Sevco Site Mounts A Curious Defence For Bigots

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Today, as a follow up to yesterday’s article on the Sevco fans – and I was delighted to note the belated media response to their behaviour; maybe progress is being made after all – I was checking out some of their sites today in the hope of finding condemnation of the behaviour of that section of their support that can’t let a centuries old hatred die.


Well instead I found an illuminating article on one of their sites, Ibrox Noise, which has one of the most awful examples of whatabouttery and a defence of bigoted filth as you will ever read, anywhere.

It truly is remarkable.

To save you from having to read over it, I can paraphrase it.

Sevco fans behave like because they are routinely the subject of sectarian abuse at other Scottish grounds.

First up … eah?


Is that true?

One of the things that bothers me about the kind of people who write this stuff is that they get away with things when writing about groups of people that they wouldn’t get away with if they were writing about individuals.

He’s actually trying to tell us that the fans of Alloa, Morton, Falkirk, Queen of the South and others are bigots?

I think not.

In another context, this would be a libellous comment … but no matter.

I absolutely do not believe that claim is true.

It’s an attempt at justification, and a pathetic one.

I often read what’s posted on that site, and I find much of it to be the handiwork of a barely educated goon who learned how to use WordPress and ought to be congratulated for that if not much else. But that’s a literary criticism, and doubtless many find my work to be the same and I never bother overmuch with those who think so.

What does bother me somewhat is that the content on there frequently slides into the gutter and often dips over the abyss.

This is the website that devoted an entire article to a discussion of child abuse, in another diversion from issues involving the cheating of his own club.

That’s trawling the sewer, pure and simple, and the writer ought to have been wholly ashamed of himself.

But he wasn’t, because if he was capable of that he would never have done it.

Today’s piece suggests to me that there’s something wrong in the minds of certain of these people.

He could have written a piece apologising, but he’s not going to.

He could have actually written much the same article, in a measured tone, saying that it was time Scottish society had a look at the wider issue, and his allegations about other clubs fans might not have seemed like such pitiful reaching.

He could have done many things he chose not to do.

Instead he deflected, and then tried to excuse.

His own view is pretty clearly expressed when he puts the word “naughty” – in relation to chanting – in those quotation marks.

Now, I’m using them because that is a quote.

He is using them as “quote unquote”, which as you know is a sarcastic reference which tells me he doesn’t think they were naughty at all.

Indeed, I don’t either.

What they were was bigoted, sectarian and illegal.

He uses the word “naughty”, in other words, the way certain gangsters use it when they’re talking about their criminal behaviour.

With no shame. With no real recognition that there’s no such thing as a victimless crime here, that, as I pointed out yesterday, even people as far afield as China feel the effects of this kind of stuff and struggle to reconcile it with how they feel about this country.

The article really boils down to his disdain for the rest of Scottish football.

He repeats that old “obsessed” rubbish as if it means anything, as if we’ve got no right to comment when our national sport, indeed our whole country, is being dragged through the gutter.

He sees no value at all in the argument that if his club could learn to behave, if it could be dragged into this century, if it would cease its appalling catalogue of misbehaviours both on the playing side and in the stands; in short, if it acted like just another football club and not a special case, not as a supremacist organisation which thinks it can do as it likes, then it would be treated like one.

There would be no need for scrutiny or for these endless editorials.

His argument is nonsense.

It is also dangerous, and not just to wider society.

His is a club that badly needs a period of introspection, of examining itself instead of looking to blame others for how it’s turned on.

When it was born amidst the of Rangers, Sevco could have been anything. It could have been a club that did its business and conducted itself in the proper fashion. It’s the fault of the people who helped steer it towards its current incarnation that things are where they are.

I marvel at these people and their capacity for self delusion.

I also marvel at their total inability to join the rest of the world in behaving in a civilised way.

But most of all, I marvel at the notion that even if everything they said was true – that the world hated them for who they were, not what they did; that they were regularly treated appallingly by other people; that they were, as they never tire of whining, the real victims here – that it would somehow absolve them of their own misdeeds.

“But they did it first …” carries not one iota of legal or moral weight.

It is excuse making of the worst, most pathetic, kind.

The writer doesn’t deny that sectarian singing took place at Ibrox at the weekend.

Nor does he deny that it was many thousands who were engaged in it.

He admits these things. That there was a huge outbreak of criminality in the stands, the kind that shames his club and all football here.

