Daily Record Believes Sevco Shareholder Is Smarter Than Einstein

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The Daily Record published one of its mind bending articles today in which it suggested that Kieran Prior, the so-called “financial genius” who was one of the last people in the country to know that buying shares in Sevco was absolutely barmy, has an IQ higher than that of either Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking or Leonardo Da Vinci.

The piece, which was quickly edited to erase the hilarious claim (but we got the screenshots before they did it!), suggested that Prior was “said to have an IQ of 234.”


The claim is hilarious! Said where? By who?

Einstein, Da Vinci and Hawking are but three individuals amongst the ten highest IQ’s on record who have been left trailing in the intellectual charts next to a man who, according to the paper, has put £1 million into a nearly insolvent Scottish football club in the last 12 months.

For The Record, an IQ of 234 wouldn’t just put him in the top ten great minds of all time.

It wouldn’t even simpy put him in the top five.

In fact, it would put him second.

Yes, second; the second smartest person in the history of humanity, in front of chess grandmasters, Fields Medal winners and intellectual giants from every field of accomplishment or endeavour.

It would make him smarter – by far – than Aristotle, Isaac Newton, Cicero and John Nash, some of the best free thinkers ever to walk the earth.

Einstein conceived the theory of relativity, one of the two pillars of modern physics. He won the Nobel Prize. Stephen Hawking is the modern godfather of quantum theory, a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom and author of the magnificent book A Brief History of Time, which introduced millions of laypersons around the world to highly complex theories, broken down wonderfully in an easy to grasp way. He is held up as one of the most profoundly important thinkers of his generation. Leonardo Da Vinci was a genuine polymath who’s fields of knowledge included painting, invention, sculpting, architecture, engineering, maths, literature, geology, astronomy and on and on ….

Kieran Prior believed Charles Green’s share prospectus, and invested in Sevco whilst he was at the club.

Honestly, this is the kind of guff that gets The Record its deserved reputation amongst Scot’s as our leading brand of novelty bog paper.

That not one person on their editorial desk said “Wait a minute, what?” before this piece was put in for publication is astonishing. That not one person thought that just maybe that number was ludicrous is embarrassing. They realised this only after it was up and people like me had a good laugh.

It’s little wonder that this one carried the anonymous “By Record Reporter” tagline; no-one in his or her right mind would ever have put their name to this nonsense.

So what is Kieran Prior, he with the “off the radar IQ”, doing in the paper anyway?

Well, he thinks Dave King should “continue” to pursue Mike Ashley and Sports Direct through the courts, having clearly missed that it’s been Ashley doing the pursuing up until now (albeit badly) and that for King to suddenly become the aggressor would be expensive folly.

He’s speaking, he says, as a shareholder and a fan, concerned that the club isn’t getting value from the deal which is fair enough, I suppose, but he’s offered no insight in the piece, far less the kind you’d think came with being an epochal genius, so I am moved to wonder if what’s he’s really doing there is that he’s just not had his name in the papers for a while.

It was nice of The Record to help out, eah?

And it was nice of them to give us a laugh.

Because this story, even the edited version, which calls a guy a “financial genius” when he thinks putting money into the Black Hole of Ibrox is an “investment” is absolute “off the radar” bonkers.

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