dedryck and one his countrymen, Andrea Mutombo of Inverness, were seen in a trendy West End bar where patrons smoke pipes similar to those used in the hashish cafes of Amsterdam, but where they contain flavoured tobacco.

Did he take a hit? The writer doesn’t know and freely admits it.

But he goes on to say that doing so is the equivalent of smoking 100 cigarettes (a dubious enough claim) and that it’s the kind of pursuit Deila would frown on.

And this is news? Really? Seriously?

What the next?

One of our first team stars photographed standing outside an off-license with the headline “Celtic Player Caught Maybe Possibly Buying Beer”?

You know, there are a lot of fans who argue that banning certain publications and journalists from Celtic Park would be wrong, but there are times when the behaviour of these people and their papers is simply indefensible and indulging them by pretending they are serious outlets for news is giving them more credit than they deserve.

This is exactly the kind of story that belongs in a celebrity magazine, not a newspaper.

It is the “journalistic” equivalent of ambulance chasing, something that discredits the profession as a whole, and not simply the particular rag that runs it.

If that’s what these people and their editors want the publications they work for to be, then so be it.

That’s a perfectly valid commercial decision.

But we ought to simply leave them to that.

If they want to treat their own business and their own paper with such cavalier disrespect and bring it into disrepute like this then great.

Let them write whatever trash they like, and play the ratings and hits game as they will.

But let’s, the rest of us, stop treating them as if they are more, and credential them, or not, accordingly.

The writer of this trash doesn’t belong at press conferences or events.

He’s a hack, nothing more.

He should be sitting in a cheap hotel lobby waiting on some D list celebrity coming out of a room with a prostitute.

They only get away with this only because no-one holds them to account.

It’s time we, as a club, started to.

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  • 1888Steven says:

    A complete nothing story that I knew nothing about until reading it on here.

    Shisha’s are becoming more and more popular in the UK (along with e cigs). The level of danger associated with smoking a shisha is unconfirmed, search google for “shisha safety” or for “shisha dangers” and you’ll get an equal number of stories / reports on them.

    As per usual, the record want to use the one and only big team in Scotland to sell papers instead of selling papers by printing good quality news from good quality journalists.

  • william says:

    Cheap and an insult to the Scottish intelligence. This rag assumes every reader is a moron and reports accordingly. Buying this piece of toilet paper is an admission of stupidity and gullible vulnerability to complete and utter gutter journalism if it can even be called journalism that is. An embarrassing slur on all decent minded people of our land.

  • TONY says:

    is it not the editor who has the final say……get him seen to….the best way is for celtic to take them to task in COURT…

  • Michael Miller says:

    Long overdue our club banned the lot of them from our ground especially the rag mentioned which I won’t name thus acknowledging that they call themselves a newspaper

  • Sean Cahill says:

    I’d be more concerned if Dedryck had been spotted consuming a shish kebab!! They are certainly more harmful than a shisha pipe, which don’t traditionally contain alcohol but aromatic flavours such as spiced apple, etc”. They are also a clear sign that anyone munching such a vile concoction has the bevy-induced munchies. Just shows the ignorance (or malevolence) of the Recturd and the unwashed hunnish hoards if they think shisha outside public establishment contain dope. HH.

  • John R says:

    Yet again the Daily Record ( alias The Daily Rangers ) print a story about Celtic without knowing all the facts and based purely on conjecture .

    Being an irresponsible Journalist must be a great job knowing you can write any story without having to justify and prove the facts. When are these clowns going to be held accountable to some neutral Body HH

  • JonjoKSG says:

    The latest in a dark litany of slights and sensationalism towards Celtic and those associated with our club. There will be many more.

  • John Monaghan says:

    Don’t buy the paper is stopped when Hugh Keevens joined them! So I call ALL CELTIC FANS TO BOYCOTT THIS RAG THE BIGGOTED ANTI CELTIC DAILY RECORD!

  • Mike Bhoyle says:

    This has long been a problem…
    The Scotttish media will always find a way to belittle our Club…and go out of their way to do so.
    Our Club,however, seems to tolerate this trash….and shame on them for doing so.
    It’s one more example of how far the Club is removed from it’s green grass roots support.
    Someone at the Club should be given the responsibility for sorting this crap out….
    But I won’t hold my breath.

  • Big Mike says:

    I only read the headlines in the paper and thought bloody heck he is a bad enough player without taking drugs. Anyone reading the heading only would most likely think he was taking drugs. Papers should be sued.

  • Chico67 says:

    Surely all celtic fans should stop buying this RAG and not read online either then it might go down the pan and take sun with it mirror group are having redundancies this could be good place to start HH

  • Kombuchis says:

    First I’ve heard of this story, but I don’t read tabloid papers or anything online to do with them or the BBC.
    If this story is false or inaccurately reported, then the writer and newspaper will be open to legal action. I imagine Boyata’s and Celtic’s solicitors will be quick to deal with it if that’s the case.

    As for Boyata as a player, he’s terrible. Slow, cumbersome, unaware, lacking composure, just like the rest of our defence.

  • Gerry Graham says:

    What else do you expect..The cowards of The Msm in this country can’t print the truth about Sevco so they have a go at us every turn..And we have a Spineless CEO Who’s more interested in skimming money that standing up for our club..We really need someone with a but of Gile who can come out and say what needs to be said and Liewwel ain’t that man

  • Erchie 65 says:

    Well Celtic fans let’s start right now. I don’t buy the said paper, but from right now will uninstall the same from my Hudl,also as I don’t buy or even look at the thing up in the sky who’s next tihen coybig

  • john says:

    Don’t give them press passes, make them pay in! I won’t read anything with their name attached to it,

  • jimtim says:

    Do what sevco did to the bbc ban all newspapers from Celtic park as the bbc crawled back in and are showing sevco s league cup game on tv over showing the holders. We all know about the daily ranger Celtic have let them away with murder for as long as I can remember.they only say good things about their team as we all know along with the times and the herald .ban them all.

  • johnreilly says:

    think the point here is more why boyata and his friends expose himself and the club to this example of ,gangsta african american culture , he is not good but he is expensive,and i just wish they /he would respect our culture of conducting himself in a proffesional manner, innit.

  • john heaney says:

    been goin on for years with this press, nothing much said about the guy hameds comments about the bigoted club he worked for, nothing said.

  • Billy Coyle says:

    They also downed the SNP dureing the referendom,backing Labour, no way is it a Scottish news paper.Celtic board should grow some balls and take them too court.

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