Keith Jackson & His Armageddon Obsession

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Today Keith Jackson was at it again, talking up Scottish football whilst also talking it down.

I’m going to say before I go any further that the main thrust of the article I’m referring to here, on the shambles of the Scottish Cup draw, was right on the money. That was one of the most cringe-inducing things I’ve ever seen, and it was summed up perfectly by the forced smile of David Tanner as he tried to pretend he didn’t want to crawl under his desk.

I’ll tell you right now, I wanted to crawl under mine.

Jackson was correct to discuss that, and heap scorn on the President of the Association, a man for whom even something so simple as lifting ball out a bowl is clearly too much like hard work.

But once again, Jackson just couldn’t help but indulge in his favourite pastime; pushing the Victim Myth and telling us how Scottish football shot itself in the foot with the way it treated Sevco. Like a broken record, round and round it goes, without end.

Jackson’s references were more oblique than usual, starting with his mourning of “the post apocalyptic years which followed the Rangers implosion.”

I mean, honestly … sooner or later, surely, this man has to get a grip, right?

The apocalypse in question struck one club, and only one. Rangers.

Those years didn’t “follow” Rangers implosion. They were the implosion.

In case Jackson missed it, the rest of Scottish football carried on as before, and many clubs never looked back.

I’m well past tired of this idiotic view that Scottish football destroyed itself in 2012.

Why would it?

I want to hear Jackson and other say it, just once, to call it what they evidently believe it to be; hate, bigotry, jealously, whatever word they have for it.

I call it nonsense, and it’s summed up in the opening line to Jackson’s final paragraph.

“The bitter irony here is that Scottish football is currently making a decent fist of recovering from its own credibility issues.”

Uhuh. “Credibility issues.”

Because to have done what he and others were suggesting – to have just allowed the wholescale dumping of massive debt to go unpunished, to have given Craig Whyte and Charles Green legitimacy by putting their Newco in the SPL, to have broken every football regulation there was and to have taken a cavalier and disrespectful attitude towards the law of the land – that would have brought us nothing but good times and sunshine all year, right?

Don’t make me laugh.

The only ongoing “credibility issues” in Scottish football are those surrounding our media and our governing bodies.

What makes me smile is that this was a case of the former slagging the latter as if none of what’s wrong with our sport is down to them.

We know better.

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