Has Deila Won Manager Of The Month As Celtic Sound Out His Replacement?

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In a moment of irony so perfect you couldn’t have scripted it, Ronny was awarded with the SPL Manager of the Month accolade for January today, just 48 hours after we crashed out of the Cup, and on the very day an Irish newspaper suggests his time at Parkhead is nearing the end.

Deila the award.

There’s no doubt about that at all.

Our over January was pretty damned good, and had led to a lot of people speculating that perhaps we’d turned a corner, only for all the old weakness to resurface at the weekend and at the worst possible time.

I said after the 8-0 win over Hamilton that I was sitting firmly on the fence, refusing to view it as more than just a freakishly good result … but it was hard not to feel a pang of optimism at the way we so casually overwhelmed them.

This is typical of the schizophrenic way things going at Celtic at the moment; it’s like Good Day, Day, Good Day, Bad Day.

We take a step forward and then a step back.

The award will come as no consolation to the Celtic boss, or to the fans who had to watch that miserable performance at the weekend, and it will not help the board if they’ve yet to come to a decision about what to do with the Norwegian, who everyone agrees is a Bloody Nice Guy, but many now suspect doesn’t have the temperament or skills to be manager at our club.

Congratulations to him for it anyway, and if he picks up the accolade again next month I would be pretty pleased with that, as it means tomorrow night’s match must have gone well.

That one scares the Hell out of me right now.

Of course, if rumours to be believed the decision on his future has already been taken and Michael O’Neill, the former Shamrock Rovers and Brechin boss, and now manager of Northern Ireland, has already been quietly sounded out about the post.

Some will ask why, if that’s true, Ronny hasn’t already been dispatched. I asked that question myself in the earlier piece.

The answer might be a simple one.

Perhaps people at Celtic feel they owe him more than a shove out the door.

Perhaps they think a guy like Ronny is entitled to see out the season and try and depart on good terms with the fans, and with his CV intact.

I can fully understand that sentiment.

No-one likes to see a Celtic boss under pressure, except maybe the media, who plainly love it and have never placed an Ibrox incumbent under the same, and especially not when he’s such a genial fellow and one you instinctively want to do well.

I’ll tell you something, if the O’Neill rumour is true I hope to God we’ve already told Ronny that he’s going, because something would stink if we were making moves behind his back.

I’m pleased he has won this award.

I hope he wins a couple more of them as we head towards the end of the season.

I also hope he leaves us when it’s done, for his sake as much as ours.

Because he deserves better than all this, because he is a good bloke and although out of his depth here I can’t, and won’t, hold that against him as a man.

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  • Gerry O.D says:

    We got rid of a manager before. A nice guy, a Celtic diehard, and put him in charge of Celtic Development. His name was Tommy Burns RIP. I believe that R.D. is a perfect fit for the development of young talent. That is where we should offer him an option. I happen to think that Stubbsy would put some backbone into a very talented squad who are too easily bullied. He has had a hard apprenticeship at Hibs, but with CFC, resources, he might be the answer.

  • Jimbo6770 says:

    The anti RDs should be very çareful what they wish for. None of the suggested replacements is any better, including Moyes! Too many don’t get the establishment agenda: CFC must not win a treble. Two semies prove it! Would we have lost with 11 after the start we made? Don’t think so. Should win tomorrow wth 11.

  • German Celt says:

    Maybe it’s a good idea to calm down the hysteria. After every defeat, a ridiculous uproar goes through the internet, only to calm down after the next two league wins. One may argue about this or that of ronny’s decisions, but the brutal truth is: Celtic 2016 isn’t that much better than the performances we’ve seen this season. Especially regarding Europe. Of course the match agains RC last sunday was bad, but bad games happen.

    I don’t see a problem at Celtic that could be solved by changing the manager now.

  • MTheid says:

    Forcing the very divisive John Collins on Ronny from the start was his undoing. No Celtic manager should have his No2 picked for him. Collins has previous and is at if again behind the scenes

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