A Tough Road To The Title Lies Ahead Of Us Now

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Well, a million are going to be written about that match and many of them are going to send dark clouds in the direction of Celtic Park.

Those dark clouds aren’t a new occurrence. It’s just that more people will see them after tonight.

Here’s the funny thing; at 30 minutes in we couldn’t have had many complaints.

Aberdeen didn’t get a shot on target, until the one that hit the back of the net and their next came from only their second attack of the match.

At I felt like we were hard done by.

Ten minutes into the second half, with us the score was still only 2-0, the script was pretty much written and the only question was how bad it might get. The result flatters us a little, but the unequivocal disaster that would have changed the course of things in a single evening was averted, and not by Leigh’s but by the tame nature of the affair.

This didn’t feel like a Love Street, or even at Kilmarnock, a game which might well have sent Neil Lennon the way of Tony Mowbray.

But there was no second half comeback either, and there was never any real sign that one was in the offing.

It feels like we’re stuck in limbo here, shambling from one bad day to the other, occasionally finding a little oasis of calm along the way, but we’re still top of the table and with a run of games and luck the are we could stay there, and increase our lead.

The gap is three points but I feel like this Aberdeen side lacks the consistency of champions.

My concern – and it’s a big one – is that we do too, and if somehow I’m wrong about them, and they go on an extended run … we might be in real, real trouble before long.

Hey, those who wanted an exciting title race have got one.

This is a white knuckle ride now.

We’re facing some huge games before this season ends. All of them. Every one is now potentially a must win.

There are going to be slips along the way, that’s an absolutely unescapable fact because there are games when we are just all over the place, and for parts of tonight this was one of them. It’s going to be exciting, and I hope everyone’s nerves can take it.

Strap yourselves in.

We’re on the rollercoaster, heading for home.

And that, to me, says it all.

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