Date: 13th November 2015 at 7:51pm
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Tonight on the discredited radio station Clyde 1, the discredited hack, Derek Johnstone, insulted every person in Scotland who has expressed a concern about the situation at Sevco by categorising us as people who “crawled out from under a rock.”

This shameful, disgraceful, slur comes as pressure grows on the SPFL and the SFA to get their house in order and put sporting integrity front and centre, and demonstrate their commitment to looking after the well-being of the game.

In a further twist, last night Dodgy Dave King issued a remarkable statement from the Ibrox bunker full of veiled threats and invective.

Today, Celtic responded by reminding the governing bodies that their first duty is to the sport and that it’s their job to protect it.

As the temperature rises across Scottish football, as a direct consequence of the continuing ego, arrogance and blatant wrongdoing of the people who inhabit Ibrox Stadium, a lot of people are starting to crack under the pressure.

The media is also trying to divert attention from the two central points here:

1) The EBT scheme has been deemed tax evasion. Rangers were, for ten years, breaking the tax law.

This issue is explosive.

The Scottish football authorities cannot allow a club to have gained sporting advantage for over a decade by virtue of illegal activity.

2) The nonsense – the arrant, utter, complete nonsense – that Sandy Bryson said at the Lord Nimmo Smith inquiry, that because we didn’t know wrongdoing had taken place that it was not actually wrongdoing, this also has to be challenged.

The SFA gave a secret guarantee to Charles Green that there would be no title stripping, before a single piece of evidence had been heard in the Lord Nimmo Smith case.

During that hearing their head of registrations was allowed to get in front of the judge and pose a wholly unacceptable, even dangerous, interpretation of the rules … and thus the SFA delivered on their promise.

Let’s not beat around the bush; Sandy Bryson’s testimony in this case was a disgrace, and without that testimony Nimmo Smith would have had no choice but to rule the dual contracts a violation of the regulations which would have ruled every one of the players who held them ineligible.

Every one of the matches in which they played would have been ruled null and void.

The Lord Nimmo Smith inquiry has to be placed in context.

The guys investigating Resolution 12 have proved, conclusively, that it was flawed, that Nimmo Smith himself was not acting with the full information, that he was either deliberately misled or given incomplete records; either way, there can be no question any longer about leaving that as the “final word.”

It is as badly compromised as it’s possible to be.

This events that transpired at Ibrox were shameful.

But the quest of the Bampots long ago moved on from being concerned with that.

The much greater, far more important, issue here is that the governing bodies be made to act within the rules and with the spirit of sporting integrity first and foremost.

Our gripe, our continuing issue, is with them, with people who are supposed to protect our sport but have subverted it instead, and they are at Hampden, not Ibrox.

The club that registered those players is no longer with us.

It cannot be punished, and the NewCo ought not be punished because of that.

But the records can be amended to reflect the reality of what happened here, and that was not simply ten years of financial doping which has been deemed against the law, but the systematic decision that club made not to disclose every detail of these players contracts to the appropriate body at the time.

The contract situation is far and away the bigger issue; other clubs have been kicked out of competitions for not completing paperwork properly.

A club that did not disclose payments to players and hid away second contracts, and who were doing this for more than a decade, cannot be allowed to get away with it because the guy the SFA put in charge of registrations was able to get in front of a judge and say that his association and its ignorance of that systematic wrongdoing negates the act of wrongdoing itself.

The media would have you believe this is all about Rangers; that suits their narrative because it lets them paint this campaign as one driven by rivalry, even hate.

This is about the people who run our sport and the way it is run.

It’s about the way the world will view Scottish football in years to come, and the way we view it ourselves.

It stinks to high heaven, and no-one’s “moving on” until it’s sorted out once and for all.