Gannon And The Record At It Again With Snide Match Report

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Fresh from serving up his bucket of warm sick yesterday, Michael Gannon, this time writing in The Record, produced a match report this morning which is full of snide comments and, as per usual, an allusion to how Celtic’s fans can’t wait to have Sevco in the league.

The article itself was little more than an excuse to talk about gaps in the Celtic Park stands and ridiculously claimed that Allan and Christie appear better than they are, because they’re not in the Celtic team at the moment. Bobo Balde was offered as historical proof of the phenomenon, by a writer so ignorant that he’s forgotten that Balde’s reintroduction to Gordon Strachan’s team actually accomplished the goal of stopping a bad run of form.

But salient details like that, facts which challenge the narrative, have no place in a Michael Gannon article, as we saw all too clearly yesterday.

By far the most ridiculous thing in the article was Gannon’s assertion that Celtic fans are less worried about the possibility of Aberdeen winning the title than they would be if “the side next to Celtic in the table was wearing blue.”

Why do I suspect he’s not talking about St Johnstone here?

The club he’s referring to, of course, is the one that only narrowly beat Morton, couldn’t take care of a managerless Kilmarnock team (Lee McCulloch doesn’t count) at home and then snatched only a draw against Alloa, who are currently bottom of the Championship.

Am I alone in feeling more concerned about Aberdeen?

Gannon and his paper seems to have an extraordinary fixation with this idea that it’s “lack of competition” that stops Celtic fans going to games at the moment, but curiously they dump this line of attack whenever it suits them and they want to paint us a side labouring under poor form and at risk of losing the SPL title due to an incompetent manager.

This paper has been telling us for months that Celtic do have a challenge and it’s the realisation of this that has put the manager under pressure.

Like I said in yesterday’s piece, this paper needs to get its story straight and decide just what angle it’s attacking us from, because they are all over the place at the moment, swinging wildly like a five year old with boxing gloves on.

I don’t expect good journalism from The Record. None of us do. But in their overwhelming desire to both buttress the reputation of Sevco and to find every negative article they can about Celtic they frequently get lost in their own bias.

As long as they do it, I’m going to continue to slag them for it, and as long as websites like this are perusing their nonsense there’s no need for any other Celtic fan – ever – to go on there and actually read the crap they put out, and which gives the profession they’re part of a bad name.

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