Ibrox Facade Starts To Crumble As Second Half Kick Off Is Delayed

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Tonight the first major cracks – literally – in the Dave King operation are now clear for all to see, as the second half of Sevco’s match with Dumbarton was delayed so that a group of supporters could be moved, due to a piece of the stand blowing in the wind.

This is a shocking – but long expected – development, with the club having basically decided to forgo essential work to the ground so as not to add to their overall expenditure.

Indeed, it’s pretty incredible to me that the second half was even allowed to begin, as something like this represents a danger to supporters and others whether people are moved from the immediate area or not. Celtic v Inverness, in the Scottish Cup, was famously called off at Celtic Park for a similar reason, and we all know what happened in the replayed match.

The King operation at Ibrox has attracted interest from the Celtic blogs, who have alleged that things over there are being done on the cheap.

This is a clear example of that, and one many of us have been awaiting for a long time.

The façade at Ibrox – the actual one, as opposed to the boardroom one – now resembles a crumbling relic, and that obviously has safety implications.

Ibrox needs millions spend on it.

We have known that for a while now.

The club really ought to be taken to task for this.

Safety certificates are, of course, a pre-requisite for club licensing … not that the SFA has ever taken those rules particularly seriously in the case of clubs playing out of that dilapidated stadium …

Nevertheless, this isn’t a joke.

This is serious stuff, and only one of a number of problems over which Dave King and his hapless board have little control.

These things end up with a momentum of their own, and if Ibrox really is coming down around their ears … well, there’s no way in Hell the members of the board can stump up the cash for everything.

The whole club is a shambles.

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  • charlie media says:

    Tick-Tock quicker there gone the better but some how they will wrangle money that never is there will save them again,much is a new – build Stadium,mibees the Police Fund might help …H…PMSL

  • Mark Warburton says:

    The sooner I get to Fulham the better, they have strong foundations and a bloody good roof.

  • ian mcgregor says:

    Ckickens come home to roost

  • Stephen says:

    Yous are the laughing joke in Scottish football you have no money your club is 3 years old stadium falling to bits hibs will go up this year better run club better team better stadium sevco are going to go down again you only have your self’s to blame pay your taxes I heard you can’t pay wages soon

  • eddie rice says:

    The thing is that while GCC issues the safety certificate, there are no actual checks by the council safety officers it is basically self certificated. GCC ask Huns “is your stadia safe?” If Huns answer yes the they issue cert. Crazy but true.

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