Keep Kazim Richards Away From Celtic Park

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In the time I’ve been writing blogs, I’ve never, not once, called out a player before I’ve seen him play a match for the club, but this time I’m willing to make an exception.

Colin Kazim Richards ought never to pull on a Celtic shirt, and if he does I am appalled at everyone inside Parkhead who sanctioned the deal.

For one thing, his career stats do not inspire optimism. He’s not someone you’d bet on first goal scorer on Betfred.

For a striker, at 29, to have scored less than a hundred career goals makes his signing an absurdity.

For him to have scored less goals than Leigh Griffiths has in a Celtic shirt speaks volumes.

But even if he were ten times as prolific, I wouldn’t want him near Parkhead.

This guy has brought trouble with him everywhere he’s played.

He’s currently serving a ban in Holland for threatening a journalist; his signing comes days after this site, Fields and a host of others were banging the drum loudly in praise of journalistic freedom.

To say that’s an own goal, and a PR disaster in the making, is an understatement.

But it gets worse.

At Brighton he submitted a transfer request after being left out of one game.

At Fenerbahce, he left under a very big cloud after lying to the club about his whereabouts when he hit the town for a piss up whilst under a four game ban and then denied it, causing the club enormous embarrassment when they published those denials in a press release.

His antics at Feynoord are well known; after objecting to an article written about his performances he told the writer that he was “waiting outside” and that he would “put him to sleep.”

If he thinks the press in Holland was negative wait until he appears in the cross-hairs of Hugh Keevins and Chris “Union” Jack.

It’s unconscionable for Celtic to be trying to sign such a renowned trouble maker.

And it’s even worse than that.

In April 2014, he made football history in the UK by becoming the first ever player to be convicted, in court, of making a homophobic gesture to rival fans.

The words “more trouble than he’s worth” come to mind, but it goes beyond just getting a truckload of grief for what I suspect will be a minimal return at best.

What’s our reputation as a club worth, for God’s sake?

What price do people inside the walls place on our dignity and our social standing?

On the evidence of this, none.

Not only that, but as his career headlines make plain this guy will be a troublesome influence in the dressing room and probably incite problems in the stands, something he did at Fenerbahce by having a very public spat with his own supporters.

Is this the kind of guy we want at Celtic Park?

The people running our club … sometimes they show the starkest signs that they simply don’t get where we, the fans, are coming from.

At other times it looks as if they know full well and just choose to treat our wishes and views with utter contempt.

Dare I say this looks more like the latter?

In the meantime, Nadir Ciftci is on the way out on loan, a player who offered practically no sign at all during his time at the club as to why he was “the first choice” of the manager in the summer. Whoever sanctions deals like that, and like this one, ought to be the first out the door at Celtic Park.

Disillusionment is total today.

Our club is mired in mediocrity and we’re about to heap shame on it.

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  • Sheelsgh says:

    I think this has been a desperate signing, to try & please the fans, well from all the comments I have just read, this is not the case, if this guy is what we are led to believe “a striker” isn’t doesn’t really matter what he is as Deila would probably play him in goal!!!!!! If this guy is as bad as people are making out, then why on earth did Celtic sign him? This is a family club & tbh we will just have to wait & see what happens, but what I will say to him is “don’t you dare bring our club down to your level, as we as fans will not stand for it”. HH

  • Vincent don says:

    You Guys Will love kazim its a fighter,and he’s agressive in the big games fans of the other team will hate him

  • stewartmax65 says:

    I have one word, Cantona, give the guy a chance, but not at the expense of Griffiths.

