Green & Whyte Left Pondering The Lifeboats

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Sevco were today given a minor reprieve when Charles Green lost his claim to have the club pay his legal expenses.

This will be spun as a victory for King and his people; in fact, it’s merely a victory for common sense.

The idea that Green should have claimed legal expenses from a company he’s accused of crimes in relation to is a modern legal obscenity and this was probably the right verdict.

I need to be clear on something in relation to Whyte and Green.

I don’t like these people.

Green was, and is, a bad guy and not just in terms of what he’s accused of.

He wasn’t in Scotland five minutes before he was playing the sectarian card like a pro. Amongst the first people he sought out amongst their supporters was the hard-core lunatic fringe. He knew exactly who he needed to get on board for his plans and he didn’t care what it took.

That his intentions were less than honourable is neither here nor there.

He was a dangerous influence in the Scottish game and it’s good, for everyone concerned, that he was removed from the board at Ibrox and he deserves no sympathy at all.

The same applies to Whyte, and you only have to watch the two documentaries Mark Daly produced about him to see that Rangers wasn’t the first organisation he helped run into the ground, nor their creditors the first people he ever left out of pocket.

No, these aren’t nice folks.

And nothing ought to scare Sevconia and the governing bodies more.

Because now that these people are desperate, and with them knowing exactly how deep the water around them is, we’re now going to see a very unedifying – but exciting, and very, very interesting – spectacle; the rush for the lifeboats.

Everyone who’s ever seen or read a legal thriller will know what the next step involves; someone will put out the feelers to the CPS and find out if there’s a deal to be made.

Whoever gets there first will get to make the first offer.

Whoever makes the best offer wins.

Everyone else goes down with the ship.

Green probably has the most to lose.

But Whyte probably has the most to offer.

He was, after all, the guy who taped everything and, we have to presume, everyone.

If he still has those tapes – and you’re not exactly going to dub over them with a One Direction concert – the next few months could see them delivered to the prosecutor, with a note asking “Want to talk?”

The consequences of that could be enormous.

The SFA and the SPFL can’t be watching this stuff with any enthusiasm at all.

Whyte is on the record saying Doncaster and Regan knew exactly what he was up to Ibrox, exactly what the intentions were, and they let him get on with it.

When the claims about his involvement in Sevco emerged the SFA let the club investigate itself, in a scandalous abrogation of responsibility.

If Whyte decides to go for the lifeboat, Regan and Doncaster will be in immense trouble, and the SFA boss in particular who’s already pondering a day in court as Ashley tries to get to the bottom of the means by which King was passed as “fit and proper.”

The trouble is piling up at Hampden, and at Ibrox too.

Sevco have dodged a £500,000 bullet here, but that’s only a couple of weeks operating expenses.

The walls continue to close in around King and the court cases looming are potentially explosive, whoever pays the legal fees.

Those of us who care about Scottish football definitely live in interesting times.

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