Online Campaign Asks For 9th Minute Show Of Support For Leigh Griffiths

Image for Online Campaign Asks For 9th Minute Show Of Support For Leigh Griffiths


Today there are the beginings of a campaign on social media for the at Parkhead on Saturday to stand, on the 9th minute, in support for Leigh Griffiths, after he endured two nights of appalling abuse on Twitter, where his family were the targets of attacks.

Leigh, who has said he might quit Twitter as a result of these shocking events, is currently performing at a career peak, scoring goals virtually every week.

He is, without a doubt, the finest in the country at the moment.

Some have suggested that the staggering level of hate directed at him in the last couple of nights is part of a concerted campaign to force him out of Scotland; whether that’s true or not, or it is simply the behaviour of a couple of absolute nut-jobs, is debatable but what’s clear is that there are a bunch of folks out there who are deeply disturbed and no low appears beneath them.

I think it’s important to let Leigh know he and his family don’t stand alone.

He has praised the many people online who have given him support, including the supporters of many, many other Scottish clubs including those of Sevco and Hearts and I would like to extend them all the same thanks, because they’ve shown that decency and are the default positions for football fans across the country.

At the weekend, can demonstrate their own impressive level of support and at the same time push what’s happened to Leigh more fully into the media sphere where it belongs, and where public shame can be brought to bear, fully, on those responsible.

For the record, I don’t believe we can call the people who did this “football fans.”

They may well claim some affiliation with one club or another, but that’s a badge of convenience that allows them to pretend to be part of the “human tribe.” In actual fact, they stand alone, on the margins, as complete social outcasts, freaks of nature with no connection to the greater whole.

No individual should be expected to put up with what Leigh Griffiths has this week, not simply attacks on him personally but horrible statements about his kids.

That is beyond the pale.

Every person going to Celtic Park at the weekend should be right behind our striker and can bet on the game using a Bet365 bonus code for UK players.

Beyond that it is hugely satisfying to see so many from around Scotland standing beside him too.

They are true football supporters, true ambassadors for their clubs and their voices have been heard, and appreciated, by all in the Celtic Family.

You are the voices of a Scotland, so often drowned out in the din.

Thank you, one and all.

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