  • Logibear says:

    Totally agree with you James. Why do we sign this guy and punt Stokes ? Stokes has proven himself in the Hoops regardless of the troubles he got himself involved in off the field. Yes he has had off games but who hasn’t in this team ? More often than not his off games were usually because he was consistently played out of position. He has said that he wants to fight for his place, that doesn’t sound like a guy who doesn’t care about pulling on the jersey. Hazim has been toxic wherever he has played. If Ronny can’t handle Stokes then there is no way he’ll handle this guy ! I was glad that Cifti got shifted but dismayed that a talent like young Nesbit is allowed to go out on loan. This boy is scoring goals for fun in the reserves but when we are crying out for a proven goal scorer we allow him to develop elsewhere and sign. FFS why isn’t he given a chance ! Ronny seems like a nice guy but, he ain’t no manager in my opinion. His selections are baffling to say the least and his single mindedness in playing style is costing us dearly. To my mind he is coaching what is good about players out of them to realise his dream style of football which obviously isn’t working ! He was brought in because he is a yes man to Lawell. These players are obviously being bought by others and dumped upon him to try and turn into stars to be sold on for profit. Robert Kelly used to dabble in the team affairs when McGrory was manager to the detriment of Celtic which resulted in far leaner years than we are currently witnessing. At least Robert Kelly was a man of principles and bowed aside when Stein came on board and insisted on being his own man who would not be swayed by what the Board thought was best. We need a strong manager again who won’t be bullied by the Board into accepting “3rd rate” players and can get us playing football again the way it should be played. The trouble is, who is HE ?

  • Mike says:

    I honestly can’t fathom the use of Stokes as a counter argument to Kazim Richards. Stokes has flattered to deceive for years. He’s inconsistent, he has poor judgement and his finishing is erratic to say the least. I can understand the issues some have with Kazim Richards signing but to hold up Stokes as a valid reason as to why we shouldn’t have bought him holds no water I’m afraid.

    On the subject of Nesbitt I think his loan move to Thistle is an incredibly smart move on our part. The boy’s going to get first team exposure at the top level of our game. By the time Roberts heads back to Man City we should have a ready made replacement for him. I’m very excited to see how he develops at a professional level.

    Finally, both Roberts and Kazim Richards should fit into Deila’s style of play better than anyone we currently have. I agree with James’ earlier assessment that this window was massive for Ronny, however, I think he’s pulled it off and I hope we all see it come the end of the season!

  • John says:

    This is all Celtic can afford. The whole club are just hanging on until their beloved Rangers return. Only then will the Drama Queen CFC ‘supporters’ have something to really enjoy. Hopefully, there will be an Irish manager in place for us to get fully behind. Failing that a ‘real Celik man’. Where is Owen Coyle these days? Surely he must be getting ready to take over the reins at Celtic Park and get us back on track. Gee whiz lets make mountains out of molehills. As someone said above, the club is just a Tory-run business. The mythology is just that a mythology. A thing of song, it no longer exists.

  • john says:

    Logi, no such man is available to Celtic any more. The club, like many others, is stuck in no man’s land, going nowhere. Winning the league is not really enough any more. Ultimately even the CL group stages will prove to be more embarrassing than enjoyable, if attained. There is no money in Scottish football and there will be no money for ever more. Other clubs with even more glorious histories than ours, for example, Ajax, are going through the same thing. Cannot attract decent players or management, even developing your own won’t work as EPL clubs will take them before they have had a chance to make a real impact. But never mind, the ‘Gers will be back next year and that will do most of our supporters (an board) who will happily return to sharing pointless league titles with them. That is the reality. And it ain’t going to change.

  • J Doherty says:

    Load of nonsense.

    Writing the guy off before he’s even kicked a ball fs.

    Having watched feyenoord a lot the last 18 months, I am first to admit the guy has his limitations and his hold up play and aerial ability is excellent. Hopefully he will give us some physical strength that we need in the final third.

    Welcome to Celtic Kazim! Prove the haters wrong!

  • Dermot says:

    I don’t believe some so called Celtic fans,writing off a player before he’s even kicked a ball for us,I remember people saying they wouldn’t go back if Griffiths signed…yup they are still turning up and chanting his name…give the man a chance,maybe some of you will have to eat your words…I really hope you have to

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