Foolish Feruz Back In The Headlines Again

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is back in the news again, ranting about how the Scottish media “hates him.”

In point of fact, the barely mentions him.

It took them more than a day to realise that his last loan move had collapsed, something this was writing about within hours of the news breaking.

Speaking today on Twitter, he’s said that he’s keeping his head down and people shouldn’t believe anything read because the Scottish media “obviously hates me.”

This is the kind of idiotic attitude that makes this guy palpably unsuited to a football career.

Celtic blogs like this one might write about him from to time, as an ex player who’s fallen on hard times after initially doing the dirty on us, but the of the world barely notices him at all.

Can you imagine Ronny Deila or Neil Lennon or Anthony Stokes making the same kind of comment?

Of course not.

In of sifting through mountains of horrible headlines and relentless pressure, even hate, those people act with professionalism.

As if moaning about his current circumstances wasn’t bad enough, Feruz then went on to state an outright falsehood.

““Even when I was scoring goals week in week out still had negative things to say about me!”

As even the briefest examination of his career shows, he’s never scored goals “week in week out”; indeed he has not scored one single goal as a professional footballer, and all such a claim does is draw to that fact, which isn’t one I’d want publicised if I were in his shoes.

This claim met with the expected mockery on Twitter.

One social media user pasting Feruz his Wikipedia page to reveal his pro stats in all their glory.

Undaunted, Feruz then went on to Tweet that, ““It’s 100 times harder for me to get my head down and play football with all this negativity and hatred I’m surrounded in.”

The truth is that no-one really hates Islam Feruz.

He’s a silly wee lad who’s flushing his career down the pan, and most people feel sorry for him above and beyond anything else. The negativity that surrounds him is a pure and simple fact though, and it’s a product of his own behaviour and one that makes it increasingly hard to see him succeed in the future.

For this lad’s fortunes to change, his mind-set has to first.

There is no chance of that happening, based on this kind of nonsense.

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