Rather than tackle that, head-on, and express dismay, whethere genuine or as fake as a Dave King promise, he took the low road.

Instead he tried to deflect, with finger pointing and grandstanding, as though you can possibly hold even a chunk of the high ground when you’re reaching up, with straining fingers, to grab a hand-rail out of the gutter.

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  • Jamesq says:

    The old Club that died fans where total scum of the lowest order,this new club Sevco seem to have the same kind of fans and scumbags following them.I saw a bit of the game against Hibs and heard the bile I used to hear when Rangers were alive.I wonder if anything will be done about these scumbags although I won’t hold my breath.I thought the way their fans
    We’re celebrarating that they had won the champions league final,something that they will never experience,but at least they got a Wee bit exted about winning a top of the 2nd tier league game,I suppose after losing a few points recently the excitement got a bit too much for them.
    The reality will hit them IF they do manage to get promoted next season.The big boys will be too strong for them.
    Hail Hail

  • Andy says:

    Either way that website just admitted to it. Bring the hammer down.

  • schoosh71 says:

    “If only they could view themselves as the world sees them”. To be honest I prefer the Huns who are open and honest about their bigotry, but not online, in the real world, where there are real life consequences for their actions. We must only presume that either RIFC is not as quick as CFC directors at handing over the names and addresses of season ticket holders or Police Scotland are a bunch of bigots themselves and haven’t asked. The world has moved on and left the zombiefied club along with their pets in the SMSM behind. Social media sets the agenda now and their is no way on changing that, ever again. The genie has escaped the bottle and it’s green. HH

  • Francis Boyle says:

    Most of the Scottish football fans and clubs have ALWAYS knew that the majority of THE Rangers OLD and New club have Always been Bigoted toward’s A Certain Club and the Catholic Church. “FACT” They are and ALWAYS will be Scotland,s Shame. ????????

  • MAGNUM says:


  • joe mccormack says:

    As posted earlier where is the SFA officer who should already have raised a charge of bringing the game into disrepute against Rangers?

    Bit by bit the corrupt cabal ruining our game is being exposed. There is nothing they will not do to keep Rangers alive.

    Where the hell are we with the £250k fine levied as a result of the LNS enquiry………in 2012!

    Rangers 2011 Euro licence, a conspiracy to defraud that should see those responsible in a court of law?

    When the criminal cases kick in much, much more of the dirty deeds committed by Rangers in collusion with their friends at Hampden will be exposed, there will be no hiding place for any of them.
    Ashley’s court case itself will provide a valuable insight into the workings of an organisation that gives F&P status to a criminal with 40 plus convictions and who currently has a suspended jail sentence hanging over him.
    I see the media is still staying well away from any reporting on the £5m loan repayment…………….why?
    There’s something stinking around this that the Rangers board is playing very close to their chest.
    Quite intriguing that JJ is posting that players didn’t receive due bonus payments in December, so much for honesty, integrity and transparency from the board.
    I’m sure if the loan has been repaid in full that SD will be checking the provenance of the monies and that none of it has arrived via an SA family trust or from some previously unknown offshore account which might pick the attention of SARS.

    • Ten Euro Tam says:

      Not sure its possible to keep anything that died alive. But there was once a fiction book written about a crazy man who took a dead body and put a defective brain of a criminal psychopath into that body and made a Monster. The monster was eventually seen by the People for what it was and they formed a mob of angry people full of hate for the creation and they chased the monster, later they killed the monster. I wonder if that Fiction story was a prediction of the future, a prophetic description of Rangers the defective criminal brain and the monster Sevco that thought it was gonna be perpetually loved by the people. Until the mob finally worked out it wasn’t what it was thought to be. Sad story. Poor monster if only the brain wasn’t defective. Might have deceived the mob forever. Hope you all have a wonderful Hogmanay and New year. Best wishes to all even Sevco fans everywhere.


  • Buckie1967 says:

    Nothing will get done Nothing at all, it’s no use complaining to the SFA they will do Nothing, what has to be done is either we complain en mass to UEFA who did something about the singing the last time then the MSM/SFA took notice.
    What i would like is for our club to say either something gets done about this or none of our players will play for Scotland and Police Scotland stop harassing our supporters when a certain club gets away with doing what they want.
    It’s time for us and our club to say enough is enough, and to ask other supporters of other clubs if they would like to join us in writing a statement to UEFA to say that one club in Scotland are getting preferential treatment above all the rest.

