Rangers Tax Case Verdict Due Tomorrow

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According to Alex Thomson, there will be an announcement tomorrow on the verdict in the latest phase of the Rangers Big Tax Case.

At the moment, the verdict is unknown but social media has been awash with rumours for weeks as regards this.

Some say HMRC have lost. Others claim that they’ve won.

In recent months, Dave King has fuelled this speculation by claiming that there might yet be a way to resurrect the DeadCo, but the two appear unrelated and King’s comments were clearly motivated by his chronic Celtic-related inferiority complex.

This verdict will not be the end of the matter, with another avenue of appeal open to whomever gets the result.

Legal experts have long believed this one will go to the wire, with a judgement from the UK Supreme Court. That appears likely.

There is no material effect on the Sevco NewCo should this verdict go against the DeadCo, but Dave King sat on the Ibrox board at the time, which will heap further scandal on the already scandalised club he currently runs, and it will ask hard questions of the SFA who sanctioned his fit and proper person status, and which was run, until recently, by one of the architects of the club’s long-term and ultimately destructive tax policies.

The current President of the SFA, Alan McRae, has yet to make a single public comment on any of these matters since being elected to that post in June.

Indeed, so underwhelming has his appointment been that his disgraced predecessor is still listed in that position on the Association website.

We’ll have more information on this when we get it.

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