  • joe mccormack says:

    When you live in the UK with an anti Catholic bigotry written into the constitution it’s a tall ask to educate the morons on the Ibrox terraces. Why should they change their behaviour when the very laws of the country treat Catholics as second class citizens?
    Ask the question of your MP and MSP….I have. Not a peep from them on the subject.

    The Rangers fans are Scotland ‘ s shame but where does that leave our legislators who continue to turn a blind eye to the UK ‘ S shame.

    Is there another country in Western Europe that has anti Catholic legislation in it’s constitution, or any other religion for that matter.

    Perhaps if we started with sorting out the constitutional issue we could move forward and tackle the morons.

    • ten Euro Tam says:

      Constitution won’t be changed. The Corporation of London and its unelected Lobby power in the square mile created the constitution in the Glorious revolution.

      The law the media and the bank of England and all the global banks and the Church of England is the Square mile. The city protected by the Dragon. King got chucked out of city of London and rehoused in Westminster. I say King but really he was the puppet king controlled by the Square Mile and the money men of England. They had ousted the real King James for being Catholic and trying to overturn Cromwell’s anti Catholic legislation.

      Interestingly it was the city of London (The city within the city which funded the parliamentarian revolution against the King). Part of deal to allow William 3rd to be King with the daughter of the real Kings daughter Mary, was that the money men, Merchant banks and lords would have veto powers over the King, and the constitution as we know it came into force. London became the new Amsterdam in that it became the merchant city for the known world, bank of England was created and the city state which isn’t part of the British Democracy gained indirect control of Commons parliament through its house of Lords. Only thing that could stop them was if there was a higher power above them to break their secret cabal. So, also part of the deal, was that no Catholic could ascend to the thrown because they would no longer be taking orders from City of London, since it was every Catholics duty to listen to the instruction of faith from the Pope. Hence, the anti popery nonsense and the hatred of Catholics and Ireland was now a constitutional certainty.

      New city of London was still being built since the fire 30 years earlier and the Catholic church had been blamed for that. The lords were all part of the secret Venetian spy networks since the times of James 1st and the spy network was the masonic, rosicrucian and other gentleman clubs that frequented the power networks throughout UK.

      It is interesting that as the Venetian merchant superiority of the seas died. Protestant reformations began. And Hamburg Antwerp and Amsterdam all part of the new Protestant networks started to have the same kind of ship technology that Venice had dominated the seas. Its also interesting that the pope had given Portugal and Spain the rights to trade in New world around the Time of Henry the 8th defender of the Faiths fall out with Rome. Henry became head of the church in England and his new Venetian advisor, Thomas Cromwell, began the desecration of the monestaries.

      And, also interestingly, the English Navy suddenly had ship technology that could challenge the Spanish Armada. Any that was digression and just an observation i Have made myself.

      Not long after King Billy usurped the thrown at the request of the City of London Lords. The Bank of England started and Capitalism we know it was born. A few years later after Billy had shafted Scotland during the failed Darien scheme. The Union of the crowns was implemented to save Bankrupted Scotland. How convenient!

      In conclusion, to think the constitution can be changed would be to try and take on the power of Satan himself. The secret little known principality power hole inside the city of London Known as the city of London or the square mile protected on all sides by the dragon itself.. They run this country. Anyone loyal to their British Empire will always find that men above the law, which have power in the city, can make any crimes that they approve of disappear.

      Just for clarification this is my theory anyway. To prove it or test it Would pretty be much impossible. So it will just be dismissed as paranoid delusion. But its worth digging deep into the City square mile to understand what is wrong with our society and the heinous crimes that Britain has never been brought to justice for.

      Britain killed more innocent people in the world than the combined total of The Soviet Union, The Japanese Empire, The Nazi regime, and the Ottoman Empire put together. Hard to bring people who are above the law to Justice by the law of the land they control. Hence why the bulldogs, who promote their strength, are effectively known to each other as the People.

      Also explains why Scotland and its little network of brotherhood of handshake members seem to constantly favour the team who love the brotherhood of handshakers.

      Corrupt doesn’t come close. Try putting a Lord who is loyal to jail for serious crimes. Try getting Justice for crimes against humanity. Try getting The press to tell the truth.

      Would take divine intervention.

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